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"Sako Juku" list

2022 square training paid! Sunako Juku @ Fuji Speedway P2

Christmas with a black Carrera I decided to spend Christmas with a black Carrera this year. On Christmas Eve the day before, the whole family ate cakes and so on, and spent the Christmas mood as a family.

I didn't run enough and went to Sunako Juku again: Mitsuhiro Kinoshita's Porsche course

I want to run more and more with Porsche 911 In the middle of last month, I participated in Sunako Juku, a driving lesson for the first time in a long time. from ...

Playing with Black Carrera at Sunako Cram School for the first time in a while

Driving lesson at Fuji Speedway P2 On this day, I was heading to Fuji Speedway again in the morning. According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be cloudy to sunny all day from the morning, but it was a little bit on the way.

Fog and Porsche 911

Running to Fuji Speedway just for "Hello" On this day, I left Tokyo early in the morning and headed to Fuji Speedway in heavy rain. This is Ebina PA that I stopped by on the way ↓ Why, suddenly from early morning FS ...

Recently, I often encounter falling objects on the highway.

Look closer, look farther! The importance of driving lessons I have participated in several times in the past. One of the things that Sunako often says is, "The line of sight (where you are looking) is close. Look farther!" ...

I got on a sprinkler car 2

2021/03/29   -Etc .: Other

A sprinkler car for renting a solar construction machine A sprinkler car that I've always wanted to ride. It was the beginning of 2021 that I was able to ride the sprinkler for the first time. At that time, I was allowed to ride the lottery at Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana.

First time in my life! I was able to drift with Porsche 911 ~ @ Sunako Juku FSW

Participating in a driving lesson at Fuji Speedway P7, Sunako Juku On this day, I was driving a Porsche 911 (991.2) Carrera from the morning toward Fuji Speedway. Gasoline is full when you leave Tokyo ...

Tokyo Virtual Circuit: First Racing Simulation Training Experience

TVC: Driving lesson with a racing simulator in Tokyo Well, it's the beginning of an exciting day from the morning. As always, I said "I'm going ~ ^^" to my beloved Black Carrera and went out. Excited ...

I got on a sprinkler car

2021/01/25   -Etc .: Other

A sprinkler that I've always been interested in I sometimes take part in driving lessons. When I go to such places, I often use a sprinkler to water the lines on which the cars run. Every time, this ...

I went to Sunako Juku again

Driving lessons at Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana Field At the end of 2020, I participated in the Sunako Juku (instructors: Takashi Tofuya & Seiji Ara) held at Tsukuba Circuit as a payment for last year's driving lessons ...


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