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"Porsche Art" list

Porsche: I bought Type7 Artifacts

Porsche Archive Photo Book I purchased something like a Porsche art book called ``Type 7: Artifacts,'' which was released on September 1, 2023. This book is published by Porsche to commemorate Porsche's 75th anniversary.

Cute Taikan in a Bottle: China Alanya Theater Festival

2023/06/20   -Porsche: Porsche

Message in a Bottle Taycan It's abrupt, but I really like this Taycan art. Everything is perfectly beautiful from the time zone background that was just photographed. ↓ This work is "Dream On" and "Dream ...

Thank you for your continued support in 2023

2023 Porsche 911 first run Thank you for your continued support in the year. May 2023 be a healthy, safe and even happier year for everyone! Since the New Year, I've been skipping blogs and playing around ...

Porsche announces entry into NFT, virtual world

Porsche NFT announced at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022 From December 1 to 3, 2022 (preview November 29 to 30), "Art Basel .. .

2022 Icons of Porsche Festival @ Dubai

2022 Icons of Porsche Festival An event called "Icons of Porsche" was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for two days from November 26th to 27th, 2022 ...

Relationship between Porsche and Pegasus

2022/11/26   -Porsche: Porsche

Mobil Oil's Pegasus logo (decal) For those of you who already know this, this may be common sense, but it's about Pegasus. I always wonder what the Pegasus mark that I sometimes see in Porsche is "What is that?"

"Dream Big", part of Porsche's "The Art of Dreams"

2022/11/25   -Porsche: Porsche

Porsche art by Scottish artist Chris Labrooy From October 2021, Porsche will be in a series called "The Art of Dreams", which will introduce various Porsches in major cities ...

The day Porsche was first registered as Porsche

2022/06/08   -Porsche: Porsche

June 8, 1948, the Porsche 356 Roadster is born Today, June 8th is like a birthday for Porsche. Because, on June 8, 1948, Porsche's first "PORSCHE" badge ...

Rimowa x Porsche art is Porsche 934 wireframe sculpture

2022/06/07   -Porsche: Porsche

A real-sized wireframe piece made of stainless steel tube An art piece has been unveiled to celebrate the partnership between Porsche and Rimowa. The artist produced is Benedict ...

I look forward to working with you in 2022.

We look forward to your continued support this year from Porsche drawing in 2022. May 2022 be a healthy, safe and happier year for you ^^ By the way, I somehow drew Porsche again from the end of last year ...


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