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Porsche Purchase Note 7: Porsche 911 Route Tracking Part 2 (Umihotaru & Chiba Port)

Posted: May 28, 2023 Updated:

Ship carrying Porsche, finally to Japan

*This article isPorsche purchase note ⑥: Porsche 911 route tracking part 1] Is a continuation.

Germany had been chasing the ship ever since it left the port of Emden, but the ship chasing was finally at an end. The ship finally arrives in Japan.

Moreover, I thought that Toyohashi Port would be the only port in Japan to call at, but I knew that this route would call at Chiba Port first.

Therefore, my mission this time is "I see a ship carrying a Porsche coming to Chiba Port with my own eyes" ^ ^

How to determine when a ship comes to port

It has already been proven that ships entering Chiba Port can be seen from two different places, "from Umihotaru" and "from Chiba Port", so we plan to see ships from these two ways this time as well. .

Reference article:BMW purchase note: Ship tracking with M3 (Chiba Port)

The 3 sites I used are:

Chiba Port Port Information Disclosure System

Here, first select "Search for ships scheduled to enter and depart", then search for the date that is displayed on the ship tracking app as scheduled to enter the port (before or after if not) and the type of ship as "car carrier". (* Since the car transport ship is a ferry, there is no doubt that it is this one.)

In my case, the result that came out was this ↓

I was scheduled to enter the port on the morning of May 22nd and was scheduled to arrive at the port on the morning of May 23rd. I felt like it, so I will go next without accepting the information here.

However, the important thing that can be confirmed here is the scheduled docking point. This time, I was able to confirm that it is Chiba Chuo Wharf F quay as well as last time.

Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center: Large ship entry schedule information - Uraga Suido Route

Next, check the information on the Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center. We rely on the information from here the most.

First, confirm the schedule of entering the Uraga Suido route.

According to this, the scheduled entry into the route of Dalian Highway, which is carrying my Porsche, is 4:20am on May 23rd.

Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center: Arrival and Departure Information - Chiba Route

One more thing, this time, the Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service Center is confirming the entry schedule for the Chiba route.

This time, we were scheduled to enter at 7:00 am on May 23rd.


Based on my experience when I tracked a boat with a BMW in the past, it was probably around 5:30 in the morning, considering that it entered the Uraga Suido route at 4:20 am. presumed to be.

So I planned to hit Umihotaru on May 23rd at 5:30am.

After waking up in the morning, I first checked the road conditions to make sure there were no problems with the Aqua Line and the way there before leaving home.

By the way, when I checked, the position of the ship at 3:58am on May 23rd is here.

Yeah, it feels good. It's 8.0 knots, so maybe I should aim for Umihotaru at 5:30am with a really good feeling.

The moment I leave this house, I still don't know if I can see the ship or not, and if I'm not good at it, I might miss the ship, so I'm already nervous. What are you doing early in the morning by yourself?

Yes, we arrived at Umihotaru at 5:30 in the morning as planned. The position of the ship is here at 5:06 ↓

First of all, park the car at Umihotaru.

And get off the car and check the surroundings of Umihotaru.

that? I can't find any such ships. that's strange.

Reconfirm the ship's position. It's frustrating that it's not real time because there's a slight time lag to get the location information.

According to the ship's location information at 5:41am on May 23rd, Dalian Highway should be right next to Umihotaru. where?

But no.

I didn't even look around. "Where are you? Why can't you see? Did something go wrong?"


Really, after 5:30 in the morning, alone at the sea firefly, I looked left and right, and became discouraged and impatient and didn't know what to do.

Also check your location.

At 5:50am, the position of the ship is beyond Umihotaru! ↓

This is the world that I saw in my field of vision when it happened ↓

I-I-I-I was there!

Dalian Highway, you're Dalian Highway, right? ?

I hurriedly took a two-shot with the moving black Carrera.

This is my first two-shot of my new Porsche 911 and a black Carrera (so different lol).

When I was looking for "Where?!", the ship seemed to have just passed the Umihotaru (Aqua Line), so I couldn't see it.

