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Ferrari Racing Days 2023 @ Fuji Speedway

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Ferrari Racing Days 2023 @FSW

"Ferrari Racing Days 2023" was held at Fuji Speedway from July 1st to 2nd, 2023.

The Ferrari Racing Days (FRD) will be held at Fuji Speedway for the first time in 5 years since 2018 before Corona (in Suzuka, it will be held in 2022 for the first time in 4 years in Japan).

I participated in Ferrari Racing Days for the first time in 2018, and at that time I felt the wonderful world view of Ferrari and had a very enjoyable experience.

I will participate again this time.

It's an event where you can really enjoy "Ferrari" so closely.

Even I, who always thinks "Porsche, Porsche" in my head, when I go to FRD, my whole head is rewritten as "Ferrari, Ferrari" at once, I feel like I can fully enjoy the world of Ferrari.

Our family didn't participate in the family drive or parade run this time, so we didn't have to go early in the morning, so it was a leisurely start.

As the FSW draws nearer, I begin to encounter various Ferraris, so my tension rises from this point onwards.

I thought that this is a good way to participate in an event like this time, "I don't particularly participate in the driving program".

If you apply for the driving program, there will be a briefing before the race, preparation for the race, then time for the race, and it will take quite a bit of time.

Of course, it's fun to participate in the driving program, but it was a new experience that sometimes it's good to do nothing like this ^^

So, this time, I had plenty of time during the event, so I was able to enjoy the world of Ferrari slowly.

I knew that the road back from FSW (in the evening) would be congested for about 100%, so I decided that the M3, which can use automatic driving, would be the most convenient, so I used the BMW M3 until FSW on this day.

As soon as I approached the venue, Ferraris came into view.

Flat cars are lined up (how to say). Cool Ferrari. Really.

Oh, aren't these two 296GTB and 296GTS?

I'm a little happy that I was able to see the 296 GTB and GTS lined up next to each other so quickly ^ ^

First of all, I walked toward the back more and more to the reception, but all the information, notices, etc. are all Ferrari specifications.

The huge Pirelli booth is just like an event venue, and even this kind of thing raises the tension.

The crystal room where the reception is located is on the 2nd floor, so when you go up to the 2nd floor, you can see the scenery from above, which is all Ferrari.

Everywhere you look is exciting. This support trailer alone is so cool that I'm so excited.

This is the parking for Ferrari overlooking from above. It's natural, but it's full of Ferraris.

Lounge@Crystal Room

And I thought I was finally at the reception desk, but this time I didn't have to go to the reception desk when I arrived at the venue.

There was a QR code that was issued in advance, so I had to check the QR code when entering the crystal room (I had to check it every time I entered).

The inside of the crystal room is like this, and it is summarized in red main + black.

Ferrari Daytona SP3

In the center is the exhibition of Ferrari Daytona SP3.

Finger food and drinks are provided in this room.

Immediately after arriving at the venue, there was also bread in the time zone before lunch started. Finger food was eaten little by little and it was delicious, so I ate a lot ^ ^

The food served at the Ferrari event is the most delicious of all the manufacturer events I've been to.

In the Crystal Room, there are other nail services, Pirelli sisters, and Poltrona Frau exhibitions...

Also exhibited by Richard Mille.

At Richard Mille, I said, "I can't buy it at all~", but the store gave me a nice catalog.

This is probably the only connection I have with Richard Mille in my life, both later and later (laughs).

There are many running programs that can be watched at FRD

One of the big attractions at FRD is that you can watch driving programs such as F1 Clienti, XX Programme, and Ferrari Challenge Japan.

From the Crystal Room, I could see that preparations for the upcoming Ferrari Challenge were progressing steadily.

I also like the time before the race starts like this.

It's been 3 minutes until the start of the run, so leave the crystal room here and go up to the 3rd floor.

Watching the Ferrari Challenge start from the 3rd floor, I was excited to hear the "sound of the race" for the first time in a while. It's really good ~. the best.

However, is it a little slower than I thought? I thought, but when I asked about it, it was a very sunny and hot day, so the road surface temperature was high, so the tires would sag even if I ran too fast. However, it was a difficult situation that required control to ensure that the tires weren't damaged by going too fast, and to find the perfect spot to drive as fast as possible." I see.

