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PTE: Porsche Track Experience [Precision] Training content

Posted: June 13, 2019 Updated:

Porsche Track Experience: Precision Program Contents

Here, I would like to write about the program contents of "Porsche Truck Experience Precision" held at Fuji Speedway on June 11, 2019.

Those who are thinking about participating in the same program in the future and who are hesitant (especially women) because they feel like "But I don't know what to do and I'm a little worried ..." ?) There may be some, so I hope you can see my experience and think "I think I can do this, I want to try it" ^^

By participating in this program this time, even I, an amateur like this, can realize not only the coolness to see, but also the performance as a really wonderful "Porsche" because Porsche is Porsche. I did.

By all means, I would like many people to experience Porsche's original splendor, which is difficult to feel on ordinary public roads. Too good, Porsche.

Really, the more you ride, the more you know, the more you can understand yourself who is more and more addicted to Porsche ^ ^ Well, how far should I fit? I was in trouble (laughs).

PTE: Precision Program & Instructors

Now, the "Precision" program I participated in this time is the class that deserves the second level from the bottom, after the warm-up.

The Precision program / training content is as follows. It is a one-day course that starts after 8 am and ends at 5:30 pm with lunch in between.

Program contents:

  • Driving Academy (Beginner)
  • Wet steady circular turn
  • Lane change
  • Slalom / brake
  • Circuit leading driving (FSW main course)

In this program, 10 participating vehicles were divided into 4 groups.

I belonged to Group C.

The main instructor of Group C is Shinichi Takagi. Although he is a very friendly and friendly person, he has a career of more than 20 years since his GT debut, and he is the most winning record holder in the GT300 class, and he is still breaking the record. A tremendous person.

Another instructor is Masaru Tomizawa. He is also a very friendly and friendly person, but he is also a great person who has become a series champion of the All Japan Sportscar Championship.

The instructors of other groups are all amazing.

It is a great opportunity for even an amateur like me to teach such wonderful people politely and kindly.

Even though they are all amazing people, I lowered the words to understand the car to my ability (← near the bottom (laughs)) and explained it in a very easy-to-understand manner so that I can understand it.

The red Cayman in the photo above is the C group instructor car.

In the group where GT3RS etc. were gathered, the instructor car was also GT3! Cool ~. And the GT3 RSs who follow the GT3 instructor car are also super cool ^ ^

What's more, what was cool ...

No, I'm sorry for this being a completely personal hobby, but it was really cool that the instructors got together and had a discussion.

I don't know if it's like this, people related to cars ... For example, I really like the way drivers, mechanics, and other people get together for meetings, and I think it's really cool ^^

Brake training @ FSW P15 Parking lot

Now, I would like to take a look at the details of the program contents.

The first program in Group C I was in was a braking and slalom practice using the P15 parking space.

First of all, we all moved after the instructor car. After that, get out of the car and receive an explanation of what you are going to do.

Here, you will first run in a straight line, apply the full brake at a certain point of the cone, and then use the steering wheel to bend the car body with the intention of avoiding obstacles in front while applying the brakes as it is.

The speed of running in a straight line started from 50km, and gradually increased to 80km and 90km for full braking training.

Porsche brakes that are said to work well.

It's hard to find a situation where you can fully step on with a sudden brake. It's not good to have such a situation ^ ^

So, for me, who doesn't usually drive on the circuit, I don't have a chance to get a full brake, so I'm just happy (laughs).

Porsche's brakes were amazing. This is a video taken from the outside when I ran at 80km + and braked. I did something like this (with sound / 11 seconds video) ↓

My Carrera's brakes aren't PCCB, but even so, when I started full braking at 90km +, it was a mess! Even though ABS is effective, when the steering is turned, it turns properly and stops at a very short distance.

This is a video of the above video seen from inside the car (no sound / 11 seconds video) ↓

I realized that Porsche's brakes, which can be squeezed at 80-90km + and can stop the car reliably even though it is a fairly short distance to an obstacle, are really, really amazing.

Suddenly, the pigeons who are my natural enemies of driving!

From the next time, I already knew if Carrera was "from what speed full braking, how long can I stop the car", so from now on I will push it to the limit. Be prepared! !! I thought.

… So, is my braking training a pigeon measure to get rid of the pigeons (laughs)? !!

