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Porsche purchase note ①: I received a production frame in March 2023

Posted: January 13, 2023 Updated:

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just a few days agoI bought a certified pre-owned 718 Boxster GTSI just wrote that, but yesterday, January 12, 2023, I received a message from the sales person in charge of the new car at the Porsche Center that I was able to get a production frame.

No no no, I'm surprised.

Yeah, no, it's actually a Porsche 911 that I've ordered since last year, so I've been wishing for a long time, "I wonder if there will be a frame?" If I had it, I would have written and pasted it with other children, "I hope you can get a Porsche production frame" (I'm still a little sick (laughs)).

Even if I go to a shrine, my wish since last year is "production limit".

Thank you God. No, thank you Porsche. I'm really happy.

So, I was able to receive the Porsche 911 production quota that I ordered from last year in March 2023! ! I am going to cry! !

Normally, I often make a wish that I won't say anything until my wish comes true, so until now I didn't write about car orders until the car was delivered.

But nowServices such as "Track your Dream" that I've been interested in since the other day have startedNow that I've finally been able to access these services, I thought it would be great if I could share some information with people like me who are interested in these services. I would like to report the status from the stage to delivery.

However, I still want to make a wish, so please let me warm up the model I ordered until it is delivered.

For those of you who have already heard from me what I'm ordering, I'd be happy if you could agree to keep the model a secret until the car is delivered. I'm sorry for having to deal with my silly request ^^

January 12, 2023 (Thursday): Confirmation of production quota and start of access to Track Your Dream

Now, I would like to start my new Porsche 911 purchase record.

On January 12, 2023 (Thursday), we received a message from the Porsche Center that we received a production quota for March 2023.

I had decided on the general specifications, but I had to make the final decision, so when I was told that I would like to come in the near future, of course I was very excited, "I will go later!" (smile).

I adjusted the parts I wanted to change at the very end, and I was very satisfied without permission, and the final order was completed for the time being.

Then, a few hours after I got home.

I received an email from Porsche, the title of which was "tracking your xxx", and to my surprise, on the same day that the production quota was decided, I had already received the information about Track Your Dream.

already! !

The contents are as follows, and you can track the model you ordered from the production factory to the arrival at the Porsche center. Click the link to go to the "My Porsche" site.

At the destination, enter your Porsche ID and password to log in. If you have not used My Porsche yet, it is likely that you will register at this point.

By the way, this My Porsche can be accessed with a browser on either a smartphone or a PC, so this time I am viewing the screen from a smartphone, but it is also possible to access it from a computer.

What surprised me when I accessed it was that the picture was already about to start tracking my Porsche. It should not have been made as one part yet ^ ^

In fact, there is a picture of the Porsche model that I made with the configurator in the white circle part in this red arrow. happy. ↓

01 Vehicle production month confirmed

And there was also a display of the schedule ahead from here.

First of all, the schedule "01 vehicle production month is confirmed". I heard from other people that the dates listed are often not correct, but it was certainly "???" ^ ^

Because my production month was confirmed as "November 22, 2022". Well, if that's the case, please let me know as soon as possible (although it's definitely not ^^).

So, although there was nothing in particular in November last year, it was included as the date of finalization of the production month. It was really decided on January 12, 2023. ↓

02 Reached the final acceptance deadline for specification changes

The next step was written as `` 02 Reached the final acceptance deadline for specification changes '', and the date is March 1, 2023.

Is this too subtle? Since the production quota is March, even if the final change is made on March 1st, people will probably say "it's too late!".

Don't believe the display of the schedule around here, I think it's better to follow the instructions of the Porsche sales person ^ ^

↑Originally, the picture of the configurated Porsche and the specs of the ordered model are shown.

That's all I can see at this stage. Next time, I wonder if there will be more movement after the actual production has started?

Oh yeah, I went to the Porsche Center on the 718 Boxster on this day, but an acquaintance who saw the car I parked in the parking lot said, "That number is a red 718, well, Mr. Rika in the Porsche Center I was looking for the inside of the Porsche Center, and I was able to meet you by chance.

Red Porsche can't do bad things (laughs).

He also had a different model than mine, but he also received a production quota for March 2023, so it seems that he decided to place the final order on the same day as I did.

After all, everyone is soaring up ^^

I found out that the production month is the same as my acquaintance, so maybe they will come to Japan on the same ship? ? Thinking about it, it was also fun.

Well, I was able to get a production frame this time, but I couldn't get a Porsche frame that I really wanted so far, or I couldn't buy it because it wouldn't come even if I kept waiting. There are also models.

Therefore, I'm going to have a taste of the sadness that the frame doesn't come more or less.

Therefore, even now, there are many people who are still waiting for the production quota, so I feel sorry that I am the only one who is happy like this.

Even so, I feel sorry, but I would like to write a purchase note as a purchase note, so I would appreciate it if you could accompany me. I'm sorry….

Right now, the Porsche I'm ordering is second only to my beloved black Carrera, and I'm really looking forward to the day it comes. It won't work.

I will continue when something happens again. First of all, until the first report ^ ^!

ContinuedPorsche purchase note 2: Production start of Porsche 911

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