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This is a blog list page about the latest information about Tesla, news, specifications, specifications, main specifications, prices, test drive reviews, Tesla I met, etc.

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Encounter with Tesla Cybertruck

2024/03/16   -Tesla: Tesla

I finally got to meet the Cybertruck in Japan Over the past few days, I've been fascinated by the announcement of the Porsche 911 992.2 and the 718, but even though I was talking about Porsche, I went to see Tesla! Moreover, Te...

Starting in 2025, Porsche electric cars will finally be able to be charged with Tesla superchargers in North America

2023/12/24   -Porsche: Porsche, Tesla: Tesla

Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Scout EV vehicles will be able to use North American Charging Standard (NACS) charging ports from 2025.

It's time for Elon! (4th time): I heard that the last Cybertruck vs Carrera T was a 1/8 mile race, right?

Drag race between Tesla Cybertruck and Porsche 911 A video of a drag race between the Cybertruck and Porsche 911 was released at the Cybertruck presentation event held recently following the delivery of Tesla's Cybertruck.

Tesla's Cybertruck competes with Porsche while towing Porsche 911

Porsche has finally started delivering Tesla's Cybertruck with the 992.1 Carrera T, so Tesla is being talked about a lot on car-related news sites, especially in the United States. As for the content, the price...

Tesla sells tequila shot glasses

2022/11/16   -Tesla: Tesla

Tesla sold tequila in the past I think it's a lot of people who know, but Tesla was selling tequila a few years ago. Celebrities (George Clooney, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, and more...

Lamborghini Day Japan 2022: Part 3 Extra Edition? tesla and pizza

This blog is a serious (?) Lamborghini Day Japan 2022 article extra edition. If you don't mind, please go ahead ^^ → Lamborghini Day Japan 2022: Part 1 Opening ~ Parade Run Tesla De ...

Already Elon! (3rd): Hunger strike against Tesla in Norway

2022/09/06   -Tesla: Tesla

Norway is said to be ``the overwhelmingly number one Tesla country in the world'' because ``the number of Teslas per capita is the highest in the world''. Looking purely at the number of units sold, it seems that the US and China are selling better.

Porsche 911 GT3 production process time-lapse movie & Tesla production process drone shooting

2022/04/02   -Porsche: Porsche, Tesla: Tesla

Porsche production process at the Zufenhausen factory The process of producing the Porsche 911 GT3, which Porsche ordered PTS a few days ago, was released in a time lapse video. For each Porsche produced, that ...

List of car groups: Which car manufacturer belongs to which group

The parent companies of each car brand looked at where the world's major automakers had a table of which groups they belonged to. The simple figure was very easy to see ^^ McLaren, Ast ...

Elon Musk prepares a substitute car

2021/05/21   -Tesla: Tesla

Continuing from the other day I wrote that the winner of the UFC match was yelling to Elon Musk in a speech from the ring that "The Tesla I ordered will not be delivered again!" .. The te he ordered ...


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