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Costco Makuhari store parking lot inclination measurement ... Can you go with Porsche 911 GT3?

Posted: December 13, 2018 Updated:

Measure the slope slope of the parking lot at Costco Makuhari

In the past, I was measuring the slope of the parking lot slope of each Costco store by asking "Where is Costco in the suburbs of Tokyo where you can go even with a low vehicle height of Porsche GT3?"

As a result, among Costco, which is within walking distance from Tokyo, the store with a parking lot slope that seems to be able to clear even the vehicle height of Porsche 911 GT3 is "Kawasaki store and Shin Misato storeI found out. "Tamasakai storeThe result is that it is a little tough.

By the way, if I don't care about the parking lot inclination problem with respect to the vehicle height, I have everI've been using Costco Wholesale Makuhari for a long time..

I knew that the parking slope of this Makuhari store was "terrible" because I was using it, and I was convinced that the Makuhari store could never come with GT3, so I did not measure it. ..

However. If you judge "This slope is OK with your eyes, you can go!", It's a positive thing, so I think it's okay, but how about a negative judgment with "This slope is NG, no!" Start thinking.

I'm sorry to Costco Makuhari if it's actually OK to actually measure it even if it's NG visually.

With that kind of commitment ... (I feel like it really? (Laughs)), I went to Costco in the suburbs of Tokyo to measure the slope of the parking lot slope of the last fort, "Costco Makuhari"! !! !! e? Leisure person?

I knew that the measurement at this time could be quite a suspicious person, so I went with someone who would go to the measurement again. Thank you, you can get along with such a suspicious person ^ ^

It's really encouraging just because I'm not alone at the time of measurement ... No, in fact, when measuring, even if there are two people, the pain in the line of sight received from the surroundings and their suspicion do not change (laugh) ).

To the steep slope of Costco Makuhari

By the way, the Costco parking lot in Makuhari is approaching. I will enter.

If you turn left at the end of this road ↓, you will find the steep slope of the Costco Makuhari store, which you are most afraid of this time.

Shazam! !! This is!

I was afraid of the slope of Costco Makuhari! After all ... it looks like a pretty gradient (I thought it was okay to visually NG after coming here (laughs)).

Moreover, since the slope and distance here are long, there are two stages, one that flattens once on the way and then goes up again.

As I climbed up, I hadn't noticed it until now, but in fact, Costco even gave a sign saying "Caution for steep slopes".

Let's start with the slopes on the upper floors of Costco. First of all, it is a slope that connects the "4th floor to the 5th floor (rooftop P3)" from the "3rd floor (P1)" to the "4th floor (P2)" that arrived after climbing this first steep slope.

Unless it is very crowded and sunny, it seems that it is difficult to go to the rooftop, so I think that there are almost no people who can climb this slope with GT3 or other low-height supercars. ..

However, for the time being, I couldn't hear the opinion that not only the slope leading to this rooftop, but also GT3 and supercars wouldn't come to Costco in the first place (laughs)).

This slope. 2.8% of the slope end (the slope end in this blog refers to the last landing point when going down the slope, the slope around the front → that is, the most likely place to slip),

The center is 8.4%,

The one closer to the roof is 9.6%,

It is a slope with a margin at all. Is this a level that can be cleared without a lifter?

By the way, when you climb up this slope, it looks like this on the rooftop ↓.

Now, next is the "slope that connects the 3rd floor (P1) and the 4th floor (P2)", which is one step down. It looks like it's more inclined than before ↓.

Here, the slope end is 5.2%,

The center area was 7.4%.

As for the inclination, it can be cleared even with Porsche GT3 without any problem.

Then, continue. The last challenge. It is a slope that connects from the 1st floor (parking lot entrance) to the 3rd floor (P1).

I will start from the 3rd floor. The area around the beginning of the first drop is about 8.3%.

And 13.3% at the slope end just before the turning point on the way here. It's pretty steep.

The slope once flattened starts around 8.4% ...

It becomes 14% ...

Marked 15% near the final slope end.

Even if you turn around and check the entire slope after descending to the bottom of the slope, it still looks quite inclined.

For the time being, the measurement is over, so I'll start shopping a little from here.

When you actually run, you will feel a steeper slope

Alright. After shopping, the Costco Makuhari store's strongest slope, which goes down from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor, which was measured last time, is actually lowered by Mr. Kuro Carrera.

Seen from the inside of the car, it looks like a slope.

At Carrera, I've been to Costco many times, and I was relieved that I hadn't rubbed it on this slope even when I was heavy with Costco's luggage in the trunk in front of the car. But….

After measuring the slope again, when the person who went with me said, "Oh, is this really okay?" And went down, I was a little worried, "Well, maybe I'm going to do it?" However, after all, if I went slowly, I was able to clear it without any problems.

However, with the inclination of the level feeling that "I know I can go, but I'm pretty excited", if you think only based on the measured values, there is a place where even GT3 may be able to manage with a lifter. Well, I think it's better to stop.

No, stop, come here with a Porsche GT3!

As expected, it was a steep parking lot slope at Costco Makuhari, which I was afraid of from the beginning. Unfortunately, it seems better not to come to the Makuhari store with a low-height car.

Porsche 911 GT3, Costco & IKEA in the suburbs of Tokyo that can be reached by supercar

The Costco store (and IKEA) that can be reached from Tokyo with the Porsche 911 GT3 is still

Costco: Kawasaki, Shin Misato
IKEA: Tokyo Bay, Shin Misato

The result was that it remained. Costco Tamasakai store and Makuhari store are "maybe you can go if you want to go", but I don't recommend it!

A Costco store that can still be reached from Tokyo?

By the way, all Costco stores that can be reached from Tokyo have been conquered! I was quite convinced and satisfied.

However. I just checked, "Isn't there any other store in the suburbs of Tokyo?" Wow! There were "Iruma store" and "Tsukuba store"! !! !! Both are about an hour from Tokyo ... No, it's a distance you can't go ...

No, no, but this is because "I wouldn't dare to go there from Tokyo", so I'm going to omit these two stores (laughs). It was a fun Costco tilt measurement ^^

Click the store name to go to the store HP, click the address to jump to the map

Costco Wholesale Tamasakai Warehouse
Phone number 042-798-6001
3-6-1 Oyamagaoka, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0215
Business hours Open all year round (excluding 1/1): 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
12/31 Business Hours: 8 am-6pm

Costco Wholesale Makuhari Warehouse
Phone number 043-213-4111
1-4 Toyosuna, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-0024
Business hours Open all year round (excluding 1/1): 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
12/31 Business Hours: 8 am-6pm

Costco Wholesale Kawasaki Warehouse
Phone number 044-270-1140
3-1-4 Ikegamishincho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0832
Business hours Open all year round (excluding 1/1): 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
12/31 Business Hours: 8 am-6pm

Costco Wholesale Shinmisato Warehouse
Phone number 048-950-0800
3-1-2 Shinmisato Lara City, Misato City, Saitama Prefecture 341-0009
Business hours Open all year round (excluding 1/1): 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
12/31 Business Hours: 8 am-6pm
* Gas station business hours: 8:30 am to 8:30 pm (open all year round except 1/1)

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