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Porsche 911 PCM, factory setting reset (992.1 / PCM 5.0)

Posted: July 2, 2022 Updated:

Reset the Porsche Communication Management System (PCM) to factory default

In the previous blog, I wrote that the personal settings could not be read after replacing the PCM main unit.

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In the case of 992 PCM (5.0), it is said that by storing each driver profile in PCM, that person's settings are automatically recalled when the car starts, but this is what I care about. I don't remember working so well since then ^^

Even if I set the air conditioner setting to synchronize with the passenger seat or set the media setting to Bluetooth connection, it often behaved differently at the start.

Well, I wasn't very particular about that, so I always said to 992, "That's why I'm saying that the air conditioners are in sync."

However, I'm worried if I can't even register a driver like this time.

As I wrote last time, the driver settings (reading) were still round and round with this "loading personal settings" ... ↓

Furthermore, even if I try to register a new user, I can do it halfway, but when I specify a user name, it says "the user is already there" and I can't use the same name.

Should I give it a different name? You may think that, but the ID that says "already registered" that can not be read this time is connected as the main owner from the application called My Porsche, so I want to make use of this after all. Is it unwilling to register another sub person with another name and become yourself?

I was told "registered" by this "enter name"

So, when I asked the PCM Support Center again, it seems that there is not much to deal with this problem, so I was told to contact the Porsche Center, so please consult the Porsche Center immediately. ..

The answer that came back was ... "Try resetting the PCM to factory settings."

fart? Reset to factory settings?

For the time being, I replied "Oh, yes, I'll try", but when I opened the manual in 992 per person, "Well, let's try it for a moment" ...

Hmmm. "Resetting to factory settings removes all settings."

It certainly resets to the factory default, so that's probably the case ... I think I'll do it alone.

"Well, is this really okay? When was the factory shipped? After it was installed in Japan? Or is it in German just after the end of production in Germany ?!"

I was so excited that I couldn't reset it. I'm really bearish in this kind of place ...

Well, it was not a matter of urgent improvement, so when I was able to do something else at the Porsche Center, I said, "I'm afraid to do it alone, so can I reset the factory settings together? I asked the sales staff to take care of me even if I woke up, and I asked the sales staff to reset the factory settings @ Porsche Center together.

Porsche PCM reset method

Now, I would like to reset the Porsche PCM to the factory settings. I'm doing it in the parking lot of the Porsche Center (laughs).

Select "Factory Settings" from "Settings".

If you press it, you will be threatened with a reminder, "Are you sure you want to reset all your personal data and settings? Once reset, it is irreversible."

With courage, I think "It's okay, this is the Porsche Center. It will handle whatever happens" and press "Reset".

When! !! !!

As expected 992. Don't do it.

"Are you sure you want to reset all your personal data and settings? Please check again. Once reset, it is irreversible. The system will reboot to complete this process."

And even more threatening, and there are two choices, "Erase All" and "Interrupt".

I'm thrilled

"Yeah, hey, is this really okay ??? It's all erased ?! What should I do? I'm scared!"

At the moment when I made a noise in the car, the salesman calmly reached out and reset it.

Hey, I'm still ready for my heart! !! !!

… And the reset took place ↓

The next moment, the entire screen disappears. It's pitch black.

Somehow, this is the moment when I feel like blood.

"Eh! Hey, it's gone ?! Hey! Is this okay ?!"

… Then, the screen came back in a few seconds (laughs).

Maybe I'm considered "really noisy, this person". Well, I think my sales person is accustomed to my treatment, so is it okay ^^

Even so, the media setting of Porsche 911 (992.1) at the time of factory shipment in Japan is "J-Wave" (laugh)? ?? Is this a Tokyo specification? J-Wave is the default for Tokyo, Porsche? ??

After the screens are restored, we will enter the user settings.

First select the language.

Establish a connection with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

And check the data connection by SIM card.

What if the Wi-Fi service expired three years after I bought a new car, but I didn't have a renewal contract? Isn't it a little scary to reset when the Wi-Fi environment is gone?

Where is the pairing code for My Porsche

Next, in order to link your Porsche ID, you will be asked to enter an 8-digit pairing code that can be confirmed by the My Porsche app.

I was a little frustrated here.

After all, I had found a pairing code on My Porsche before, but when I tried to find it, I couldn't find it easily.

"I don't see it anywhere ...", I asked the sales staff to help me and give me a pairing code. After all it was good to do it at the Porsche Center. As expected, my sales person. Dekiru.

Further miraculous things after this.

About the next day I had a hard time finding this pairing code? In addition, Porsche Pro at Porsche Center Aoyama uploaded "How to find a pairing code" on Instagram.

Eh, what's this? I thought.

If you are looking for a pairing code with the My Porsche app in the future, please refer to this Porsche Pro Instagram.

As expected, Porsche Pro, you know "where the customer will not know" ^ ^:

If the pairing code is entered successfully, it will be linked with the Porsche ID, and at the end, was it okay to keep the same name as My Porsche or change it? (I'm sorry I don't remember it already), and it's over.

No ~ I was nervous about resetting the PCM to the factory, but when I tried it, I wasn't so scared ^^

Of course, everything you have already set, such as how to display the home screen, will return to the default, so you will need to set it again.

Still, there was no such thing as going back to German or having any critical problems that had to be set at the Porsche Center.

However, when I got home and parked the car in the parking lot, I noticed that the mirror was not automatically retracted when I locked it, and I thought, "Oh, there are things that have changed settings in such an unnoticed place."

By the way, when this PCM reset is finished, if you look at the above picture, the time will be 10:44. But after that, I left the Porsche Center and arrived on my way home at about 12:30.

After this, what was I doing at the Porsche Center for less than two hours? This was the biggest PCM problem this time, and I was experiencing a good event.

It's my PCM problem that is still going on. Continue ~ Fufufu ^^

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