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Porsche tire change (3rd time)

Posted: August 6, 2022 Updated:

I want an extended warranty for my Porsche 911

The season for one year inspection of my favorite Porsche 911 Carrera has arrived.

At the time of this inspection, we were supposed to extend Porsche's warranty, which is about to expire. The warranty was extended without incident... it was planned to be the flow.

My 911 (hereinafter referred to as Black Carrera) did not have any warnings, problems, or abnormalities, so I thought that nothing would be caught in this inspection. I was relieved without even thinking about it.

The only problem was the tires. There aren't many grooves left.

Since I change tires at a different place than the Porsche Center, I was told from the front, "Please change the tires before the inspection, it will not pass the inspection."

But it's still okay! Thought I could afford it.

Because I'm planning to take driving lessons again during the summer, and at the very least I'd like to replace the tires after using them up at the very end. stingy.

Even the day before the reservation date when I was supposed to be in stock for inspection, I received a confirmation from the Porsche sales person, "Have you changed the tires?" No, but I'm still fine!", he replied with a vague sense of confidence, and went on to the next day.

Where does this meaningless and baseless self-confidence always come from?

On the day of the event, I handed over the black Carrera to the sales person and said, "Okay, please."


The sales person looked like a demon (lie) and said, "This is no good."

The sales person who doesn't trust me at all (← he understands me well (laughs)) was the first to check the condition of the tires the moment he saw the black Carrera... Immediately, the photo was taken as immovable proof. I took a picture of it, and although I didn't say it, I gave the picture to me while echoing the voice of my heart, "I couldn't believe it!" ! !

Burn! !

When! !! !!

And this is what I was confronted with.

I'm sorry. Did you get a slip sign? Hmm, that's funny. Hahahaha (laughter is not allowed).

I'm always babbling with sales people, but I can't help but apologize when I'm confronted with this evidence photo (or rather, the tire in front of me). introspection.

And the sales person said, "If you don't pass the inspection by x days when the current warranty period expires, the warranty re-enrollment will be expensive & if there are any problems during the re-enrollment, you will have to pay for all repairs at your own expense. It will be (because it will be after the current warranty period has expired).

No, don't threaten me so much. I was already like, "Yeah, wait a minute. Have mercy!!"

But it doesn't help.

Anyway, I have to get the tires replaced and inspected by the impending warranty end date in a few days! ! !

"Hey, hey, hey, wait a minute!! I'm going to talk to my dear (no, trustworthy) tire care guy!!!"

*The pictures from here are the pictures taken by Tire Care when I had the tires changed this time (Here is an article I wrote about tire care)

So, immediately after the sales person told me, ``This tire is not good,'' I immediately accessed the online shop of Tire Care, who always helps me with tire purchases and tire replacement.

Find Yokohama Advan Sports Tires for Black Carrera.

However, the size of the front tire was posted on the web shop, but the size of the rear tire was not listed.

Oh. finished.

Recently, I heard that tires are often out of stock and not available immediately, so I was stunned that this was the end of the stock.

Oops. This is really not in time to change the tire before the inspection.

I'm impatient and I'm going to inquire from tire care's web.

"There is no description of the size I want for the rear tire, but is it possible to purchase it?"

Then, as expected of tire care, I got a reply at a very early stage, saying, "It's okay because the manufacturer had stock."

Oh god, tire care.

While being impressed, I said, "Well then, I'll buy it right away," and proceed with the purchase. Then he continued, "We will receive it on the x day, so we can exchange it from that day ^^".

Of course, I was in a hurry, so I immediately made an appointment for tire replacement work on the day it was said to be in stock.


This is really amazing.

Because, from the time I was told by the sales person, "I haven't changed the tire!", until everything from checking the tire inventory → purchasing → confirming the arrival date → booking the tire replacement work date and time, it was just a matter of time. 2 hours! !

Hello tire care. very.

By the way, of course, all the tires I purchased from Tire Care are new, andPorsche certified N-marked tiresis.

At Porsche inspection, the tire remaining groove must be at least 4 mm

Later, at the date and time I made a reservation at this time, I headed to Tire Care and met the new tires.

No matter when you look at it, the new tires are so beautiful that they are completely different from the tires on your car.

