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"Porsche Taycan" list

Taycan production reportedly cut due to declining demand

2024/07/06   -Porsche: Porsche

Reports say Porsche will cut production of the Taycan due to slowing sales and a general decline in demand for EVs. Is that true? The Taycan has been a strong seller for Porsche, with sales exceeding 40,000 units in 2023. ...

Taycan runs through water in Dubai

2024/04/18   -Porsche: Porsche

On April 16, 2024, a tremendous amount of rain fell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, causing large-scale flooding. The rain that fell on this day is said to be equivalent to the total rainfall in Dubai in one year, and it is said that the amount of rain that falls in a year falls in one day ...

Taycan crashed into the car with tremendous force and was destroyed

2024/03/23   -Porsche: Porsche

Possible consequences of drunk driving The accident occurred in Michigan, USA, when a Taycan crashed into a gas station at a tremendous speed (it is estimated that it was going up to 160km/h) and was hit by bullets. of ...

Taycan Turbo GT and Taycan Turbo GT Weissach Package released

2024/03/12   -Porsche: Porsche

A while ago, Porsche announced that ``The amazing Taycan will be announced on March 11, 2024'', and as predicted, the ``Taycan Turbo GT'' was announced. The major features of Taycan Turbo GT are as follows...

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines files suit against Volkswagen (Porsche) over Porsche Taycan battery triggering fire

2024/03/06   -Porsche: Porsche

Highlighting concerns about the safety of EV batteries and the need for industry-wide countermeasures Volkswagen is suing Porsche for allegedly causing a fire on a cargo ship in 2022 due to its batteries in its electric cars (namely the Taycan). ..

Removing the cladding of Taycan Cross Turismo

2024/03/05   -Porsche: Porsche

What is cladding? I found an article that says that removing the cladding on the Taycan Cross Turismo makes it look cool, but I don't know what ``cladding'' is in the first place...

Porsche Taycan appearing in Tokyo Marathon 2024

2024/02/20   -Porsche: Porsche

Taycan to be the lead car for the Tokyo Marathon to be held on Sunday, March 3, 2024 I was delighted when it was announced the other day that Porsche's Taycan would be the lead car for the 2024 Tokyo Marathon. → Porsche Taycan will appear in Tokyo Marathon 2024...

Porsche new Taycan announced

2024/02/07   -Porsche: Porsche

Taycan has undergone a major update, the new version is improved in almost all areas The new Taycan, which we have been waiting for since it was said to be announced within a few days, was finally announced on February 7, 2024 ~ ^^ According to Porsche Large scale ...

It's too bad to steal... Taycan headlight theft

2024/01/24   -Porsche: Porsche

The content was posted on an overseas bulletin board, and it was said to be a theft incident that occurred in Dusseldorf, Germany. Incidents in which the car itself is stolen are common in Japan these days, and there are similar cases of car theft in other countries (Germany) as well.

Porsche Taycan appears at Tokyo Marathon 2024

2024/01/11   -Porsche: Porsche

Kita Kita Kita offers the Taycan as a vehicle for the Tokyo Marathon! A Taycan with the word ``Chief Referee'' appeared at the Marathon Grand Championship 2023 & Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 held in October last year...


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