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Chiba Prefecture Touring with 718 Boxster GTS

Posted: February 1, 2023 Updated:

To Yamada's annual touring

On this day, my husband and I were driving the 718 Boxster GTS and heading to Chiba Prefecture.

On this day, I am always allowed to participateTouring sponsored by Mr. YamadaAlthough there was originally a touring to Hakone, the destination was suddenly changed to Chiba Prefecture due to road freeze in Hakone.

On the day this touring was held, I was planning to leave my house at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night and go out, so if the touring was in the direction of Hakone, I was planning to not participate so as not to get too tired.

However, the destination was changed to Chiba Prefecture, so I hurriedly announced that I would be participating in the morning of the day, saying, "It might be better if it was Chiba Prefecture." I'm really sorry for always canceling or participating in no-shows...

Kakazan Grove also debuts

It was purchased for 718 Boxster GTSkakazan driving glovesAlso debuted on this day.

Exactly this glove was for 718 with red body and meters and crayon color interior ^ ^ ↓

The touring members were supposed to meet at Daikoku first, but my family will be participating from the next point, Sodegaura Seaside Park.

The cars that appeared one after another when I was waiting for the destination first.

Even though I knew that I would be meeting up with the touring members, I was moved to see so many cars coming in one after another.

One person was happily watching, saying, "What a great group!"

There were no Porsche ties in this touring, so everyone is basically a Porsche rider, but the participating vehicles this time are various.

The two of you who bought Jimny will participate in Jimny. pretty! !

There was also a Porsche 911 GT3 RS participating, but I didn't know that this purple color called Ultra Violet was a standard color (in the sense that it wasn't PTS).

Well then, let's start driving in Chiba Prefecture, where the route was suddenly changed.

Mr. Yamada, who responded quickly even if the route was suddenly changed like this, is amazing!

On this day, I was able to meet people I hadn't seen in a while, so it was a lot of fun ^^

Road Station Hota Elementary School

It was a touring while stopping at several points on the way, but when I arrived at a certain place, the parking lot there was quite full, so I said, ``It seems to be crowded, so I will go to the next destination. I'm going to go ahead~" I skipped one point.

Taking advantage of the time I skipped that point, I stopped by "Michi-no-Eki Hota Elementary School", which was not on this route.

I heard that a closed elementary school was turned into a roadside station, so I wanted to go there once! …But it was so crowded that I couldn’t go inside.

The parking lot was full, so we passed through the parking lot without stopping and headed to our next destination. was held ^ ^

While making such a detour, I went to the lunch venue, the final destination.

After taking pictures of 718 in front of the sea, I am already very satisfied. So cute~

Oh yeah, when I saw the 718 on this day, I was often told that ``the hood only looks black'', and it seems that even in Aohoro it looked black in most situations.

It might have been better without replacing the hood..

The more you participate in touring, the more people you know, and the more fun it is.

At first, we didn't know who was driving which car, but as we met many times, we were able to talk about various things, and the sense of closeness increased.

Furthermore, there are people who are doing various jobs, so it's really fun to hear stories about the world that I don't know.

The final destination was the lunch venue, but when I parked in the parking lot space around here, I could see the Porsches from the restaurant, which was nice ^ ^ ↓

Meals are of course seaside, so seafood!

The seafood bowl was enough, but when I saw the menu, I wanted to eat horse mackerel too, so I added it. i love to eat

It was crispy and delicious!

After spending a lot of fun time with everyone, we parted ways at this lunch venue.

We dared not use the highway and just ran along the coast. I feel good.

Our final destination was, of course, Costco Kisarazu (laughs).

Costco's gas station is this line to refuel? is going down and it corresponds to a considerable distance ...

In this way, it is possible to refuel without problems even if it is stopped on the opposite side of the refueling port.

And above all, it's cheap! Is it 158 yen / 1L at high octane on this day? too cheap! !

In a very pleasant weather, everyone could see the 718 Boxster GTS and it was a great day to enjoy running.

Running with Boxster is different from 911, but it's fun because it's MT!

It was a touring experience that I was able to thank again for meeting the 718 Boxster GTS.

Thank you Mr. Yamada and everyone who was with us!

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