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The clutch of Porsche 911 GT3 will be useless ~

GT3 is poor There is a video of a 992 type Porsche 911 GT3 with a mule orange manual transmission about to start in the parking lot of a restaurant (TikTok). GT3 ku ...

70 years since the establishment of the first Porsche club

2022/05/26   -Porsche: Porsche

The first Porsche club was established on May 26, 1952. If you are a Porsche owner in Japan, have you heard the name? The existence of "Porsche Club" that seems to be. Became an officially recognized organization by Porsche ...

The third Fuori Concorso is held, rare Porsche gathers

2022/05/24   -Porsche: Porsche

This special event, "FuoriConcorso", was held last weekend just a short walk from Lake Como in Italy. This is a tradition sponsored by fashion label Larusmiani ...

Ferrari 296 GTB test drive

120 ° V6 engine + plug-in hybrid (PHEV) motor Cornes Shiba tried out the Ferrari 296 GTB ^^ This car is the Asset Fiorano package (...

Porsche in PTS color exhibited at Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

2022/05/22   -Porsche: Porsche

PEC Atlanta Heritage Gallery Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur and PTS (Paint To Sample) program ...

TAG Heuer also sells "Carrera" Limited Edition watches

2022/05/20   -Etc .: Other, Porsche: Porsche

The name Ferry Porsche, which is derived from Carrera Panamericana of Mexico, and Porsche and TAG Heuer, who are Jack Heuer, each made a product named "Carrera", and the origin of the word is Meki. ..

Porsche Taycan is "sold out" until 2023

I don't know if it's really just a story in Europe and the US Recently, I couldn't write it because I was a little skeptical about updating the blog (no particular reason (laughs)), but a while ago (2022/5) / 4) Financial ...

Encounter with Porsche 911 Speedster at Porsche Experience Center

2022/05/17   -Porsche: Porsche

Type 991 Porsche 911 Speedster By the way, I had just been to the Porsche Experience Center at the end of April, but I went to PEC Tokyo again on this day. By the way, this is my third PEC East ...

Practicing panning after a long time

Lamborghini circuit driving shooting At Cornes Day 2022 @ Fuji Speedway, which I participated in the other day, my husband ran on the Urakan EVO. Meanwhile, I took out my SLR camera for the first time in a long time and went to practice panning ...

Cornes Day 2022 Exhibit Vehicle

CORNES Day 2022 at Fuji Speedway At Cornes Day 2022, which I participated in the other day, many vehicles were exhibited in the paddock area. Exhibition from various latest models to rare models First ...


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