On the 3rd floor where we could watch the Ferrari Challenge from above, there was a space where the participants could relax.

This 3F space was relatively empty at any time of the day, so it felt like a hot spot ^ ^

Furthermore, there is also a place where you can have Venchi gelato on this 3rd floor.

There are two types, chocolate and pistachio.

Both were delicious.

In the back is an exhibition of Roman spiders. Roma is cool after all.

I've already let go of my home RomeThat's why, it was really cool and I really liked the car because it felt luxurious even if I was just riding slowly ^ ^

Drinks are served on the 3rd floor, as well as small desserts that you can enjoy freely.

Is it because Ferrari is Italian? I have a very fulfilling image about food that says, "I won't let you go hungry."

As a glutton, I love Ferrari events just because I don't have to worry about starving (laughs).

There was also a space for FOCJ (Ferrari Owners' Club Japan) on the 3rd floor.

Only club members could enter, and talk shows were held inside.

Also a kids space.

Then, when I checked the state of the circuit again, oh, F1 is coming out! !

Ferrari Pit Tour

This time, I was very grateful to be able to get a tour of various places such as the inside of the pit through an acquaintance. Thank you

First of all, from here where the F1 cars are lined up.


There are a lot of F1 cars engraved with the name of Michael Schumacher, and when I think, "Is this the person who got on this?" I got goosebumps.

I don't have enough knowledge, so I can't understand it, but even if I can't understand it, I'm impressed just by seeing various structures.

Both F1 cars were able to attach a GoPro to the top of the driver's seat ^ ^

Furthermore, the cars of the Ferrari XX program.

The XX program is a development program for a circuit-only car by "Corse Clienti", and I don't know what it's saying anymore.

It's amazing!

Because, in the first place, they use these to start the engines of these cars ... ↓

No, I don't know what you're talking about anymore (laughs).

In addition, I will walk the pit lane and show you various things.

The next pits are the areas of the cars participating in the Ferrari Challenge.

Both cars are cool, and they all have the feeling that everyone has been fighting.

Some of them are decorated with trophies from the first race of the day ^ ^

There is also a repair area for broken vehicles along the way, and there are everything from large parts such as bumpers to small parts such as a single screw! It was prepared so much that it could handle any kind of repair.

And what everyone said in unison was, "The mechanics from Italy are amazing."

It seems that everything will be handled quickly and repaired.

Ferrari professionals in Japan say, "Italian mechanics are too amazing," so I guess it really feels like God's hand.

It's wonderful that the scars on the running car are proof that they've been fighting seriously.

There was a car with an open front, so I was able to see it, but of course there was no trunk at the front. It seems to be sucked in.

Lunch@Crystal Room

Well, now that it's lunchtime, I'd like to return to the Crystal Room.

Tables are set at lunchtime, and lunch is served at each reservation time that has been taken in advance with a time lag. A QR code is also required to enter the lunch venue.

Some people who read the QR code said, "Oh, the customer is from 14:00, so it's not yet." I thought it would be nice if things didn't seem to happen.

Click here for today's lunch menu ↓

Both were delicious, but one thing I thought was a little confusing was the system of "self-service only for drinks and pasta" on the menu.

Drinks are good, but if only pasta is self-service in the dish, some people will take the pasta first before the appetizer is brought, and others will go to get the pasta in the middle of the course according to the menu. There are some people who are overwhelmed, so it is too impossible for all the waitstaff to grasp it.

As a result, there was confusion as to who served what and when. I'm like, "I haven't received the main dish yet."

I don't know why only one of the meals was self-service (laughs).

It might have been easier to understand if everything was served or, on the contrary, it was all self-service. Ah, if I make everything self-service, I might end up eating a lot of one dish thinking, "This is delicious."

By the time we finished lunch, preparations for the photo shoot and parade run had begun.

Ferraris lined up on the home straight. Amazing view.

While being surprised by the sight of Ferraris spreading in front of me, for meThe Masami Meeting I attended the other dayI was even more surprised when I met the staff again (laughs).

Is there such a coincidence? ?

When I was here as a staff member of FRD, I was told, "You were at the Masami Meeting the other day, right?" It was nice to meet you again here.

These safety cars were just watching when I met him. The safety car of the Ferrari Challenge on this day is also a Ferrari ↓

Many of the participants were running a parade and the venue was empty. .

