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Porsche 911 Carrera minicar (model car) remodeling!

Posted: September 11, 2018 Updated:

Today is September 11, 2018. On the day of "911" which is the same number as this Porsche 911, I would like to write about another important and important "911" which is different from the actual Porsche 911 which I love.

* This "Porsche minicar customization" was something I wanted to keep properly as a record for myself, so I edited this blog with the utmost effort from the first time. I think it's an article ... so it's really long (laughs). I hope you can see it even when you have time ^^!

If you are interested only in the before and after photos of the model car customization, please click here.
Porsche 911 Carrera Mini Car (Model Car) Customization: Before After

I want a custom miniature car with exactly the same specifications as my car!

so! It is a mini car (model car) remodeling plan of Porsche 911 Carrera.

If you have a car and love it, many of you will understand it, but when you own a car, you get the feeling that you want a miniature car with exactly the same specifications as your own car! I think there are many people who come.

In anticipation of such thoughts, Ferrari will give you a miniature car with exactly the same specifications as you ordered when you ordered a car.

I already understand the feelings of people who really like cars, and I think that is a service.

I want to customize the Porsche 911 Carrera minicar [Overview]

And after all, I also wanted a Porsche 911, which is my favorite car now, and one with the same specifications as my car, so I was looking for various sites not only in Japan but also overseas sites.

However. The original Porsche 911 Carrera and the late model (991.2) of 991, even if it is the closest (at the time I searched), is only the one with this color "graphite blue metallic". My car is Jet Black Metallic, a so-called metallic black.

Here ↓ is a graphite blue 911 Carrera model car. The scale (size) is 1:43.

Hmmm. The shape is the same as the late 991 model 911. And it's the same with the original Carrera, but the impression is completely different just because the color is different! This is the actual car ↓

It's nice for a Porsche 911, but after all, I can't think of it as "my car" at all.

However, if I do not get this miniature car for the time being, I thought that nothing would start, and it was said that there was no stock in Japan, so I asked a Porsche sales person to order this miniature car from Germany. I did.

While waiting for this miniature car to be airlifted from Germany and delivered to the Porsche Center, I also find someone who can manage to change this miniature car to "my car specifications".

Change the paint of the minicar / model car

This miniature car. Do you know not only that the body color is different from your car (Jet Black Metallic)? The interior is also whitish, but the interior of my car is black. This is also different.

Furthermore, the miniature car has a left-hand drive, but my car has a right-hand drive.

And. In the space behind this rear seat, II have a subwoofer called KickerSo, if possible, I would like to install it ...

Is the sports exhaust retrofitted to the Porsche 911 model car? !!

In addition. In this original carrera, the muffler has a square shape on each side, but just before getting this miniature car, I put it in my carI have retrofitted a sports exhaustFrom that ... My car has a completely different shape from the model car of Mr. Carrera, who says "two round tail pipes are in the center"! !!

If it was in the state before retrofitting the sports exhaust, it was like this ↓, it was the same as a miniature car and there was no problem.

But though. There are now two round tail pipes in the center! So ... it's totally different! A miniature car and a real car! !! !!

The current back view looks like this ↓ Two tail pipes in the center.

By all means, after changing to a sports exhaust, I want to leave a miniature car in the form of 911 after becoming this even more favorite sound.

After all, after changing to a sports exhaust, it really became the best, and my love for 911 deepened, so I will not complete it unless I am wearing a Spoeki! !!

Where you want to remodel with this miniature car [Summary]

In summary, what exactly should I change to get my car's specifications?

As a result of the examination, I would like to change the following points, first of all, whether it can be done or not.

・ Body color changed from graphite blue to jet black metallic
・ Interior changed from white to black
・ Change left-hand drive to right-hand drive
・ Equipped with a KICKER subwoofer on the rear
・ Muffler shape and position changed to sports exhaust specifications
・ Equipped with a license plate (same number as the actual vehicle)

I'm thinking that it's quite a change ... (laughs), but I'm looking for a modeler who will undertake this change ...! Miraculously! !! The voice of God, "Mr. modeler, I can introduce you!" Via Minkarasite! !! Shinji Larenai! !!

What I introduced was that, miraculously, my favorite car, McLaren, is also owned.Warm Tama ~ @"Mr. Miss.

Not only will you be asked to remodel the minicar, but when you hand over the minicar, you will be shown McLaren as well, with an impossible bonus (Nano (laughs)?)! !! I'm impressed.

I am grateful for the wonderful encounter that I have been able to customize for a very nice person.

And I didn't know if I could give my name, so Mr. Y introduced me. Thank you very much for introducing us to a wonderful encounter! !!

That's why the minicar was safely stored in the Porsche Center, and after that, I met a modeler who delivered it to me and customized it, so the Porsche 911 minicar remodeling was finally started.

Porsche 911 Mini Car / Model Car Remodeling Method and Flow

* In the remodeling process part, we have reprinted the photos and comments during the remodeling process received from the modeler "Wontama- @" in the article after approval.