Slalom Training @ FSW P15 Parking Lot

Now, next is slalom.

The car is driven while avoiding left and right between the cones placed in a zigzag, but the point here is "do not use the brakes".

Accelerate using the accelerator, turn off the accelerator when turning, and by doing so, put a load on the front, bend the car after feeling that the car is easy to turn, and bend the cone Avoid it, and then use the accelerator to accelerate.

This is a demonstration run run by a slalom instructor (with sound / 18 seconds video) ↓

I was talking about trying at a speed of about 40km (fixed to 1st speed), but first I decided that my goal was to never step on the brakes, and at first I ran fairly slowly. However, I tried to make sure to avoid the cone just by releasing the accelerator and accelerator.

Somehow, I knew the course, and I didn't feel like I could go just by turning access on and off, so I thought I'd accelerate a little from the next time, but it was really slow (laughs). It's too bad ~.

Honestly for the third time, was it possible to run at a speed of nearly 40km at the end? It was like ... I wrote it, but to be honest, it might be about 35km (laughs).

This is a video from inside the car when I actually ran in slalom. It's a shame, but if I could participate even with this kind of feeling, if everyone's courage ^^ (no sound / 25 seconds video) ↓

I wanted to do more with this slalom. The feeling of turning the accelerator on and off, and the feeling of the front load applied at that time, made me bend at the third time, because it was like "Oh, do you feel like you understand what you are saying ?!" From there, I wanted to do it about 20 more times.

When it was three times, I hesitated to try various things myself, "Let's do this next time", and I could only improve with little changes, so I was filled with the desire to do more and more.

Well, this is unavoidable considering the number of participants in the program, the time, etc., so I would like to find a lot of opportunities to do it someday ... Good news for those who say!

It seems that you can practice more slalom as you go to this Porsche track experience and higher class. So, if you are not satisfied with the precision, please join us again in the next higher course!

I don't know if I'm a Nanimono again (laughs).

Oh yeah, by the way, braking and slalom are all training, but while practicing, the instructor always uses the radio to give accurate advice to each.

"Let's do this a little more" or "I'm really good at braking now", and I can praise you for what you've done properly, so if you praise me, I'll be alone in the car, grinning. No, I'm really really happy, if you praise me ^^! !!

Even so, I think that professional drivers (instructors) are really amazing. Just looking at other people's driving from the outside, you can accurately point out various points of each driver, such as "The left is good, but the right has a habit of turning the steering wheel too big."

And, "This person wasn't able to do this a while ago, but he was able to do it in the second one," and even though there were 10 participants, each person was able to do it, and what they couldn't do. Advice on determining what you can do. It's amazing! I tought.

I often can't even remember how my previous run was (laughs).

But really, it was really valuable to be able to give each individual accurate advice considering each individual + owned car, and I was grateful and had a lot to learn.

For those who are thirsty on the way, drinks were also prepared in each parking lot, which is helpful.

For the subsequent training, the location will change, so we will move together again.

When moving, our group and this time another group heading for the parking lot we were in passed each other, and the roads of Fuji Speedway were full of Porsche.

It's kind of like an event! !! … Ah, an event (laughs).

Lane change @ FSW P7 parking lot

Next, move to the P7 parking lot and practice lane change.

Looking at it like this, the P7 parking lot is also quite large!

One of the purposes of this training is to feel Porsche's PSM, "to avoid obstacles by changing lanes without using brakes".

First, go straight at 60km (2nd speed fixed is recommended), and avoid obstacles (cones) in front by turning the steering wheel to the left and right. At that time, do not step on the brake.

First of all, I was told "Please turn the steering wheel as much as you can and avoid it tightly", but Porsche avoids it very cleanly, so it is quite hard to change the lane with the steering wheel on purpose. Was needed.

Here is a video from inside the car when I ran for about 80km + (no sound / 11 seconds video) ↓

Even so, Porsche is really amazing. Even if you are stuck at 80km +, you can change lanes to the left and right with a short cone gap neatly while stepping on the accelerator just by operating the steering wheel without braking.

Porsche is really amazing.

Porsche is really amazing.

Porsche is really amazing.

… And every time I tried various things about Porsche's splendor, it was a day that I just felt.

