Porsche blog of Porsche owner woman of 911 Carrera (991.2 & 992). Experience and information of Porsche 911 and supercar, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini purchase & ownership record etc. I love Porsche! * English version is automatic translation

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About the English version of this blog

You can select Japanese or English from the icon at the top right of the site, but all English versions are automatically translated by Google Translate.

Therefore, I think that there are many cases where the translated English is incomprehensible, the words used are strange, and the grammar is strange, but I have not checked each one, so leave it as it is. I will. sorry!

If there is any question, feel free to contact me in English. You can leave a comment on certain content to contact me.

I also decided to post uncertain information on the net on SNS

In this blog itself, I try not to post or write anything that does not have a proper source, something that is still in the rumor story stage, spy shots and spy videos, etc. as much as possible.

However, from May 2019, we have decided to tweet about "rumors" and "uncertain information" posted on the Internet on Twitter and Facebook. * Personally asked secret stories will not be posted without permission ^^

Introducing your Twitter account

It's been a full year since I started blogging in February 2019, and I finally decided to lift my weight and start Twitter! Basically, I think that it will be about posting the update information of this blog + tweeting a little + Porsche on the net + gossip of supercars, but the account is here.

Rila | 911supercars.com Twitter account

* You can view it even if you do not have a Twitter account.

Introducing the Facebook page

There is also a page on Facebook. You can send a message personally through Facebook's message function, or write a comment through the comment section. You can see this even if you don't have an account.

911supercars.com updates posted on Facebook

Basically, there is no article that only posts on Facebook, but when you post a new article on this blog, it will be posted on Facebook as an announcement (link to blog article). (Posted).

Click here for the 911Supercars Facebook page

If you like, please like the Facebook page ^^. Thank you!

I would be very happy if you like it ^^ Thank you.

Introducing the Instagram site

Some of the photos posted on this blog are also posted on Instagram. I personally did it quietly because I wanted to see Porsche, supercar photos, etc. from overseas, but I decided to introduce it here as well.

911supercars.com Instagram account

In the first place, I'm not good at Instagram (laughs), so I'm planning to keep it quietly entertaining, but I may follow the accounts of people who have uploaded photos related to cars. I look forward to working with you.

Click here for 911supercars.com Instagram

Originally, I started Instagram with the desire to see photos of people from overseas, so basically, I do Instagram in English. I will follow you back, so the photos posted are the same as this blog, but please feel free to follow me ^ ^

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Thank you ^^

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