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Porsche 911 PCM exchange (992.1) and SIM card exchange

Posted: July 1, 2022 Updated:

Explosion sound from the speaker of Porsche 911 Carrera (992.1)

A long time agoComment sectionTo

"By the way, my 992 is sometimes banged! Is there a tremendous sound coming from the speakers? It may sound when the engine is started, and this is unknown. It doesn't ring every time, it only rings four times after the car is delivered. I don't know when it will ring, so if I can't record it (or reproduce it myself), I can't do anything about it. 』\

I had written that.

As the text says, my Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet (992.1) had a problem several times after it was delivered, "a tremendous explosion sound like a bang within a few minutes after starting the engine". ..

Since the 992 was delivered, I heard this "bang" sound like an explosion, and recorded six times what time of the month and what time it rang.

In other words, it doesn't sound every time, and sometimes it doesn't last for several months. On the contrary, it's really a "sudden explosion", so when you forget it, make a sound that seems to cause a heart attack. It was.

I had a lot of trouble, so I had to see it at the Porsche Center every time I checked it, but after all, my 992 would be a very good child at the Porsche Center, so "I could not reproduce the sound." So, I couldn't handle it every time.

So I thought, "This really stops my heart!" And complained, and I was asked to review all the wiring etc. and do what I could do, but still, 992 sometimes had a heart attack on me. I was trying to get it.

One day when I was in trouble, my husband miraculously succeeded in recording this bang.

Is it because of that (?), Over a year? Finally, I was able to replace the PCM itself. Ah, now you don't have to deal with the fear of a horrifying explosion.

So, I had you exchange PCM.

Porsche SIM card is not recognized

The PCM was replaced, and I thought it wouldn't make a banging sound, so I was relieved for a while ...

After exchanging the PCM, Porsche's Wi-Fi, which is still in use, has become unreachable for some reason. Why? ??

Even if I try to turn on Wi-Fi in the settings, I get the error "Using the inserted SIM card" and the Wi-Fi connection is not established.

Regarding this issue, contact Porsche's PCM dedicated dial and report the situation.

When I asked for the SIM card number etc., I found that communication was not possible for some reason, so I was asked to reissue the SIM card.

However, what surprised me here is the fact that even though this SIM card belongs to Softbank, the reissue procedure can only be done via Germany. Is that so? ??

I was wondering why it was Softbank, but I waited for the reissue procedure via Germany.

and! It was reissued and a new SIM card arrived ^ ^

It was said that it is OK to discard the SIM card that was used until now and can no longer be connected, so discard the existing one and insert the newly arrived SIM card.

At first I replaced the PCM, so maybe I couldn't connect because the PCM was the latest 6.0 instead of the 5.0 version? ?? I suspected that (* eSIM is built in from PCM6.0, it should not be a SIM card insertion), but the displayed navigation screen was not so simple as PCM6.0, so maybe PCM Is 5.0? I think it is.

Even if a new SIM card is sent, PCM is definitely 5.0.

The place to insert the newly arrived SIM card is at this center ↓

When you open here, there is a SIM card insertion slot inside. If you put the card here, it's OK.

After inserting the newly arrived SIM card for a while ... The card is recognized and the Wi-Fi environment is restored. Data communication is now possible!

You can check whether data communication (Wi-Fi) is possible by checking whether there is a name line in the place where "LTE" is written in yellow.

If there is a name line here, it means that data communication is not possible. If connected, this state ↓

After replacing the PCM main unit, after the SIM card was not recognized, I had you issue a new SIM card and the data communication was restored ... I think that "this solves all the problems!" I did.

But it was sweet.

This time, after exchanging the PCM, the personal settings should be read after starting the engine, but it seems that the personal settings cannot be read, and the round circle is forever "loading personal settings". Leave the screen.

I wonder if it will be read if I wait for a while. I thought, when I went out, I left it as it was for about an hour and a half, but it did not read forever, so maybe I should read it forever.

PCM is quite difficult (laughs).

* By the way, when I pressed the home button or map display to switch to another screen, it worked properly. It is a problem that personal setting (user setting) screen & registration is not possible to the last.

So, next, I'd like to write about the way to solve the problem that this personal setting is no longer loaded!

ContinuedPorsche 911 PCM, factory setting reset (992.1 / PCM 5.0)

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