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What about Ferrari, gold and rubies, or diamonds?

Posted: December 2, 2019 Updated:

Operation mode changeover switch (Manettino) and paddle shift to gold

France is in ParisAtelier CaraGold specification parts that can be attached to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, etc. sold by the shop.

I think it's quite a commitment, but is there anyone who wants to try it?

First of all, I would like to see it at Ferrari.

Make Ferrari's Manettino gold

Manettino, that is, a switch that switches the mode of operation, but this part can be changed to gold. This is the part ↓

All are handmade by craftsmen.

The base is 18K gold (selectable from yellow gold, pink gold, and white gold), and the stone can be embedded with rubies or diamonds.

This is a diamond ↓

It's nice to have a French-like setting, with these hands being a man who makes you feel a little old, and the legs of a woman behind it ... (what (laughs)?).

This is a ruby pattern in yellow gold ↓

Gold for Ferrari paddle shift

Besides, it is also possible to change the paddle shift part to gold.

Well, when I looked at it, the man wasn't that old (laughs). I'm sorry, it was my selfish delusion (what was my delusion ^^).

Even so, from the perspective of a woman (or rather the passenger seat), the gold on the paddle looks like this.

The operation mode changeover switch is at a level that you wouldn't notice unless you look into it properly.

It's amazing to be able to stick to that kind of place. Self-satisfaction ... Ah, no, yeah, that's right in a sense ^^ But I think that self-satisfaction is a big part of my hobby, so I wonder if that's okay! !!

But this is a complete jewelry as one of these parts, isn't it? It's too beautiful.

This paddle can also be selected from yellow, pink, and white gold. And it is also possible to put all the stamps such as name, initials, date etc.

A long time ago, when I was in college, my best friend, a Taiwanese child, was suddenly given a Porsche 911 key by a Taiwanese millionaire saying "Please go out with me" (what kind of thing). Deployment (laughs). But it's true).

I wonder if it would be better if the name was engraved here at the time of such development ... It's too scary because I can't beat it (laughs)! It's not something you use that way ^^

Gold on the Lamborghini switch cover

Now, in Lamborghini, there is an option to change the switch cover of Urakan and Aventador to gold.

This is pretty easy to understand if you make it gold, but it seems easy to understand ... No, for those who change this to gold, it is already commonplace to say "I can understand at a glance" I don't think it looks good, but ^^

Gold for Bentley

And here are the gold parts for Bentley.

…Huh? Air vent knob? I understand? The part that looks like a gold screw ↓ (I'm sorry I'm too bad at expressing it (laughs)).

What is changing here to gold? Commitment is too strong! As expected for Bentley owners.

Gold for Porsche

And finally…. It seems that gold parts for Porsche will come out in the future.

It seems that it will be announced in December 2019, but as of December 2, it was not released again. It seems that you can also make other parts for Rolls Royce.

Even if it can be used for Porsche, I do not seem to be particular about it so far, but I would like to see what kind of things will come out ^ ^

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