First, I removed the car firmly fixed to the pedestal from the pedestal and checked it. Like this.

From the fixed pedestal, it was said that the exhaust manifold (exhaust manifold) part that no one would notice unless it was purposely removed and turned inside out was firmly built.

Porsche's miniature car (model car), such a place is wonderful! !! It can only be expensive. as a side notePorsche official shopThe list price at is 8,100 yen including tax. The model car scale is 1:43.

It was said that the genuine exhaust manifold could be removed immediately, and after that, the work of filling the dent of the original rear diffuser part, which had been left and right two out, with putty and newly denting the center two out part.

It was said that the round tail pipe of the sports exhaust, which has two centers, would feel like being attached by painting a ready-made plastic round bar.

This time, I asked him to paint the interior if possible (change it to black), so he also removed the top and bottom of the car.

It seems that the adhesive was a little attached to the lower cover, and it could be removed with some force (fixed with 3 screws).

Part of it has already been masked (yellow part), but please paint the seats etc. in glossy black.

I heard that the tires and wheels could be removed, so the brakes were made so well! !! In my case, I didn't need to change the color of the brake caliper this time, but if the color of the caliper of my car was different, it seems that it was possible to paint the caliper color.

Then, mask the upper body part. Originally, it would have been nice if the window glass part could be removed for work, but this time it was decided to use masking due to concerns from various perspectives.

The surface of the car body is treated. It seems that it is a process called sandpaper hanging and reeding. Surface treatment with a polishing sheet that is also used for vehicle painting. If you look closely, you can see that the body is whitish and has lost its luster.

However, it is not only painted from above, but also painted after such pretreatment. amazing!

After that, he also did the undercoating work before the topcoating, and then another step of undercoating. It seems that this is because the paint called primer is firmly fixed. Thank you very much for your polite work.

"Jet Black" which is the color of my Porsche 911. I thought it was for painting, so I received a genuine Porsche paint jet black color via a Porsche sales person, but how.

It is said that the paint for the actual car cannot be used for painting the model car due to the thinner (was it?) Used. * I'm sorry to take this opportunity to get the paint, but I'm really sorry for the sales staff.

Therefore, it was necessary to make a paint that can be used for painting model cars with a color close to jet black metallic.

Therefore, it is very important to "match the color to the actual car" before applying the top coat after this (that's right, the main purpose is to change to the color of the actual car ...) Before the painting work, take the actual car and perform "color matching" with the paint color you made at a certain place in Tokyo outdoors where the sun is shining so that you can match the color with the actual car. Thank you.

As long as I'm really sorry for taking the time and effort to spend the daytime on weekdays, I'm just grateful for this! !! ↓ We are meeting (laughs).

It's a little difficult to understand, so it's surrounded by a yellow square, but check the color chip with the color you made according to the actual vehicle.

Basically, I was appropriate, "No, if it becomes a small miniature car, the color is perfect with this ?? It's OK at all!" (Laughs), as expected Mr. Ontama- @ said, "No, in order to get a little closer to the color of the actual car, it is better to mix it and mix it," he said, creating the color accurately in his head. Thank you.

This is the stage when the undercoating process is finished ↓. After that, it will be a work to paint the blended jet black metallic color and put clear on it.

Then, as a result of color matching, the color that was further mixed was the "first topcoat". After that, it will be painted repeatedly, and finally clear paint will be applied to give it a glossy finish.

I"Have a glass coating, Porsche, it's slippery and amazing! I was making a noise (laughs), and I'm glad that the final clear paint will make it shiny (laughs). The miniature car is also glass coated!

All interior paint is black. It's amazing ~, all the parts are blackened and dried like this ~.

Somehow, it seems that I'm pointing the fireworks I have after finishing it in the opposite direction (I don't need it at all, it doesn't matter (laughs). I'm sorry ...).

It is said that painting for plastic models also requires curing time like the actual car, so it takes 1 to 2 weeks, or even if it does not reach that level, it will take several days to repair the painting.

Since it is important to give gloss to the paint on the body of the miniature car, it is necessary to polish it cleanly, and it is said that clear paint will be applied several times from above. It's said that you spend so much time and effort ...

So, it was said that it would take time because there would be a "waiting time" instead of being able to paint and proceed with the work.

When there is a "waiting time" in the curing time, please change to "sports exhaust specifications" this time.

First of all, it is necessary to change the original shape of the muffler with one on each side to the one with two in the center (and the shape of the tail pipe is also different), so change the rear diffuser itself I had to get it.

Originally, fill the left and right dents with holes with putty ...

After that, the work of scraping the center of the rear diffuser to bring out a new round tail pipe. By the way, the tail pipe part is "deformed", and it is one of the things that I was particular about to make it look a little larger.

The part filled with putty is then painted with matte black. If you don't look at the finished product very well, you won't even notice that there was a dent. It's too amazing!

... Even when I looked at the actual result, I couldn't really tell "Where was the hole?" Really amazing! !!

