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BMW purchase note: Ship tracking with M3 (Chiba Port)

Posted: May 20, 2023 Updated:

To Chiba Port to meet the boat carrying BMW

Right now, I'm waiting for delivery of the 911 I'm ordering, all the way from Germany.I'm chasing a ship that's bringing me a carThat's why I would like to suddenly talk about two years ago.

The content I'm going to write this time wasn't about Porsche in particular, so I thought that I didn't have to show my pervert further, so I sealed it (?), But I couldn't help but publish it. It's gone, so if you're interested, I hope you'll be able to join us.

I would like to write at the end why I suddenly decided to write about 2 years ago again ^ ^

I used to look forward to my Porsche 911 being shipped from Germany, and I was tracking the ship that carried the Porsche.At that time, various things happened and in the end I couldn't meet the ship...

But this time, it's a story about "a ship that I was able to actually meet and see with my own eyes." n/a.

car carrier DELHI HIGHWAY

The new addition to our house in June 2021 is the BMW M3.

Actually, two years ago, I was also following a ship with this M3 on board. Oh, I said it (laughs).

The name of the ship that carried the BMW was "DELHI HIGHWAY". It was said that BMW would be unloaded at Chiba Port, and this ship also arrived at Chiba Port.

Scheduled to dock on June 3, 2021 Chiba Chuo Wharf (F Quay).

See the car carrier from Umihotaru

So, on June 3, 2021, I will go to a certain place in a black Carrera.

Can you see the ship behind the black Carrera?

Yes, the ship behind this black Carrera is the DELHI HIGHWAY where the M3 is loaded.

This time is the first two-shot of black Carrera and M3 (different (laughs)).

I had heard that if the port of arrival was Chiba Port, I would first be able to see it from Umihotaru.

And the ship I was able to see safely.

Well, it was great to finally be able to see the ship with our cars on it, and what a sense of accomplishment.

Now that we've achieved our goal, let's go home.

See car carriers at Chiba Port

…There was no way this would happen, so the next place I headed for was, of course, Chiba Port!

Continue from Umihotaru and run toward Chiba Port.

There were buildings around me that made me think, "This is a factory that looks like a picture of a factory," and I enjoyed the drive.

Arrive at Chiba Port Central Wharf.

In preliminary research, I have also investigated where the Chiba Chuo Wharf F quay where the M3 is scheduled to dock this time.

Image source:Here

That F quay is the area painted yellow, and the ship should dock there.↓

Can you see it from the opposite shore first? I wanted to get closer to the opposite shore where I could see various ships, so I ran while checking the map, but this area is surrounded by private land/companies and only people involved can enter.


I tried various roads, but until I reached a place where I could see the sea, I was blocked by a section where only people involved were allowed to enter.

Crying U-turn.

When I found a no trespassing sign, I couldn't go any further, and I had to repeatedly search for the next place.

Still, I aimed for a place where I could see the place where the ship docked as much as possible from the place where I could pass and enter without violating it.

From a certain place, I finally confirmed the appearance of a ship docked in the distance.

As for the route seen from the opposite shore, I tried almost all of them, except for this point where the ship looks really small. I decided to get closer to it.

If that doesn't work, then this time it's the last try to end it.

However, it is.

Oh my God!

It looked normal (laughs).

I was able to meet a ship anchored in front of me even from a road that I could run normally.

Do you understand this? ↓

This is a ship! ! ↓

When I walked further and got a little closer, I was really impressed that I could see the ship in front of me ^ ^

There was a security guard nearby, but he told me not to touch the fence, so I didn't touch the fence and just took pictures.

◆ Postscript (2023.5.23) ◆
Two years later, when I set the navigation to go to this area again, I saw a no entry mark that was not displayed before. It looks like it was displayed on the navigation a little before the point where I went by car at this time. I don't think there were any gates, security guards, or signboards prohibiting entry at the actual location, but just in case, when I visit again in 2023, I would like to drive only to the front of the location in this photo. Did. When I took this photo (and I was at the border of the restricted area from the front), I didn't receive any warnings such as "don't enter" until this point, but now there are various things. This may have changed, so please let us know.

The car carrier I see in front of me really looks like a building.

I didn't follow the ship all the way here, and if I happened to see this scenery, I might not have noticed that there was a ship there.

