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I attached a sports exhaust to my car Porsche 911!

Posted: May 25, 2018 Updated:

Suddenly, as the title suggests, I have attached a sports exhaust (hereinafter referred to as Spoeki) to Porsche!

I haven't had any complaints or problems until now, but recently I started riding with my husband Ferrari (with an even more noisy option called Handling Speciale), and while listening to the Ferrari sound ...

"Hmm, isn't my Porsche a little too good? Maybe it's a little noisy ..."

Immediately after I thought about it, I listened to the sound of 911 with and without spoiling on YouTube etc., and in a blink of an eye I noticed to the Porsche sales person "I want to spoil!" I was in contact with (laughs).


For the time being, I had you schedule until the day when you put it in the Porsche Center on the premise that you will put it on (← I'm ready to put it on (laughs)), and I wanted to hear the real sound just in case, so a Porsche certified used car Among them, I went to hear the sound of the one with Porsche in 911 (991). that isReasons for visiting the Porsche Center the other dayis.

This is the sports exhaust Carrera 4S that I heard at that time. Since there was only Carrera 4S with Spoeki, it is not exactly the same condition as mine, but I told you here (because it will not be so different).

After that, if you change to Spoeki, the original "muffler left and right two out" may change to "center two out", and for me now Porsche I liked the left and right two out, so that I also wanted to see the design of the two centers in the actual car.

This is my 911 muffler before changing to Spoeki. Two left and right out.

Hmmm, it's always nice to see ... I felt that this muffler with two left and right was a little "feminine", and I thought it was elegant and nice.

If my husband wants to be noisy, I'm not sure if it's a very noisy external product, but why not put in Akrapovic? I said, but I don't like the lack of goods, so I only had a genuine Porsche sports exhaust in my head to change it.

So. I heard the actual sound of Spoeki, and after worrying about 15 seconds, I immediately decided to "change!" (Laughs).

I asked you to put on the muffler so that it wouldn't pop out as much as possible, and the salesman told me, "There is also a tail pipe and black!", So don't hesitate to use black.


The appearance of the first two left and right mufflers is about this when viewed from above. It's a little difficult to understand, but can you see the silver muffler in the yellow part? It is a photograph when the muffler part is seen from above. You can see that the muffler part hardly protrudes to the outside.

Even with two centers, with this feeling, I requested that the muffler not pop out as much as possible and that it fits snugly on the car body.

My 911 is a "late model of 991", and when it comes to this, the retrofit option of Porsche was quite priced (I happened to be in the campaign, but surely a little less than 700,000 is the first offer amount. Since I asked for various other things from there, I can not say how much it will cost just for Spoeki in the end ... Because I have done a lot of work ... I am very grateful to Porsche's sales staff and advisors!).

And at a later date. It is a farewell to Porsche for 3 nights and 4 days from the day of warehousing. I'm too lonely (tears). ↓ The one on the far right is me. Covers are put on the seats, etc. Ready to warehousing!

By the way, it's finally 3 days to really store and wait. The sales person sent me a photo.

No! Porsche is in trouble! !! I know that I'm in the process of changing to Spoeki and I'm not doing anything wrong, but I'm about to cry when I see the picture of my car in this state ... (tears).

When I thought about it, the salesman said, "I thought so (I think) and hesitated to send the photo." You understand ... (tears). I'm a kind person, so I don't treat him as "what are you talking about?"

Well then! Porsche is back after a few days! !! I went to the Porsche Center with my husband again and ran back with me on the way back ... Hmmm, anyway, it's the best! !! It's too good. The photo below is the one when I ran behind my husband's car while being excited at the first Spoeki drive. I was very excited in the car alone (laughs). I went home while listening to the sound with the windows fully open.

It's different from the sound when you start the engine. At the beginning of starting the engine, the spoeki mode is off, so it should be the same as usual ... but probably because the muffler itself has been changed, it is completely different even in normal time. It was. When I started the engine, it was noisy and it was already the best.

After that, when the Spoeki mode is turned on, even when running in the parking lot or on public roads at 20 to 30 km / h, it makes a sound like "Porsche, angry! I'm angry!" Will do it (laughs).


At high speeds, there are a lot of sounds around me, so I didn't feel that much difference (of course, when I look at the sound confirmation from the outside such as You Tube, it's different, so I think it's different. However, I don't really understand it myself (laughs), but anyway, the difference in sound that I can hear when driving on a normal road is obvious, and this is the best thing for me, who is mainly driving on a general road. Lol).

The muffler with two centers was ... It was even better than I had imagined! !! A few days ago when I said "I like the two left and right", I immediately withdrew. The more I compare it, the cooler it is for my car to have two centers, and the tail pipe is black, so it's too good! !!

The request, "Please attach the muffler as closely as possible to the car body," is exactly what you want! Seen from above, it looks like this. It's almost perfect (the part that looks white is the license plate, and the two that are slightly below it are the mufflers). it is perfect. Again, I am very grateful to the sales staff, advisors, and mechanics who responded to me, who was particular about this. It's too nice.

One last thing. The switch inside the car has also changed. This ↓ photo is the switch part in the center of the car in the state before inserting the spoeki. Three on the left and two on the right are used, and the rest is empty. Here…. When the sports exhaust is installed ...

Well ↓ This is what happened! The left is the same, but the right is the second from the top, the Spoeki mark, and one below it, there are a total of three idling stop-off switches. At first glance, the Pacific League mark looks like "glasses", so I was very happy with the "glasses mark" that I said, "Oh, I want a glasses mark here." .. I'm too happy!

I will write this separately, but depending on the ON / OFF of the switch

・ Normal state with all turned off
・ Only Spoeki is turned on
・ Spoeki + sports mode is turned on

Now you can enjoy 3 types of (although it is ant that only sports mode is ON, of course). Anyway, the Spoeki switch is always on. It's fun. Really. Of course, it's incomparable to Ferrari's sound. But, of course, I didn't expect it from the beginning (it's natural that Ferrari and Porsche are different in the first place!), And anyway, compared to my 911 so far, it sounds the best and every day. Driving has become even more fun.

In the future, even if one day I buy a new Porsche 911, I'm sure I will have a sports exhaust. In the unlikely event that you purchase a manual, you can't add a spoiler as an option at the time of purchase (for some reason, sports exhaust at the time of new purchase is an option only for PDK cars), but strangely, "retrofitting" It seems that you can attach it, so I would like to purchase it after considering the amount of money to be added later (laughs)!

I am completely addicted to the reborn Porsche, and it has become a favorite car that I love and love! !!

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