This is the black Carrera tire before replacement. Has anyone tried to get this checked? ↓

The tire on the left is said to be "no good!", and the tire on the right is a new tire. After all, it was pretty bad (laughs).

The rear tire has a slip sign as pointed out by the sales person at the beginning ↓

This was a replacement required without any excuses.

However, this front tire seems to be still good (Isn't that so?) ↓

However, in order to pass Porsche's inspection, it was necessary to have at least 4 mm of tire groove remaining, so I wonder if this would be impossible ... No, even if it passes the last minute, I think that it will soon be useless It would be a hassle to come back to replace it immediately, so this time I had all 4 replaced at once.

As usual, I was having a tire change while talking with my brother about tire care, but my brother told me that he came to change tires after seeing this blog because he came to change Porsche tires for tire care. It seems that there are quite a few people who are willing to help.

It makes me happy ^^

Everyone, even if I told them that I had seen your blog, there would be no special benefits, and they would just think I was a perverted fellow (horrible (laughs)), but you still told me. too nice Thank you

By the way, Tire Care seems to be currently replacing many Porsche tires, but that doesn't mean it's a Porsche specialty store, so of course other manufacturers' cars are OK (* In the case of too thick tires) Please consult us in advance)!

It's not compatible with center lock, but I thought I'd check it once more, so I reconfirmed at this time, "It's no good for center lock, right?"

Then, he brought out a large torque wrench for center lock that actually existed in the shop, even though he told me that it was not supported, and showed me it.

So I asked, "The tightening value of this black Carrera is 160 Nm, but how much is it for a center lock?" For example, something that is tightened in five places is tightened in one place, so it's equivalent to hundreds, isn't it?"

This is important.

Please keep that in mind as we will continue later. →I don't know what to say (laughs), but here we go:I participated in the event of Porsche Studio Nihonbashi

I was shown a torque wrench for such a center lock, talked about various things, and even while my brother was working hard on the tire, I looked at the black Carrera from the bottom and grinned.

While doing so, all four tires were replaced with new ones ^ ^

Black Carrera also seems to have gotten used to coming to Tire Care.

Ah, am I the one who got used to it?

Finally, adjust the air pressure and you are done.

Since the engine was stopped for a while to change the tires, the display of the air pressure gauge is not displayed on the Porsche instrument (it can only be measured after running for a while). You will have to make some adjustments.

Porsche 911 tire price and tire replacement cost

This is the third tire change for the black Carrera. And I'm going to have a tire care for all 3 times.

Now that it is said that the price of tires is going up, the price of the tire I bought this time was actually a little higher than when I replaced it for the second time (although it is the same). rice field.

Even so, the cost this time was 147,946 yen (tax included) for four Yokohama Advan Sports N-certified tires!

Since it will be a tire change at Tire Care, there is no shipping cost, so the above price is the only price. As I wrote earlier, it is a new N-marked Porsche certified tire.

After that, only 10,120 yen (tax included) for 4 tires as a tire replacement cost on the day of tire replacement.

The price was so reasonable and the work was done so carefully that I have never had a scratch on the wheel in the past.

The time it takes to change a tire is about an hour, like me, where I keep talking to my brother, "Please show me the tire," or "I want to put the center cap on!" (laughs). ^

The direction of the crest is OK at this timeSo, my older brother is doing it again later ^ ^

The road in front of the shop is a little narrow, so it may be difficult to find the place, so just be careful there, but other than that, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

By the way, even if you go to Tire Care, I swear to God that I won't receive any referral fees, so please go with confidence (I don't like affiliates or anything like that, so it's okay. I'm just writing it because I think) ^ ^!

The next day after the tire change, it was a little rainy, but I ran a little over 100km with the new tires.

What is your impression of the black Carrera that you ran with the new tires?

I don't have the ability to express myself as usual, so I don't think I'll be able to convey it (laughs), but I've started to run with a more solid feeling than before! It was a feeling.

No matter what, I'm relieved with this.

Of course, I was able to have it inspected at the Porsche Center within the warranty period, and I was able to extend the warranty. It was good ^^

Thank you to everyone at the Porsche Center who managed to respond to the inspection within the deadline even though they were customers who did not listen to what they said, and tire care who let me purchase and replace tires with godly speed. Thank you! !

continued(?)→ I participated in the event of Porsche Studio Nihonbashi

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