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Launch control & trunk capacity with the new Porsche 911 (992)

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Continuation of the new Porsche 911 (992) review by Max Watson

Mr. Mat Watson talks about the introduction of the new Porsche 911 (992) "New Porsche 911 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews" is a continuation of what I thought "Oh".

The original video is also at the bottom of this article, so please go there. It is a long video with a little over 18 minutes.

How much can fit in the trunk of the new Porsche 911 (992)?

When actually using a car, I think that one of the things you should know is "trunk capacity".

I don't usually care so much when I'm riding in the city, but when I go to the airport to go on a trip, I start thinking a little about "I wonder if I can put in a suitcase."

Even such a question has been resolved in this video.

The trunk capacity of the new Porsche 911 (992) is 132 liters. I think it's hard to imagine even if it is said, so when I actually put things in, it looks like this.

It feels like one big suitcase fits in ↓

If this is a small suitcase ... ↓

On top of that, there is also a small cardboard box ... ↓

In addition, there will be a soft bag next to it ↓ ...

Unfortunately, golf bags and strollers do not fit in this trunk, but the Porsche 911 can be used like a trunk through by tilting the backrest of the back seat in the car (connected). It's not the trunk at the front ...).

Then, in addition to the front trunk, a reasonably large space can be created in the rear seat part like this ↓

If you are here ... It is possible to put a stroller or a golf bag ↓ This is a stroller.

By using the space at the rear, it seems that you can get enough space to put the large suitcase + small suitcase + small cardboard box at once. It's quite wide.

II have put a woofer in the rear of 991.2So I couldn't use it like this, so I didn't think that the rear part could be taken so wide.

This is the rear of my 991 late Porsche 911 with a woofer ↓

After that ... "It may damage the leather interior inside the car, but if you do your best, you can put a bicycle on it." At this point, I'm already enthusiastic ^^

Comparison of engine sound between Porsche NA engine and new Porsche 911

Another interesting thing was the comparison of engine sounds that can be seen from about 10:19 in the video. Comparison of the sound of the new Porsche 911 (992) and the sound of the NA engine Porsche 911.

Hmmm. "The latest Porsche is the best PorscheIt's very sad for me, but I had to say that the Porsche 911 from NA is clearly better for this engine sound.

Porsche 992 entering Japan does not have a petrol party curate filter (GPF)

Really, the above two sounds are completely different ... However, the 992 that appears in this video should have a gasoline party curate filter, so I think it may sound like this.

By the way, in the new Porsche 911 coming into JapanGasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) is not installedThat's right! !! Therefore, as with the US version, the sound should be better than the European version. This is good news ^^

Porsche 992 movable rear spoiler

The movable rear spoiler at the rear is said to be 25% larger than before.

First of all, when the speed reaches 55 miles (about 88.5 km), it will go up one step ... about 10 cm automatically (No, it looks like it is going up more ...) ↓.

Then, the speed is 93 miles (about 150 km), and as the second stage, it goes up another 5 cm. I don't like it, so it looks like it's going up even more (laughs) ↓

If you look at this shape,It is also possible to put decals under the rear wing!

Launch control with the new Porsche 911 (992)

This Mat is the best.

Because. Immediately, he even tried starting with the launch control on the Porsche 992! Launch control starts at about 13:30 in the video.

At this time, I was in Sport Plus mode, but it seems that launch control can be done in any mode other than wet mode (... I said that it is the case of Carrera 4S with sports chrono).

What I was doing at this time was to fully open the accelerator while stepping on the brake, and then when the launch control was OK (Launch Control Activated), just release the brake.

It's so easy that I can do it again and again! It ’s good. I think it's really fun ~ ^^

And when he controlled the launch here, he used a device to measure the speed, and as a result, when the launch control started, it was 0-60 miles (about 0-96.5 km), but only 3 seconds. ..

Even if I tried it twice in a row, the result was still 3 seconds.

I think that this launch control start will definitely come out with adrenaline.Even when I did it before, I was really excited! It was so much fun..

He also did launch control and was already excited to say "It is insane! It is immense!" (Laughs). I understand, that feeling, that uplifting.

"Even if it's the same 450 horsepower car as this one, no car can launch as fast as the Porsche 992!" As expected Porsche 911. Really amazing.

Then, when he was running normally, he suddenly opened the accelerator fully and stepped on it, and the gear was immediately kicked down and accelerated at once.

Really, if you step on Porsche solidly, it will change suddenly ^ ^

Even if my Carrera (991.2) is running slowly, the moment I suddenly think about it and step on it, it jumps up to 7,000 rpm and accelerates tremendously. The best feeling of acceleration.

No matter how many times I do this, I'm impressed that it's amazing. I really like the sudden change of 911 when I stepped on it. It's too good. It's a drug. Ah, I like it too much. I want to drive.

When he stepped on and accelerated, he said, "The engine sound you hear in the car is much better."

This is because "the fake sound is being played from the speakers". Was it so! I did not know…. Is 991.2 the same? ??

And the fuel consumption of Porsche 992 in his driving at this time is "24.8 miles / gallon". In other words, it is about 40km / 4.55 liters. It seems that gallons are different in the United Kingdom and the United States, but assuming that the fuel consumption this time is probably a gallon in Europe, is that fuel consumption about 8.8km / L?

It is said that "it is not so good, but it may not be bad considering the performance", but it seems that this fuel consumption may include the time of launch control, so considering that, it is not bad at all. Is it? ?? I wonder if that is the case.

Regarding the fuel efficiency around here, it may be better to hear the story of the person who actually purchased it ^ ^

Well, riding a Porsche 911 and worrying about fuel efficiency is just an "interest-oriented" story, and I think that there are not many owners who are influenced by that number.

Finally, the new Porsche 911 grips firmly even in winding, and he runs happily when it is really wonderful.

Even if I don't own the Porsche 911 so much, the more I see it, the more I like it, and the more I see it, the cooler it is! You will think that.

I think it's a miracle that I came across a car that I thought was "too nice". I'm really sorry for being persistent over and over again. But really, I can say it over and over again.

I love Porsche 911! !! !!

Click here for the original video ↓


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