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September 2019 Tokyo: Porsche jointly certified used car fair held

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Porsche jointly certified used car fair at Tokyo Big Sight 2019

Last month, in August 2019, the Porsche Joint Certified Used Car Fair was held in Osaka, but I was a little disappointed that "I wonder if this year is Tokyo."

But! Come here and suddenly.

It was announced that a Porsche jointly certified used car fair will be held in Tokyo as well. Wow. happy. In addition, you can see more than 100 Porsche cars as much as you want! I wonder if it's just annoying if I don't buy it (laughs).

No, but there are times when you want it after watching it many times, so if you are interested, I think that this is a very good opportunity to see various Porsche.

Of course, you can buy it when you want it, and because it is a certified used car, there is an actual car that you can buy in front of you, so you can convince yourself while looking at it and choose it, and it will take months until delivery. You don't have to wait. The best.

I can see various Porsche at once, so I'm really looking forward to it. For the time being, I have no plans to purchase it at the moment, so I won't bother the sales people ~ ^^ I'd like to go secretly to see it. suspicious.

The outline of the Porsche Joint Certified Used Car Fair @ Tokyo is as follows:

event date:
Saturday, September 21, 2019 10: 00am-6: 00pm
September 22, 2019 (Sun) 10: 00am-5: 00pm
venue:Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 2 (free entrance)
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo

This Porsche certified used car fair isSame as the previous jointly certified used car fair, A total of more than 100 Porsche certified used cars gathered at Tokyo Big Sight.

It is said that those who make a contract for the car at this time will receive either a long dring class set or a Porsche rucksack as a gift.

By the way, both photos are "images", so please understand that they may be different, the number is limited, and they are subject to change without notice. That's why I'm Nanimono (laughs). No, it was written that way, just in case.

And only on the day of the fair, Porsche Power Loan is specially applied regardless of the vehicle year. Regarding this, I think that it is better to consult with Porsche people on the day when purchasing.

One more fun on the weekend of September ^^

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