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992 type (992.1) Difference between Porsche 911 GT3 and Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Package

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What is the difference between Porsche 911 GT3 and TP

It may be a late story, but do you know what the difference is between the 992.1 type Porsche 911 GT3 and the GT3 Touring Package? ?

If I were to buy one myself, I would only consider a GT3 with wings, so I've never seriously thought about the difference from a touring package.

The previous 991.2 type GT3 Touring Package (hereinafter referred to as GT3TP) had a difference such as only a 6-speed manual transmission, but this time 992.1 type can also select PDK ... Therefore, somehow the difference is "The wing is I wondered if there was one or not."

But though.

The other day, when I saw the Porsche 911 GT3TP (992.1) for the first time with my own eyes, I thought, "Huh?"

Somehow, it's not just that there are no wings, but the atmosphere is a little different? I felt.

Then my husband pointed out the discomfort. "Oh, it's different here," he said.

Is true! ! This feeling that I thought that there was something different in the atmosphere! ! !

...There was a realization, so this time I confirmed the difference between the 992.1 type GT3 and GT3TP.

Previously, when GT3 TP was announced, I should have learned a little, but I completely forgot a lot ^ ^

* Since it is possible to make various changes with each option, comparing GT3 and GT3 TP this time is just a comparison of "what is different in the default state (standard equipment)".

The most obvious is whether there is a wing or not

This is a difference that anyone can clearly see at a glance, "with or without a fixed rear wing".

The GT3 has a splendid swan-neck rear wing, and the GT3 TP is wingless and has no wings (there are movable ones), but instead has the "GT3 touring" logo on the engine hood. It is

It may be a little difficult to see from above, but the GT3 has a fixed wing, and the GT3TP has a movable rear wing that automatically rises when the speed increases, just like the so-called 911 Carrera. ↓


Differences in exhaust tail pipes

In addition, there is one more difference in this rear part other than the wings.


The difference is the muffler part. The GT3 has black tailpipes, and the GT3 TP has high-gloss silver.


front end difference

This time, when I met the actual GT3TP, I felt "something different", and that "something different" was the difference in this front.

If you compare them like this, the difference is obvious. But I didn't realize that there was a default difference here until I met the actual car!

The difference is that the GT3 has black resin parts on the front end, while the GT3TP is fully painted in the same color as the exterior.

I feel that this difference made a big difference in the atmosphere of "Huh? What's wrong!" at first glance ^ ^


Differences in side windows

This is a view from the side, but there was a difference here as well. I wonder if you can see it in the distant picture from this configurator.


I will try to get closer.

The difference in this side window is that the GT3 has a black frame, and the GT3TP has an aluminum anodized silver frame.

The interior is the difference between Race-Tex and leather

There is also a difference in the interior, with the GT3 using Racetex, while the GT3TP is leather.

The steering wheel rim, gear lever/PDK gear selector, door panel armrests, door pulls, and armrests are leather.


There is also a difference in the color of the stitching, GT3 is GT silver, while GT3TP is black.

In addition, there was another difference that I might have overlooked, but the things applied to the headrest part of the seat are also different, and in the case of GT3, the GT3 embroidery in GT silver color, and the Porsche crest in GT3TP. embossed.

What is the difference between the standard equipment that looks like this spotting the difference (laughs).


After all, when you actually see the car in front of you, even if there is a slight (maybe) color difference, you can see a big difference that makes you think, "What?" That's why ~.

For the time being, I was able to somehow understand the difference between GT3 and GT3 Touring Package when equipped as standard, so it was good ^ ^

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