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Fuji TV "Thanks to your connections! Porsche touring was introduced in

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Full power! Other power application variety Thanks to your connections! Broadcast on

"Full power!" Aired on Fuji TV on Saturday, December 4, 2021. Other power application variety Thanks to your connections! The state of Porsche touring of acquaintances was aired in the program.

I heard that Porsche touring will be introduced, so I was looking forward to the airing date. Since it's a big deal, I'll leave the contents here as a memorial ^ ^

★ There is a link to the missed delivery at the bottom of this page. If you don't want to know the content before watching the program, please skip to the last link. Below are spoilers ★

Now, I would like to take a look at the program content.

The person who happened to be called by the TV crew in Ginza just said, "I was coming to shoot a car (in Ginza)," and asked, "What was the car that was shot?"

Yeah, the name of "Porsche" appears here!

Yes, it makes sense that this person was wearing a green Porsche polo shirt this time, because his car is also a "green Porsche".

What is that green car? That is the Porsche GT3 RS (991.2), which is this frog-chan!

A cool car as usual ^^

Then, I will introduce it here.

I don't usually go touring so much, but even so, I sometimes participate, and at that time, it's usually the touring sponsored by this person introduced on TV this time.

Hi, it has already been aired on Fuji TV, so I will write the name as it is, but this is Mr. Yamada.

Oh no, I'm laughing at this point (laughs).

I'm sorry, it was interesting when I got acquainted, and I just watched the broadcast while smirking all the time.

Fun ^^

In this program, a person who happens to call out in the city or the like is asked to do something special or be introduced by using some kind of connection that the person has.

From such a program, Mr. Yamada asked me to drive a Porsche (GT3 RS) for 30 million yen.

Porsche touring start from Kayagasaki

Mr. Yamada is willing to accept the request, and the place will be moved to Kayagasaki Southern Beach at a later date.

When the TV station is waiting at the parking lot of Kayagasaki Southern Beach in the early morning ...

The lizard green Porsche 911 GT3 RS that appeared dashingly.

And, of course, it was Mr. Yamada who got off from the car!

Coordinated with Porsche wear perfectly on this day as well. Isn't it cool ~ ^^

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS was also introduced on the TV, and I was happy that it was not my car.

It's so refreshing to see the frog-chan issue I've always met over TV like this ^^

After this, I wondered if Mr. Yamada would just put a woman named Mr. Nakano on the TV station in the car ... No, no, it wasn't.

The main event is from here.

It is the beginning of Mr. Yamada's Porsche touring. * I am not on the touring on this day.

Porsche who appear on the spot one after another.

The total number of Porsche that finally gathered on the spot was 14. According to the program, the total amount is about 200 million yen.

Mr. Yamada takes out the loudspeaker and calls out to the gathered friends, "Please gather at Kochi."

Ah, this is a loudspeaker that appeared from the time of a certain touring ^ ^

It is normal for touring sponsored by Mr. Yamada to gather about 14 cars like this day, and it seems that there were times when there were as many as 20 cars.

If that happens, everyone will not be able to hear it without a loudspeaker, even if they just give a message when they get together.

No, I remember being very impressed when this loudspeaker was introduced (laughs).

The state of past touring was introduced in the picture on TV ↓

With the introduction of the people who participated on this day, every time I saw a face that I knew, "Oh, that person!", I was smirking again ^^

On that day, a watch worn by one acquaintance was also introduced, but the Hublot watch costs about 20 million yen. It's amazing.

Turn the TV station into a Porsche girl

Finally, from here on, the request for the program, "Please let me drive Porsche," will be fulfilled.

The driver is a woman named Mr. Nakano who was said to be riding a Porsche for the first time this time.

Mr. Yamada (laughs) who has already made such Mr. Nakano a Porsche companion and loves it as "Nakano Cha-n".

Furthermore, saying "You are already a Porsche girl" ...

Take out the Porsche paper bag and give it to Mr. Nakano.


The gift was a Porsche T-shirt! !!

As expected, Mr. Yamada! !! Because of this, (Mr. Nakano's) tension will rise even more ^^

Mr. Nakano who became a Porsche girl, driving GT3 RS for the first time. It seems that he was driven in a very beautiful view.

It seems that Mr. Nakano could not afford to see the beautiful scenery while driving, but he still seemed to enjoy having the first Porsche driving experience.

The first experience of Porsche driving is quite amazing ^ ^

And personally, Mr. Yamada, who is shooting on behalf of the TV station in the car, was also funny and laughing (laughs).

I'm sorry, it's an inner ring ^^

Even so, I was happy to see Mr. Nakano who finished driving Porsche had a very happy smile.

Whether you are a beginner or an owner who has been riding many times, it will be really happy to see Porsche riding and looking happy ^ ^

At the end, some Porsche collections of the day were introduced with the feeling of ad street heaven of other stations.

It's a really fun experience to see the people who are running together on touring through TV like this.

To commemorate (?) I would like to put it briefly.

The last is a two-shot of Mr. Yamada and Mr. Nakano + GT3 RS.

When I watched Porsche Touring as a program objectively in this way, I thought that it was "awesome", and it seemed like a lie that I sometimes mixed it in this kind of thing.

Thank you again for participating in a dreamlike world. I would like to look forward to the next day when I will participate.

Mr. Yamada, and everyone, thank you for your hard work on this day's shooting touring!

★ If you missed the TV broadcast, you can watch it on TVer from the following URL (free) ★
Porsche touring will be aired towards the very end of the show:
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