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"Sako Juku" list

I got on a sprinkler car 2

2021/03/29   -Etc .: Other

A sprinkler car for renting a solar construction machine A sprinkler car that I've always wanted to ride. It was the beginning of 2021 that I was able to ride the sprinkler for the first time. At that time, I was allowed to ride the lottery at Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana.

First time in my life! I was able to drift with Porsche 911 ~ @ Sunako Juku FSW

Participating in a driving lesson at Fuji Speedway P7, Sunako Juku On this day, I was driving a Porsche 911 (991.2) Carrera from the morning toward Fuji Speedway. Gasoline is full when you leave Tokyo ...

Tokyo Virtual Circuit: First Racing Simulation Training Experience

TVC: Driving lesson with a racing simulator in Tokyo Well, it's the beginning of an exciting day from the morning. As always, I said "I'm going ~ ^^" to my beloved Black Carrera and went out. Excited ...

I got on a sprinkler car

2021/01/25   -Etc .: Other

A sprinkler that I've always been interested in I sometimes take part in driving lessons. When I go to such places, I often use a sprinkler to water the lines on which the cars run. Every time, this ...

I went to Sunako Juku again

Driving lessons at Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana Field At the end of 2020, I participated in the Sunako Juku (instructors: Takashi Tofuya & Seiji Ara) held at Tsukuba Circuit as a payment for last year's driving lessons ...

I found out why I could not slide the Porsche 911 in a steady circular turn

Porsche 911 Carrera (991.2) that does not slip even if the accelerator is off First of all, I participated in the Sunako Juku held at Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana as the end of the driving lesson in 2020 ...

2020 driving lesson payment is Sunako Juku

Black Carrera returning from repair, celebration of resurrection at Sunako Juku ~ A little while ago, my beloved Porsche 911 Carrera that broke just before I participated in the Porsche Truck Experience on November 5th. Then for repairs ...

"Ara of the World", Sunako Juku with Seiji Ara

Tsukuba Circuit: TC2000 Drive a little long distance with your favorite Porsche 911 Carrera. I put gasoline in the suburbs of the destination. Where is this? Oh, did you write it in the headline (laughs)? Yes ...

Impressive BMW Team Studie New System Announcement: I Will Absolutely Support You

2020/03/14   -BMW: BM W

2020 BMW Team Studie Participates in Super GT and Super Taikyu On March 13, 2020, BMW Team Studie announced a new system for participating in this year's race. Leh to participate in the war ...

Drive lesson at Sunako Juku @ Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana

Driving school "Sako Juku" In January of this year, "Sako Juku" is a driving lesson school that I participated in for the first time when my husband applied for it. At first, he said, "Well, I'm really going to participate ~ ???"


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