Between the ship and the fence there is a place where many cars can be parked.

If you also want to go see the boat that brought the car at Chiba Port, here are the places I tried this time.

Yellow is the ship, and since it is almost impossible to see the ship from the three arrows other than the point where you can see it from the front of the ship (or you can not approach it), I thought it would be better to go to the place closest to the ship from the beginning. think.

Please be careful not to enter the area by mistake, as there are many areas where vehicles are prohibited and people are prohibited from entering. Who are you talking to? (laughs)

Ship with Porsche, to Chiba Port in front of Toyohashi Port

Well then, at the end, why did I suddenly write that I went to Chiba Port to see this BMW ship, which I had not written for two years, but there is only one reason.

that is.

Surprisingly, after leaving Taiwan, the ship carrying the Porsche that I am currently chasing was not Toyohashi Port, but Chiba Port.

It was a ship via Chiba Port!

An acquaintance told me, "If you put it on a BMW transport ship, you will first unload the BMW at Chiba Port and then head for Toyohashi Port." seems to have been it.

Information as of May 20, 2023,Chiba Port and Harbor Information Disclosure SystemAccording to the report, the Dalian Highway, which is carrying Porsche this time, entered the port at 6:30 on May 22nd and arrived at the dock at 8:00 on May 23rd↓

Tokyo Wan Vessel Traffic Service CenterAccording to the information, it entered the Chiba route at 4:20 on May 23rd↓

Considering that the information at Chiba Port says that it will arrive at the port at 8:00 on May 23rd, it seems likely that the ship will approach Chiba Port early in the morning on May 23rd.

Of course, the dates may change in the future.

And as for the information as of May 20, 2023,Ise Bay Marin Traffic Centeralso shows that the entry date and time of the Irago Suido route to Toyohashi Port on the Dalian Highway is 4:40 on May 24th.

In addition, the Porsche sales person contacted us about the arrival date at Toyohashi Port, and according to the information in Porsche that he can see, the scheduled arrival date at Toyohashi Port is May 25th.

Considering this information, at the moment, I think that the schedule seems to be "Chiba Port area early in the morning on May 23rd → Arrive at Toyohashi Port on May 25th".

This time, I was planning to go to Toyohashi Port to meet the ship, but I found out that the ship will stop at Chiba Port in a hurry, so I would like to meet the ship at Chiba Port this time.

At this time of year, if the weather is good, the sun will rise at 4:30 in the morning, so I think I can catch the ship even from the sea firefly at dawn, and my heart is pounding. !

Since the ship carrying the Porsche went through Chiba Port, I just exposed the perverted act of two years ago (laughs), but if there are people who go to Chiba Port to see the ship this time & in the future, a little But I would be happy if you could refer to it.

Oh yeah, how far is the divergence from Track Your Dream (My Porsche)? The actual ship has already left Taiwan and is heading for Chiba Prefecture, but on TYD it is still near Ethiopia. You are supposed to be sailing with your best effort. But good luck!

After the car arrives at Toyohashi Port, the new car maintenance etc. is done at Toyohashi VPC from there, but there seems to be a waiting list there, so my car has been waiting for about a month since it arrived at Toyohashi Port. I was told that I would be in Toyohashi.

Pretty long.

However, I'm happy enough just to have you come, so I'd like to continue to have fun while waiting ^^

The status on MyPorsche is still as follows:

  • As of January 12, 2023:01 The production month of the vehicle is confirmed (the date on MyPorsche isNovember 22, 2022and for some reason it started after it was written in a fairly back date)
  • As of March 6, 2023:02 Reached the final acceptance deadline for specification changes (the date on the app isMarch 3, 2023)
  • As of March 29, 2023:03 Start your Porsche production (date on the app isMarch 28, 2023)
  • As of March 31, 2023:04 Completion of the production process (the date is also displayed on the app)March 31, 2023)
  • As of April 5, 2023:05 Completed vehicle transportation started (the date on the app isApril 4, 2023)
  • As of April 21, 2023:06 Departure by sea to Japan (date on the app isApril 20, 2023)

The next status, ``07 Your Porsche will be transported to an authorized Porsche dealer,'' will remain unchanged as ``June 4, 2023 to June 28, 2023''. It's quite possible.

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