The body of the car has been painted and polished several times and dried. I'm really grateful that it took more time and effort than I expected.

Completed Porsche 911 Carrera (911 late model / 991.2) model car

Alright. and. In addition, please attach a subwoofer and a license plate ... The painting inside and outside the car and the retrofitting of the Spoeki have been completed, and this is the finished product! !!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !! It's just "my car"! !! When I was impressed when I received this (crying).

Do you know more? To make it look more beautiful, the lower part of the pedestal was also just black, and the stone pavement was laid, so even if you decorate it, it will be even more wonderful.

As you can see, the interior is completely black. Only the change from the left to the right handle has been postponed this time due to the shape problem. But it's more than enough "my Porsche".

The more I received this and looked at it, the more I remembered only my own car, and I couldn't remember the original graphite blue model car at all.

Oh, it's too cool ... My favorite car is completely reproduced in such a small shape and is in front of me. You can watch it forever. And with a model car, you can really keep it with you forever until I die ...

Here, the rear muffler is a Porsche 911 Sport Exhaust GTS tail pipe specification with two centers out!

Behind the back seat, there is also a kicker subwoofer! !!

It's too bad to erase the number here, but the license plate was made with the same number as my car and attached.

It's a really moving finish. I can cry.

Request for ordering minicar customization

I'm sure some of you may think, "I want you to make a miniature car of your own car!" After seeing this finish.* The following is a request from me!

If you would like to request a minicar modification from Mr. Ontama, who I requested to customize this time, it seems okay to contact me (via me if necessary). But I will introduce it, so please leave a message), I will contact only those who can pay the modeler as a wage from "minimum 50,000 yen" for this 1/43 scale minicar modification. Thank you for your cooperation.

There are people who are priced less than that (such as making it cheaper because it is only painting) or forcibly asking for more difficult things, so I'm really sorry for the inconvenience to the modeler, so please do not miss it. If you are thinking of contacting us, please consider it. I look forward to working with you.

By the way, the state in the box is as follows. Did you notice another difference? ??

Yes. He even put a mirror on the back of the car. So you can enjoy the other side even if you put it in the case! !!

It's so nice, it's too much for my favorite Porsche 911, and I can drink while watching this miniature car for hours (drinking (laughs)!).

Finally. Speaking of what was interesting ... It was when I went to Porsche to pick up the car after having the actual car 911 retrofitted with a sports exhaust.

When I handed over the car, a Porsche adviser asked me, "Oh, what about the muffler that was originally attached?"

"Eh. I can't take it home ... (laughs). I don't need it for the time being, so please handle it."

This time, when I handed over this miniature car, the same question was asked at the end, "Oh, what about the muffler that was originally attached?" It was exactly the same as the actual car, so it was really interesting (laughs).

And since it is a miniature car muffler, this time I received it as a memorial! ↓

Have Porsche see the customized 911 model car

I was really impressed, and I would like all of my favorite Porsche Centers to see this too nice customized model car, so I went to the Porsche Center (laughs).

Originally, when I ordered a model car from a Porsche sales person, I told them that I would customize it, so the people at the Porsche Center were also looking forward to the completion. So I want you to see it as soon as possible!

When. However, even if you suddenly have only this "completed form", you may know that it looks exactly like the actual car, but you may not know what has changed! So I took the trouble to bring a photo of the original minicar before the first remodeling (laughs). This is what happened from the model car ↓ that was in this state! When.

This is when I visited the Porsche Center to show the model car ↓

Compare it with the original state photo, and look at the completed form in front of you and say, "Oh, awesome !!!"! !! I also got along and said, "Well, that's amazing !!" (laughs). It's a really nice model car, so I was so happy just to see it.

One of the sales people said, "This is a heirloom!", But I answered, "No, it's a heirloom, but it's not a heirloom." because.

Yes, this is because I have decided that this model car with my favorite car specifications will be my "keepsake" (laughs). In other words, I want my children to inherit this as a "mama's keepsake". (Children may not be happy ... well, I'll leave something else (laughs))

I've been in various cars in the past and loved all of them, but I don't know what they are, but what "changed something" in me was With this 911, this 911 has given us so many wonderful encounters and expanded the world.

I'm sure that this Porsche that made such a big change in my life will continue to ride in various cars in the future, but I am still 911 now. I think that I will continue to cherish it forever.

For me, I asked you to make a very important 911 in a state so close to the actual car ... Mr. Y who introduced the modeler this time, from the preparation of the model car, I was excited and various "I want to remodel the minicar" To all of you, the Porsche people who got along with me even though I was making a noise, and ... the modeler's warmth who customized the wonderful 911 model car that was really polite and perfect. Even if I thank you, I cannot thank you enough.

In particular, I am really grateful to the modeler, Mr. Warmama ~ @. thank you very much! !!

I am deeply moved by the creation of such a wonderful model car. I would like to cherish both the model car and the actual car. I really thank you! !!

Here is a brief summary of only the before and after photos.
Porsche 911 Carrera Mini Car (Model Car) Customization: Before After

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