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Participated in Sunako Juku for the first time. Finally ... Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana field debut ^^!

Posted: January 19, 2019 Updated:

Driving lessons at Porsche

At last ... I thought that such a day would come someday ... in the corner of my head, but at last, it finally came.

I ran at high speed from the morning ... I was distracted by the white car that appeared through the rear-view mirror, "Hmm? What is that car ?? ... Ah, GT-R !!" Forgetting to change trains, I head to a certain place while making a mistake (laughs). ↓ This is when I got off the highway to make a U-turn ... What have you been doing since the morning?

Yes, what day has finally come is my first participation in a driving school.

Every time, "Porsche Track Experience" (Porsche sponsored drive lesson / training),When I was watching the 2018 Blancpain GT Asia @ FSW raceEvery time there is a driving lesson "Sunako Juku" sponsored by Tomohiko Sunako, the driver of BMW Team Studie's M4 GT4 who won the GT4 class, my husband tries to apply for me without permission, so I always say " Don't apply without permission !! ”and desperately stopped (laughs). What kind of couple ...

However! This time ... various situations have changed ... finally ... finally ... I have participated in the training of Sunako Juku sponsored by Mr. Sunako. No, I was surprised.

When the destination approaches, it's a peaceful landscape.

The place is Gymkhana on the Tsukuba Circuit. The car is a black Porsche 911 Carrera.

By the way, my husband also participates, so my husband is participating in the Nissan Fairlady Z.

I don't think there are many couples participating in this kind of thing ... (laughs). In the first place, women tend to have less participation (again, I am the only woman).

Participated in Sunako Juku @ Tsukuba Circuit sponsored by Sunako Juku

The purpose of this lesson is[Understand the behavior of the car and operate it at will & detect under and over and take appropriate measures]..

No, I usually just drive around the streets ... I don't really understand it from the "under" and "over".

I was a little worried if I could really do it in such a situation, but since I started with the explanation in the classroom, what should I do in my head first, what will happen and how the car will move It was very easy to understand because I was able to start driving practice after understanding the situation.

Tomohiko Sunako was also very kind and took great care of me as an amateur, and even when I was explaining, "This is the clipping point ... (looking at me), clipping. The point is ... do you understand ... you don't understand? " I really appreciate it! !! !!

I think that Sunako Juku on that day made it easy to understand like a course for elementary school students ^ ^ Thank you very much. When I participated this time, I really thought that the lesson I attended for the first time was good at Sunako Juku.

The relationship I had visited in the past with the people of Sunako Juku, including President Sunako (,,), So I've already met several times, so it wasn't the first time I met him, but I felt like someone I've known for many years. )) In that respect, I was relieved from the beginning without feeling nervous, and after all, all the people at Sunako Juku were really "good personalities" and it was wonderful.

The other participants were all very nice. Everyone really likes cars.

While running happily with such kind and fun people, the advice and comments received from President Sunako and others were too accurate for each participant, and I learned a lot.

Well, first of all, I was very kindly taught in the classroom, but even so, suddenly I was told "Hi, please!" On the course for steady circular turning prepared at the Gymkhana field in front of me. It's hard to go alone suddenly.

So, in my case, I had the instructor drive first (I'm in the passenger seat), then the instructor got in the passenger seat, I drove ... and finally I tried it alone. So, I taught you carefully once and for all.

The instructor also explained in a very easy-to-understand manner, so even if I was driving alone, I was already saying, "Oh, this is a little ... fun !!!" I ran ^^

Wet road course running in Gymkhana is too fun!

After pushing the Porsche 911 at full throttle (nearly), I stepped on the brakes strongly, hit the counter, and turned while sliding ... I was able to actually drive and experience what I thought, and this was really fun! !! !!

I never dreamed that the day would come when I would slide the Porsche 911 Carrera in such a situation where almost all the switches were turned on.

No, I'm not good at all, of course. However, I have never had the experience of sliding a car, and when I was able to do it a little (at my own level), I was excited and overdoed it with "Oh, this feeling !!" Even when I spun, I was impressed with "Wow, I spun for the first time!" (Laughs).

