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"Inclination measurement" list

Costco Iruma store parking lot slope measurement

Is Costco domination in the Kanto area near? Many of Costco's parking lots in the Kanto area have steep slopes to enter the parking lot, and the reason I first started measuring the slope of the Costco parking lot was "Vehicle height. ..

Summit Store Katsushika Ward Office Mae Store Parking Lot Inclination Measurement

Listening to the radio in the car This is the way back from where I was going to Hakone for a while. Normally, when I'm alone, I only listen to music in the car, but on this day it was a drive with the whole family, so I changed my mind a little ...

Try Porsche Hill Control (PHC) with Porsche Macan S

Porsche Macan S Assistance Service The other day, when I made a 800km round-trip day drive trip from Tokyo to Ishinomaki, Porsche wrote that he rented a Macan S and ran. See: Porsche Macan ...

Costco Makuhari store parking lot inclination measurement ... Can you go with Porsche 911 GT3?

Measuring the slope of the parking lot slope of the Costco Makuhari store In the past, we have been measuring the slope of the parking lot slope of each Costco store by asking "Where is Costco in the suburbs of Tokyo where you can go even with a low vehicle height of Porsche GT3?" It was. Related notes ...

A PIT Shinonome parking lot inclination measurement and pit & self car wash

2018/11/26   -Etc .: Other

After all I will measure the slope slope of Apit Shinonome parking lot (laugh) It is an introduction of the first floor part of Apit Autobacs Shinonome. First of all ... after all ... I started to doubt that I was really a tilting enthusiast (laughs) ...

Measurement of parking lot inclination at Costco Tamasakai store ... Can I go with Porsche 911 GT3?

Measuring the slope slope of the parking lot at Costco Tamasakai store I really want to go to Costco with the Porsche 911 GT3! Because of the strange hope, which of Costco's stores can go from Tokyo before, the slope of the parking lot ...

Where are Costco and IKEA in the suburbs of Tokyo that can be reached by Porsche GT3 & supercar? Tilt measurement

Going to Costco and IKEA with the Porsche 911 GT3 Well, I think that most of the Porsche 911 and supercar owners are hardly interested (laugh). For me, "Costco and IKEA ...


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