At this time, I was riding the base model 911 Carrera. In my daily life, I thought that I probably couldn't use the 40%, which has the wonderful performance that Carrera can have.

e? In the case of GT3? No, for GT3, maybe I can use ... 5% ... (laughs)? It may not be so much ^ ^

GT3 thought, "Maybe this driver thinks he's a kids car, isn't he? He's just playing with a little accelerator and brake, right?" There may be! !! I thought ...

After the lane change training, our group then had lunch here. We all went back to the Crystal Room for lunch.

Driving Academy (Beginner) @ FSW P2 Parking Lot

When I finished eating lunch and felt sleepy, our C group had a lecture for about an hour from here! Hmmm, it's not a complete nap course anymore! !! !!

First, move to the P2 parking lot and receive a lecture on driving from instructors in the building there.

Immediately after I finished eating lunch, I felt sleepy and thought, "I will definitely fall asleep if I continue to lecture!" Before I went to the P2 parking lot, but when I arrived at the building, the instructor When the lecture about driving started, I said "I see, I see" and I didn't feel sleepy at all ^^ It was fun!

At that time, I learned something that made me say, "I finally understood!", So I will write about it separately in the future.

Even if it is the same "driving school", this is still a "Porsche" driving school, so it was very grateful, interesting and educational to be taught about the performance peculiar to Porsche.

Wet steady circular turning @ FSW P2 parking lot

This day's training in the parking lot, before the last circuit run by everyone, will be the last in a steady circular turn on this wet road surface.

When I was allowed to do it at Sunako Juku, I practiced "oversteer on the oval course and put a counter on it to control it."

However, in this Porsche, it is not an oval, but a steady circular turn. "With 1st speed fixed, first decide the angle to turn the steering wheel, then decide the angle to turn the steering wheel, then accelerate gradually with accelerator work from there. Go (= handle is fixed). After that, at the point where the speed increased moderately and the tires gripped, the accelerator was released at once and the car slipped. "

I did it several times and slipped a little, but I was practicing to hit the counter at Sunako Juku, so the car slipped! At the moment I thought, I was surprised at myself who unconsciously hit the counter (laughs). At this time, I realized again that what I learned is something that I can really put into practice.

I was told, "You hit the counter! Don't hit the counter next time," and I wanted to keep it slipping, but in the first place, I couldn't slide the car. "Let's speed up more", and even if I put it up to about 50km / h, it didn't slip so much ...

At that speed, when I was spinning around with the handle fixed ... Yes, my eyes turned (laughs). Kura Kura. While turning around in the opposite direction many times, I managed to keep turning ^ ^ (There are videos, but it seems that my eyes will turn around just by watching the video, so I will not put it on (laugh))

So ... The person who was running after me couldn't slide easily, and at first I used to make excuses for the road surface condition, saying, "I think it's because the water on the road surface has dried up." Even if I got it, it didn't slip much.

The conclusion (excuse?) Was that both I and the next person had just changed the rear tires, so "it was hard to slip because the tires were good." No, I decided to do that (laughs). After that, with GT3, it seemed that it was difficult to slide with it.

Even if you do this forcibly, Porsche that does not slip easily is, in a sense, quite amazing ^ ^

This is the end of the training using the parking lot. No, I learned a lot again, and I was able to actually experience Porsche's performance in various ways, which was a lot of fun!

Furthermore, there are many black carrera of the late 991 model this time, and I was happy just to see such carrera lined up.

Oh yeah. After finishing the steady circular turn, I returned to the fixed position and stopped the car and got off ... The scent of the burnt tires was amazing, so "Oh, is this my Carrera's tire? I thought, "?" And unintentionally checked the scent of the tires.

In fact, if the tires had a pretty burnt scent and I was secretly enjoying the scent of the tires ... I was seen by the instructor and asked, "What happened?"

When I answered "Oh no, it doesn't smell like tires", I was asked "Do you like it?", So I had to say "I like tires, but I like the heat of the engine more." When I immediately answered, "It's a scent!", The instructor said, "Oh, it's quite a metamorphosis!" (Laughs).

It was too refreshing ... but it was certified as a pervert ^^

This is the end of a very fun and fruitful training. All that remains is the last Fuji Speedway, the circuit-leading run of this course.

I would like to write this separately. Excuse me for being long! I also want to record this excitement ^ ^

Again, we will continue on circuit driving. I would be happy if you could get along with me.

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