Anyway, I was able to run a lot, but it was a really fun time that I could think of every run in a blink of an eye. Oh yeah, this time too, the course was sprinkled with water (friendly to the tires ^^). And it seems that the sprinkler has been upgraded more than before? alsoI'm worried about the type of sprinkler(Lol).

I love Porsche 911 too much!

Especially in the afternoon, I was able to run the course that used the entire Gymkhana field more and more in order, so if I ran over and over again, I think that adrenaline was already coming out ( (Laughs) It may be really strange, but while running

"Oh, I really really love this car !!"

With understeer, I was desperate to say, "Hey, I can't turn!", But I always said, "Oh, I love Porsche!" And there was a lot of love. What is this strange degree of people (laughs).

"Mr. Porsche, you can run like this, you can run like this", knowing the new aspect of Porsche 911 that I can not usually ride in the city, running, experiencing, impressed Somehow, I really loved it and couldn't stop.

I really like it, 911. What should I do. I like it very very much. It was good to meet. The more you know about the new aspects of 911, the more impressed you will be.

Already, while driving, one person in the car talked to himself so suspiciously. Before the start, "Hmm, next time I'll go more and more, Porsche!" Or "No, so it's too shallow to enter the corner, so next time I'll take the plunge and go outside. I was reporting to Porsche what to do one by one, such as "Let's see!" (Laughs).

Driving Porsche 911 with a helmet for the first time ^ ^ ↓

And when things go wrong, the F word is fired in the car. If you say that there are too many F words in a row and that item is lacking! At all, it's not something that people can see (laughs).

No, but it was really fun.

Even if I understand what I was told and think "I have to do more" or "I want to do more", I can't easily reproduce it in actual driving. I thought, but at the end, President Sunako praised me, "You were hit by the counter! I wish I could do this from the beginning!" Although I understand that it is a social decree (laughs), this time I was too happy with my first experience, so I would like to accept the compliments honestly and be happy ^ ^

Are you able to drive the Porsche 911 properly?

Also, what made me happy was that when I saw my driving this time, President Sunako said, "Maybe I'm doing it properly from my usual driving," and the instructor told me. "It was a run beyond imagination / A car that is a wild horse with great power and brakes like Porsche often ends up with Ga-kun, but Rika can drive Porsche with a fluffy feeling. It's amazing. "

If I participated this time and thought that "Porsche is pitiful in Rika's running" and "I am not at all able to ride Porsche", I was a little sorry for Porsche, but for the time being It didn't happen, so for me it was really good ^^

It was a way of feeling that I couldn't understand that I couldn't understand how much I loved my car while taking driving lessons at Gymkhana, but anyway, with my favorite Porsche 911 Black Carrera. It was a very happy day to be able to run happily in this way.

For the time being, if you dare to slide the car this time, you can experience for yourself what it means to "slide the car", and you can actually drive by yourself how to deal with it when it slips. I was able to experience it, so I think that today's experience will be very useful in the future, in the unlikely event that it slips while driving normally.

I'd like to hope that it won't slip in such normal driving, but for the time being ... when driving GT3 in sudden rain ^^?

It seems that my husband also learned a lot. I am also grateful that my husband "applied without permission" to this Sunako Juku this time (laughs).

I always "enjoy if I do it", but hesitate to say "I don't like it" for the first time, and "I don't like it". I am grateful to my husband for encouraging me to "let's do it!" And actually creating a situation where I am not in trouble.

In the past, such things have opened up a new world many times, and I have had a very enjoyable experience.

The cars of the other participants were also wonderful! Here, all three black ones are kind of cool ^^ ↓

New Alpine A110

And here!

Well, the new Alpine A110! !! !! This "A110" is read as "A-One Ten".

The sound was good and it was fast! The weight of the car is 1,110kg to 1,130kg. Lightness of surprise. The interior seats (by default) were also cool ^^

Anyway, it was a fun day, but when I ran on a wet road, my car became muddy. Not only the whole body, but also the side mirrors and windows are already muddy.

Before returning, Sunako Juku washed the car with water very easily. This alone is quite different! I was very grateful.

After I get home, I want to wash the car again. Thank you to everyone at Sunako Juku from morning till evening. Thank you to everyone who joined us on this day. I hope it doesn't bother you.

And thank you Porsche 911 again today! It was a day when I realized how much I love Porsche 911 Carrera.

was fun! !! !!

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