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Porsche: Porsche ◇ September 11-12, 2021 ◆ Porsche The Rally -Amazing Moment-

Porsche Stamp Rally: Go to the Rally

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EBI Group event for Porsche owners

OriginallyPorsche rally event scheduled to be held on September 11, 2021Was supposed to have been held, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the influence of the coronavirus.

This event is planned and carried out by EBI, a dealer group that sells Porsche in Tokyo, and it is an event that those who have purchased Porsche 911 from the Porsche Center of the EBI Group can participate.

Click here for details:
Porsche The Rally -Amazing Moment-

This rally event was canceled this time, so I thought that there would be nothing until Corona settled down, but there! !!

Announcing that a mobile stamp rally called "Go to the Rally" will be held suddenly.

A mobile rally is a tour of pre-determined stamp rally points (in this case, Porsche of your car!), And when you get to that place, you use your smartphone to digitally stamp.

Stamps can be obtained using the location information of the smartphone.

There is also a method of logging in and accumulating stamps where it looks like an app, but in the EBI Porsche Stamp Rally, it is a type that uses a browser.

For the time being, if you have a smartphone that can use the browser, you can participate, but if you delete the history just because you are using the browser, the stamp history you got will also disappear, or if you use it in secret mode, no record will be left, etc. There are some points that make me nervous, so I think that those who can get started should definitely read the notes on the site.

This is the site of the EBI Porsche Stamp Rally ^ ^ Click here to participate in the event ↓

EBI Porsche Go to the Rally official website

By the way, please note that only those who purchased Porsche from the EBI group are eligible to participate this time as well.

The EBI Group's Porsche Center is as follows:

So, it's time to start.

If you make a point to run, you will start running immediately.

In this stamp rally, points were set roughly divided into two large areas.

One is the "Zushi / Shonan area" and the other is the "Hakone / Izu area". This time, we decided to focus on the "Hakone / Izu area".

I'm already running!

Stamp rally 1st: Toraya Kobo

First, Toraya Kobo. This was our first stamp rally point, so we experienced "stamp get" at the first Porsche stamp rally.

When I actually tried it, my husband was able to get a stamp even at the parking lot of Toraya Kobo (about 50 m away from the gate in front of the store entrance?), But my smartphone did not detect it easily. After passing through the gate, is it the second gate? I couldn't get a stamp unless I exceeded.

However, at the point after that, I did not detect it from a distance, so I think it depends on the GPS status of the smartphone at that time, but I can say that I have to get quite close to the destination. I wonder if it's no good.

However, it is not impossible unless you enter the store. However, if you don't go to the parking lot in front of you or the road in front of you, I think you can get a stamp from the road one ahead.

Second stamp rally: Restaurante Sakura Kagami

The second stamp is the Restaurante Sakura Kagami. Formerly known as Tantaroba del Museo Gotenba.

Oh yeah, when I first got the stamp, I also checked "Does the stamp history remain even if I close the browser?"

It was said that you shouldn't delete the browser history, but I thought it would be scary if it disappeared just by closing the browser itself.

However, even if you close the browser, if you start the browser again, the stamp history remains, so it seems that it is okay if you just close it. However, I'm scared if it disappears, so I think it's safer to check it on your smartphone on the spot when you get the first stamp ^ ^

By the way, I use chrome on android (because it says chrome on android).

Stamp rally 3rd: Unagi Sakuraya

The third stamp is the Unagi Sakuraya.

Well, I want to eat eel!

I thought, but it was "again" because the customers were already in line outside.


here. It's the third stamp get, so get a bonus! It seems that you can get a "jute square tote bag" at three points.

move on.

Stamp rally 4th: Kannami Mentai Park Izu

The fourth stamp is Kannami Mentai Park Izu.

Oh oh. here!

Humiliation in the previous Porsche Rally (No, that's not the case (laughs)),A place fooled by souvenirs pretending to be mentaiko!← There is too much malice in the wording (laughs).

No, but since it was the stamp point of the Porsche rally before, it was very emotional and nostalgic to come back here again.

Last time I couldn't see the inside of the store because I didn't have enough time, but this time I got "Jumbo Karashi Mentaiko Onigiri" with mentaiko.

When I started eating, I thought, "Hmm? Isn't there a lot of mentaiko?" ... It was a big misunderstanding, and as I continued to eat, there was a mess of mentaiko ^^

Stamp rally 5th: Ichigo Bon Bon BERRY Izunokuni factory

The fifth is Ichigo Bon Bon BERRY Izunokuni factory.

Ah, I just eat ice cream! !! !! But that kind of fun ^^

I will go steadily.

6th stamp rally: Mishima Skywalk

The sixth is the Mishima Skywalk.

What we are proud of is the pedestrian suspension bridge, which boasts the longest length of 400m in Japan.

My husband asked me, "Would you like to cross because it's a big deal?", But I didn't cross by saying something like "No, I don't want to go next because I don't have time!" ..

Well, I'm glad I didn't have to cross ...

I don't feel afraid of speeding up by car, but I immediately feel the danger of life when I cross a suspension bridge or dive into the sea (laughs).

Stamp Rally 7th: Jukkokutoge Rest House

The seventh is the Jukkokutoge Rest House. Oh, this is the place I visited before for Porsche touring.

8th stamp rally: Anest Iwata Sky Lounge

The 8th Anest Iwata Sky Lounge has also been several times in the pastPorsche meetingOrTouring,andPorsche rallyBut it's a place I'm stopping by.

I miss many things.

9th Stamp Rally: Hakone Hotel

The ninth is the Hakone Hotel (actually, a restaurant called Il Miraggio).

I misunderstood until I got here and thought that this was the place where the Porsche charging facility was installed, so "Meet Kaonashi!I was looking forward to it, but I couldn't meet because it was actually set up at the Fujiya Hotel in Hakone ... sorry.

10th stamp rally: Bakery & Table Hakone

Hmmm, it's finally the 10th stamp, this is Bakery & Table Hakone.

Stamp rally 10 pieces complete

Yes, now you can go around 10 points and get 10 mobile stamps safely.

On the screen of the smartphone, if the flag is on, it means that you got a stamp ↓

This is the end of our Porsche Stamp Rally.

Because, if you collect 10 stamps, you will get this privilege, so the purpose of this time was to achieve this ↓

Of course, if you have time, I think it's fun to drive around all the points.

However, because we didn't have that much time this time, we set the goal of getting 10 stamps to receive this privilege. It is said that the benefits will be available at the Porsche Center of the EBI Group at a later date, so I would like to ask you soon ^ ^

I think it's very easy for me to have a destination set, and I have a stamp rally-style event where I just have to run toward that destination.

I had a lot of fun on this day as well. Thank you for the fun event!

Discover a great Porsche shop

Oh, that's it.

During this stamp rally, I was most impressed by running around the Izu area, but what was that ...

That is this shop! !!

What! !!

Women's clothing store "Porsche" (laughs)! !! !!

What is this, isn't it? !! !! The place is Izu Shimoda Highway (near Izu Nagaoka Station). I wonder why this wasn't the stamp rally point (laughs).

The EBI Porsche Stamp Rally that met the women's clothing store Porsche. It was a lot of fun (that's it (laughs)?)!

Thank you ~.

It will be held until November 30, 2021. We still have time, so if you have time, why don't you enjoy it ^^?

EBI Porsche Go to the Rally official website

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