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About my car "Porsche 911"

I have a promise from my husband about 15 years ago to buy the Porsche 911 that I love. When I was dating before I got married to my husband, I had experience driving a manual car overseas and was able to drive a manual, but my license in Japan was limited to automatic transmissions. The husband who knew it (boyfriend at that time) said, "I will buy Porsche someday, so it is better to release the automatic transmission limitation for that time!"

When I heard that, apart from buying Porsche, I thought, "Sure, the day may come when I will drive a manual car," so I lifted the automatic transmission limitation and said that my husband told me for the time being. That's why it was "always Porsche ready" (laughs).

And since I got married to my husband and both of us were originally riding BMW, we have been transferring to BMW since then. Since I have been transferring to BMW for quite a long time, I was vaguely thinking that I should continue to transfer to BMW as it is, without thinking deeply about anything.

However, my husband seems to have been worried about saying "I will buy Porsche someday" somewhere, and one day about 15 years after that promise, "Would you like to buy Porsche?"

However, I was vaguely thinking that I should transfer to BMW (because I also liked BMW), and Carrera until then was not very comfortable in me, so "No. I wasn't so enthusiastic, "I don't have to buy it?" (Of course, all Carrera are nice and cool! I just didn't hear "I want to buy!").

However. one day. 911 has arrived at my house. Until now, I didn't want that much when I saw 911, but at first sight the late 991 Carrera that my husband decided to buy was "too cool! Too cute! I want to ride this!" In a blink of an eye, I fell in love with this car and fell in love with it (laughs). And my husband gave me this 911 as "my car".

The expression "I fell in love" really seemed to be the best match, and I instantly fell in love with this car with a feeling of romance, and I couldn't help it.

The only one is not a manual car (laughs).

After all, I was eager for the automatic transmission to be easy for me to drive, so I decided to use the automatic transmission (PDK) (my husband seemed to like the manual, but this time it was a car for me, so It seems that he compromised with the automatic transmission (PDK)).

Well, now that the technology has improved, it seems that automatic transmissions are better for supercars (isn't it ??), so I'm very satisfied with automatic transmissions. I haven't made any sense to release the manual limitation yet, but I'm looking forward to the day when the manual car will come again ...!

So, I thank my husband for buying Porsche in a way that kept his promise for about 15 years, even though I didn't really care about it. Because Porsche does not just "buy a car" but "makes life more enjoyable" and "opens the door to a life with a brighter future".

It may be exaggerated, but I think that life has really become more enjoyable since I owned 911. The price of Porsche and supercars is quite high, not only the "car fee" but also the price that "makes life more enjoyable and opens the door to further future" It is around this time that I am seriously thinking that it may be because I am doing it ^ ^.

If anyone is hesitant to buy a Porsche, it may be a common word that is said in various places, but I think that "If you are worried, you should buy it." Of course, I don't think it's necessary to borrow money that makes life difficult.

However, if there are people who are hesitant for reasons such as "Is it okay to buy Porsche" or "I am worried about people's eyes" even though it is possible to purchase in terms of money, it is no longer hesitant You should "buy" without. I think so. I think there is more and more open life waiting for you than just the fact that you bought a car!

So now I don't think I can live without my Porsche 911 (laughs), and I love 911 so much that I talk to it every day when I get in it!

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