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PTE: Porsche Truck Experience [Precision] Lunch, souvenirs, etc.

Posted: July 5, 2019 Updated:

Porsche Driving School PTE

Well, the "Precision Course" of the "Porsche Truck Experience", which is a Porsche driving lesson that I participated in the other day.

I had completely forgotten to upload one about this, so I'm going to write about it once more about the time when I experienced the Porsche Track Experience (PTE). I think ~ ^^

Porsche Track Experience Precision Participating models and number

This time, the number of cars recruited for PTE Precision held at Fuji Speedway on June 11, 2019 was "40".

Of the PTE lesson courses, only two of the most basic programs, "Warm Up, Precision", are open to all Porsche models.

And it is a rule that you can not participate in "Macan, Cayenne, Panamera" in "Performance, G Force Performance, Master, Fast Track" which is a higher program than these two.

I took a quick look at the number of participants in this precision, but it's about

  • 3 GT3RS
  • 2 GT3s
  • 911 17 units
  • 4 Cayman
  • 8 Boxster
  • 1 Panamera GTS
  • 1 Macan GTS

I think it was. This is a total of 36 units.

I just glanced at the parked cars, so I think I skipped them and counted them (laughs), so maybe the four cars that are in error are 911 It seems that ... So, even if it is a little different (assuming that the error 4 units are 911), the total number of 911 series is 26, which seems to account for more than half.

One Panamera and one Macan. And this time there is no participation of Cayenne.

So-called 2-door Porsche accounted for 38 out of 40.

I think that the ratio of participating vehicles will change every time, but this time it was such a ratio, so at first glance it seemed like "only 911 !!".

Lockers are available for participants

It's a small detail, but I hope it will be helpful for those who will participate in the future. At the venue, there was a locker in the pit that each individual could use.

During PTE lessons, the cars often move violently, so it is recommended that you take out all the luggage in the trunk as well as in the car.

Therefore, first of all, if you have various luggage in the car or in the trunk, it is better to leave as much as possible things that are not related to PTE before leaving your home.

And, if you have to put it in, you can leave it in a locker like this on the day ↓

The lockers are numbered, and you can use the same number as your own and lock it.

In addition, there is a space next to it where you can put your helmet, so if you bring a helmet, you can leave it here until you need it. By the way, all lockers are free to use, just in case ^^

Oh, even if you don't have a helmet, you can rent it by pre-registration (for a fee), so you don't have to rush to buy a helmet just because you participate in PTE.

Lunch time at PTE

Now! Since the PTE program at this FSW, Precision and above was a one-day program, I had a lunch break on the way. * Fast Track is 2 days and 1 night.

Lunch was served at the same place as the room where the opening ceremony of PTE was held. Lunch boxes are set in the seats, and free seating is available only at lunch time. Everyone, sit in the open space as you like.

Of course, those who come with their companions can dine with those who come with them.

There is a magazine in the center of the table. What kind of route will Porsche prepare for magazines for those who participate in the PTE program? ?? I was interested in it ... dancyu and Mrs. (laughs).

No, the other tables may be different, but for the time being, this table is the two books. I think that the "husband" or "wife" who came with me was selected so that they would not have time.

If you are the person who participates in the PTE, you may be happy with the car magazine, but if you are the person who comes with the "accompaniment" of the person who participates in the PTE, these magazines are better than the car magazine. It may be that there are many people who kill time. I thought it was quite considered ^ ^

By the way, what's the content of the lunch you care about ... doesn't you care (laughs)?

Actually, it seems that there are many people who are concerned about the contents of lunch, and the PTE management is also quite excited about how the questionnaire results for lunch will come out ^ ^

He tries various lunches every time and considers what kind of things are highly satisfying.

So, this lunch is here! !!

Rice is separate, but it feels like a Makunouchi lunch. Various from sashimi to tempura. I also got soup.

It looked like this, and there was a lot of volume, so I was full. Immediately after I finish eating, I'm struck by a lot of sleepiness ...

Souvenirs received at PTE

After that, the closing ceremony after all the programs.

It will be held in the same room as the opening ceremony and lunch. As with the opening ceremony, seating will be divided into groups and seats will be seated in advance. The accompanying person will be in a separate seat in the same venue.

First, when I got to the table, souvenirs were set one by one. Before the closing ceremony begins, everyone is sloppy and checking what is left. I also confirmed ^ ^

First of all. so! I think it will be the first memorial here ↓

I don't know ...