After passing Umihotaru, I was finally able to confirm the appearance of the ship.

Already, um.

I realized that I was a really weird person.

I was able to meet this ship, and when I saw the ship slowly moving on the sea, I thought, ``I met Dalian Highway,'' and in my heart, ``Thank you for bringing Porsche.'' The moment I conveyed my gratitude to... how can I say that, I was overwhelmed with emotion and almost burst into tears.

But at the moment when I think, "Oh, no, I'm about to cry," my rationality still works.

After all, if you were alone at 5:30 in the morning looking at the sea (actually a ship) from Umihotaru and crying, you might look like a person with a lot of darkness! !

It's a moving tear, but I'm sure people who see it don't think so... it's actually a suspicious situation (laughs).

I held back my tears and watched the ship disappear into the distance.

It seems that the ship was moving at about 12 knots at that time, and it was refreshing to see that it was actually moving at about 12 knots.

Oh yeah, and another thing to mention is the weather.

The weather forecast for the morning of this day was quite bleak.

So, I thought that (heavy rain) was a little depressing, but when I got off the car at Umihotaru, the rain suddenly stopped for a while, and it rained even when I was looking at the ship. was stopping me.

Really impressed with this. I'm always blessed with sunny weather, but this time I was moved by the miracle of "Wow, it's only going to rain at this moment?"

I cried while staring at the ship with all these situations piled up... (repeats (laughs)).

To meet the ship carrying Porsche to Chiba Port

After my touching encounter with the ship on the sea firefly, I could have been overwhelmed and dumbfounded, but I don't have time for that.

Next, I will follow the ship to Chiba Port.

The ship is around here at 7:00 in the morning ↓

As I was driving along the Chiba road, which had been quite congested since the morning, I found that the red circle on the map below is where the ship is scheduled to dock, and the green circle is the location of the ship. And I'm running at the yellow circle.

While checking the position of the ship, this exciting time is heading to Chiba Port. By the way, after I got in the car and started running, it started pouring down again.

It was truly a miracle that the rain stopped at Umihotaru.

In the meantime, the ship will dock at 7:30am.

After that, I also arrived at Chiba Port, but when I entered the place where I had seen the ship before on the navigation system, a "prohibited area" mark was displayed on the navigation system.

When I cautiously went to the site, I found that there were no gates, no security guards, and no no-entry signboards where the mark was displayed. Since I left, I stopped entering by car any further on this day.

The rain miraculously stopped again, so I walked a little closer.

On this day as well, I didn't get any warning from the security guard who was there, so I think it was probably okay, but the prohibited areas may change as the days go by, so please don't worry about it in the future. Please be careful if you go. * Actually, it seems that the places where you can fish around this F quay have changed from two years ago.

So, so, here's what I found ↓

It would be a problem if it rained again, so I just took a quick photo here & I couldn't take a two-shot with the black Carrera this time, but I was able to meet the Dalian Highway anchored in front of me. I was very happy ^^

Germany has followed the Dalian Highway since it left the port of Emden.

I was very, very happy to see him come all the way to Japan safely and to see him as if I had him all to himself.

In general, people may think, "What are you doing? Is that fun?" I am grateful to the ship that brought my car to Japan safely, and imagining the car that will become my favorite car on board a ship that I have not seen yet, I am simply moved.

Even after I get home, I will keep track of when the ship is going to Toyohashi Port...if you think so! !

Surprisingly, the Dalian Highway arrived at Chiba Port at around 7:30 in the morning, and to my surprise, at around 15:30 that day, it already left Chiba Port and started heading for Toyohashi Port.

I was surprised because I thought that the ship would be anchored at Chiba Port for at least one day.

It may be that the number of ships unloading at Chiba Port was less than I expected. I would like to write about this next time.

So, when the ship I was chasing was docked at Chiba Port, where was the ship on Porsche's Track Your Dream (TYD)?

It was still around Yemen (laughs). No, I'm already in Chiba!

Next, I would like to write about when the ship docked at Toyohashi Port the next day.

Dalian Highway, thank you so much for coming all the way to Japan safely! !

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