A huge tent was set up in the parking lot area. Too awesome. Afterwards, I was told by someone else that I thought, "Sure!", but this tent is fully air-conditioned.↓

Prosangue greets you when you enter.

There were various old and new Ferraris on display.

There is also an exhibition about the history of the Ferrari Challenge, and I am glad that I can write it in an easy-to-understand manner for someone like me who is not familiar with Ferrari.

And this red car is a 365GTB/4 known as the Daytona↓

The seat design used in this car is said to be the beginning of the "Daytona seat", which is still left as a seat option for Ferrari.

let's see.

oh. Is true!

When I looked into the car, there was a so-called "This is the Daytona seat" and there was a seat with a design that you see when you select an option. These are the roots.

Ferrari TaylorMade was introduced on the other side of the tent.

Tailor Made is a service that allows you to customize everything from the exterior to the interior of the Ferrari you purchase, and you can create your own one-of-a-kind Ferrari in the world.

Every time you add an item to customize, the amount of money that makes you wonder "What?"

This Ferrari seat has a slightly classic leather feel, but it seems that this is also customized with old leather and such options. You can really choose from various details. ↓

Ferrari 296GT3

After this, it was time to start the official pit tour of Ferrari Racing Days, which I had reserved, so I moved there.

The pit tour is a matter of course, but I went to the meeting place thinking that it would be a tour where I could see the inside of the pit, but when I went there, for some reason, I was suddenly waiting for an unveiling in front of me. one Ferrari.

I thought I was in the wrong place, but after that, people from Italy who came to Japan told me that Ferrari won Le Mans, and the car in front of me was Anne. was veiled.

Ferrari 296 GT3 was unveiled. Car Guy Racing's car.

After unveiling, he explained the 296GT3 further, and then the pit tour started.

By the way, the video of Le Mans 2023 was played here, and it was cool! !

Please turn up the volume and watch it (3:23)↓

In the following pit tour, the Ferrari will explain the various places I visited earlier.

This XX program car (FXX-K EVO?) has an electric motor, so when the car that is driving comes to the pit stop or after it has finished running, the protrusion on the part circled in yellow will always It seems that you can only touch the car after confirming that the blinking light of the part has changed from red to green.

… a small story? It's also interesting to hear

After going around the pits, we all went to the Pirelli booth and received greetings from Pirelli.

Outside of the pit tour, I was able to see the tires being changed right in front of me, so the big center lock tires were making a banging sound. It's also fresh to be seen.

I've written it so far, but anyway, it was a very fun Ferrari-filled day.

Later, when I met the people who participated in this event, we were so excited that we said to each other, "FRD was really good!"

All in all, I think the F1 car was the one that made me think the most about the whole day.

The power of F1, the sense of speed that you can actually see in front of you, and the sound is so different, it's moving, moving, moving. It was cool ~. The video was taken from inside the room, so the sound is not captured properly, but just the atmosphere.

This was the last souvenir I received before leaving. Maybe a shoe bag. It is quite big so that a large men's thing can enter ↓

When I headed to the parking lot, the second Ferrari Challenge had just started, so I went to the parking lot while watching the game.

Twice in the short time I was heading to the parking lot, I saw different cars spinning, so I was nervous, but I was glad that everyone who was coming from behind was able to dodge well. .

While listening to the good sound of Ferrari, when I finally entered the parking lot, there were two Porsches.

Hmm, after all Porsche is cute. cool.

Until I came here, my head was almost brainwashed by 100% Ferrari, and it was the moment when Porsche suddenly returned to my brain (laughs).

No, but Ferrari is cool after all.

Ferrari's world view is really not everyday, it's a different world, it's really exciting.

Not only the people who drive Ferraris as professionals, the people who develop them, the mechanics, and the Ferrari cars themselves are amazing, but also the gentleman drivers (amateur drivers) are really amazing. , Furthermore, the quality level of Ferrari's hospitality is really high and wonderful even in places that are not related to driving, and all of these things add up to say "Ferrari is amazing".

The photo source isHere

I'm really happy to be able to experience the world of Ferrari like this. And I want many people to know this wonderful world of Ferrari and hospitality.

Thank you to all the sales people at Ferrari and Cornes, the management, the people involved, and the staff for letting me experience a wonderful day.

It was the best Ferrari Racing Days 2023 ^ ^!

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