Before the start of PTE, the staff members were exhibiting Porsche, and before that, the curtain of PTE was placed and set, and after that, everyone took a commemorative photo here.

The photo I took at that time was already printed and put in this black file ↓

Yes, this file is a certificate that I participated in the PTE precision program this time and completed it properly. It is a Porsche truck experience certificate.

He included a commemorative photo in this certificate. I'm happy ^^

The certificate includes the names and dates of the participants who completed the program, as well as the signatures of the instructors.

After that, the souvenirs were put together in a paper bag, so let me introduce you a little.

This may change depending on the program, schedule and location, so for your reference, this was the case during the FSW Precision Program.

First ... A set of 2 Porsche towels (mini towels).

And a set of Porsche E-Performance chargers. One is USB, the other is for lightning cable, micro USB for android, and an adapter-mounted type that can replace the USB Type-C terminal.

What a great help! After all, I'm glad that the lightning cable is included. I will make it ready for Porsche 911 at once.

Because my smartphone is Type-C, I always have a Type-C charging cable on the 911, but since my kids have an iPad and a tablet, I also need a MicroUSB and a lightning terminal, respectively. It often happens ... But I didn't want to keep three of them in the car.

That's all solved with this one souvenir. Thank you ~. Convenient.

Also, is it like a slightly larger pouch that says GTS? What is the correct answer? Hmm. What should I do. ↓

In addition, Mobil 1 will give you an oil gift. Suddenly oil. What should I do ~! !! I don't know, so I gave my husband "Yes, oil" for the time being (laughs).

By the way, this Mobile 1 is said to be "Porsche Approved Oil".

Ah! I also received a Michelin man key chain from Michelin. I forgot to take a picture! !! It was cute ^^ Put it somewhere ...

The number of new Porsche 911 metal cars will increase ...

And here is the end!

so. What ... Before,I got a souvenir at the Porsche 992's first unveiling event in Japan, The new Porsche 911 metal car.

Hmm, I'm happy with this! !! e? ?? You already have two, but are you happy to have one more? ?? ?? I'm happy with that.

Because. With this ... I can distinguish one by one from each of the three children in my house (laughs)! !!

For me, I sometimes think seriously about how to divide my Porsche goods into children in the future (I may not always know what I am thinking and living ^ ^), so this time Because this metal car became three

"Oh, this can be easily separated one by one. What a great!"

It became.

No, I don't think the kids are looking forward to taking over Porsche goods from me, but I think about it.

There were various awards at the PTE closing ceremony

By the way, the closing ceremony started, and the instructor gave a general review of this PTE.

In addition, there are several awards (awards), and these awards are as follows.

  • Instructor (Instructor Award)
  • MICHELIN (Michelin Award)
  • Mobile1 (Mobile 1 Award)
  • Stand21 (Stand 21 Award)

Of these, the instructor award was given to one person selected by the instructor from each of the four groups.

And what! Thankfully, I received the C Group Instructor Award. happy. Thank you ^^

The reason for the award was, "Even though I was a woman, I was able to brake enough for ABS to work from the beginning. In slalom, I was acting while thinking about what to do next and what to do." I got it.

This is alreadyPreviously from Mr. Sunako, a driver of BMW Team StudieI think it was because I was told that it was important to repeat "plan (plan)-> remember running-> formulate the next driving plan". I was able to do full braking without hesitation from the beginning.

I was grateful that the instructor award I received was also thanks to Mr. Sunako Juku ^^ It's amazing, I feel that various things overlap and I can improve in various ways.

Also, the instructor who won this instructor award in another group said, "I'm looking forward to the day when I can run together in the Carrera Cup, so please do your best!" It's amazing!

However, in fact, there are people who start from this precision and go to the Carrera Cup, so it is possible that the award-winning man will appear in the Carrera Cup months or years later. That's why. It's kind of emotional.

We also received various commemorative gifts for each award (all products were different depending on the award). Is this the same for each award in the future? I don't know what it is, but I'm looking forward to the award winners, so I'd like to leave it out ^^

Porsche truck experience. It was a very enjoyable experience.

I think that both the instructors and participants I met here will be able to talk with each other in various ways, and I'm sure there will be opportunities to meet again in the future, and I would like to connect with Porsche friends like that. It's a lot of fun and I'm glad that it spreads.

Thank you very much! !!

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