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PTE: Participate in Porsche Truck Experience [Precision]

Posted: June 13, 2019 Updated:

What is Porsche Track Experience?

What exactly is the Porsche Track Experience? It's a Porsche program for Porsche owners to learn about safety and sports driving.

From 2019, it is said that the program has evolved further by bringing the program contents closer to the contents held in Germany.

There are several levels of this Porsche Track Experience (PTE), each of which can be trained by beginners to those who are about one step before they really enter the Porsche Cup. Possible.

This time, the following four PTE programs will be held at Fuji Speedway in June 2019.

  • Warm Up Light +
  • Precision
  • g-Force Performance
  • Fast Track

As for the level division of each program, the following feelings are easy:

Warm Up Light +: A program for those who became Porsche owners for the first time and beginners who are new to sports driving training.

Precision: A program that focuses on basic training for people who are not completely beginners but have little experience in sports driving training or circuit driving.

g-Force Performance: (Although it was not held in Fuji this time, it is the second stage of drift training to further improve the technique that was originally acquired in the class called Performance at the level just before this one).

Fast Track: PTE's top-of-the-line program, full-scale training to help you run race tracks faster. At the end, you can measure the lap time at FSW with the official Porsche Japan time trial.

* In addition to the above programs, there is also a program called "Warm Up, Performance, Master", but it was not held at this FSW.

Participate in Porsche Truck Experience Precision

Yes, and this time. I participated in the "Precision" program held at Fuji Speedway on June 11, 2019 ~ ^^

A while ago, my husband was always trying to force me into training, saying, "Come on, get training!", And I kept saying, "Oh, okay, I won't do it." Despite the fact that I was there, I had somehow participated in the "Sunako Juku" held by racing driver Sunako.

As a result, I participated in the training at that time and it was a lot of fun.

Already, I could really feel "Oh, Porsche is such a great thing!", It was a really dreamy and fun time, and after that day, my love for Carrera deepened. It was.

but. After that, even though I was told "Come again (training)", "Well, I've done it once, it's okay for a while", and I kept giving a lazy reply again. ..

For me, my husband again! !! !!

"I'm applying for PTE this time!" And "I'm sure I'll do it for the Porsche program," I applied for PTE in anticipation of my personality. ... No, he did it ^^

No, it's true that I was thinking, "But if it's Porsche, I might want to go a little" while saying "Yes".

Applying for Precision is a battle for competition

It's good until my husband says "I'm going to apply!", But this PTE program.

Every year, it is extremely popular, especially for the upper class, I heard that "If you do not apply immediately after the application acceptance starts, the frame will be filled immediately", so this time as well, the application for PTE is "application acceptance start" Waiting for that time, I applied for it the moment the reception site opened on HP.

That was ... Actually, the "date and time when the application started" was the other day I participated.McLaren Premium Test DriveIt's just the time on the way home (laughs).

I had no choice but to apply from my smartphone while driving on the Tomei Expressway on the way back from Fuji Speedway, which was the time to start applying for PTE (... at that time, I applied from the passenger seat, so while driving. It's not ~ ^^!).

However, it was really worth the effort to apply from the Tomei Expressway at the moment when the application time came.


Yes. At this time, because it was just after the application started, I applied safely normally, so I was a little skeptical (I'm sorry (laughs)), "Is it really buried so soon?", And the next day, the application site again I went to.

Then! !!

Well, it was true. The day after the application starts, all programs except Warm Up Light + are already sold out. amazing! It is sold out in no time.

* By the way, April 25th was the application start date, but due to the large number of slots only for the warm-up program, even as of May 16th, I received a message saying "There are still slots". Therefore, it may be okay to apply for warm-up with a relatively large margin (but we recommend early action).

Run by Carrera to Fuji Speedway

I was a little worried about whether to participate in this PTE, Porsche 911 Carrera or GT3 ... but I still do not know anything well if there is no technology yet.

I thought it would be better for me to get a good training and understand the basics, so I decided to participate in Carrera.

From the morning, I will head to Fuji Speedway again with Carrera in good mood. And once again, I was dispatched with my husband in a two-unit system (laughs).

I don't feel like I can enter a restaurant by myself, so I don't have the courage to participate in such an event by myself.

Once you get used to it, the rest is okay, but I'm not good at the beginning ... I am really grateful to my husband who took the trouble to make a round trip to Fuji Speedway just to let such a troublesome wife participate in PTE (tears).

This time, my husband has a job and will return earlier in the afternoon, so we have two cars, so my husband is a BMW 650i.

Before participating in PTE, I was asked to fill up the gasoline, so after getting off the highway, first refuel at the gas station.

Fill up and head to FSW. Arrived ~.

I've been running to FSW many times and I really like running to FSW.

Most of the time there is traffic on the way back, so it's delicate, but I often run early in the morning, so I can run at high speeds that are vacant, and the sense of distance from Tokyo is good!

Opening ceremony in the crystal room

When you arrive at FSW at such an event, you can often drive to the A paddock, but when you go up the slope to get into the A paddock at this time, there is a staff member who is waiting for the participants first. That's why.

I really like seeing the smiles of the people waiting here at any event.

This is the point where the tension rises, such as No. 1 "Ah, I'm participating in a Porsche event today!" ^^

It's really nice that the staff smiles and says "Good morning! Here!".

Now, when you are guided and park your car at the designated place, first head to the Crystal Room for the reception and the opening ceremony.

The distance from the parking lot to the crystal room is really a little distance, but since Porsche 911 and others are already parked in the meantime, I just saw various things and I can not easily enter the crystal room (lol) ).

Once inside the building, you will see information like "Porsche Track Experience 2019 is here".

Climb the stairs and then turn right ... reception.

I'm excited! And the wall at the stairs of the building with the crystal room? I felt that it was more beautiful than before. Was the door an automatic door from the front? ?? I remember it was manual before. I wonder if I have a wrong memory.

After entering the crystal room, first check the name at the entrance, check the vehicle with the participation agreement and pre-driving inspection, and there is a sign from the Porsche Center saying "It is OK to participate today" Submit a paper for confirmation of inspection in advance.

When the reception is completed successfully, you will be handed a name tag, a sticker to put on the vehicle, a booklet explaining the program contents of the day, and a radio.

The name tag had a different neck strap color for each group color. This time, there were 40 vehicles participating in the Precision Program, which were divided into 4 groups of 10 each, so the colors were different for every 10 people.

This time, I'm in Group C and the color is green. Fortunately, each name tag has your own name.

On the back of the name tag, there is a description of my group name, my vehicle number, and the program schedule for this day, which was very helpful.

I didn't feel like carrying a paper program all the time, so it was very convenient because I could immediately confirm "What time is this and what's next?" By looking at this name tag.

The inside of the crystal room is like this.

There were simple sweets in various drinks.

The opening ceremony began, and greetings from the program representatives this time, greetings from the instructor representatives, introductions of the instructors, an overview of the entire PTE, an overview of the program of the day, etc. were explained.

By the way, the day before this PTE was the same in Tokyo, but it seems that it was a heavy rain of FSW, and in such a situation, the staff members prepared for this day and practiced the rehearsal. Thank you. thank you.

And although it was raining in the PTE Precision production according to the weather forecast, it was fine from the morning, followed by a pleasant sunny day, and finally, it was only a little raining just before the end of the program. It was a miracle weather.

The Porsche also said, "I think that the Porsche owner (something that makes the weather clear)" has "^ ^

Well, the opening ceremony is over, so after taking a commemorative photo, everyone gets in the car and heads to the destination for each group.

As mentioned above, the groups divided into four this time are able to efficiently rotate the entire program by rotating several programs in a different order, so some groups start with classroom lectures. If so, some groups suddenly started with a steady circular turn, and the destinations they headed to at the start were different.

Oh yeah. Here is something you should not forget before you leave. Stick one sticker of your vehicle number that you received at the reception on the left and right back of the car and on the windshield.

I used the paper vehicle number display first, but I didn't need it after I put the sticker on it, so I removed it.

No, there are already a lot of Porsche in the A paddock. It's a scene that is too happy.

What made me a little happy this time was that there were a lot of darker 991.2. Personally, I'm a black Carrera late 991, so I was happy to meet a lot of similar late 991 black and dark carrera.

The foils are different, or they are a little different, they are similar, but they are not.

Every car was really nice. Why is Porsche so cool?

Then, it seems to be long, so I will write about the actual program contents of this day again next time!

Finally, dondon. One shot centered on my car.

Then, it will continue again ^ ^

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