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2023 Super Formula & Super Trofeo Asian Championship @ Fuji Speedway

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Watch Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian Championship

On Sunday, July 16th, 2023, I was able to attend the "Super Trofeo Asian Championship" held at Fuji Speedway, courtesy of Lamborghini Shiba, who has always been indebted to me.

First of all, a parcel delivery service arrived for watching the game in advance, but the box used for packing was normally prepared by a parcel delivery service, but the Corns decorated with Lamborghini on the side. Our sales person is wonderful, isn't it ^^? ?

Just by doing this, the degree of tension rise will be different, "Hmm, something from Lamborghini?"

The contents are a pass for watching Super Formula & Super Trofeo and a parking pass.

BullRun "Road to FUji"

As Lamborghini, we also held an event touring from Tokyo to Fuji Speedway with Lamborghini for watching this Super Trofeo.

It was called "BullRun 'Road to Fuji'", and it seemed that quite a few Lamborghinis were touring on the day heading to FSW.

On this day, I went to FSW in Porsche instead of Lamborghini (sorry...), so I didn't participate in Bull Run.

On the way to FSW, I got caught in a terrible traffic jam, and it took me 3 hours to get to FSW from Tokyo. It was great after a long time.

When I finally arrived at the FSW and parked the car at the designated parking, Lamborghinis were there.

I think that everyone here has been touring at Bull Run.

The sight of everyone running at high speed must have been quite a sight.

Heading from the parking lot to the paddock, FSW was allowed to stay over the weekend, which was a "festival" for the Super Formula, so there were many people watching the race in tents.

It was a hot day, so I think it was quite difficult in the tent even though it was shaded, but what do you think? Is it surprisingly comfortable?

No, it's hot, isn't it...?

Due to the delay in arriving at FSW due to traffic jams, the Super Formula pit walk had already started when I arrived at the paddock, so I entered from the PORSCHE gate for the time being and participated in the pit walk. People, people, people.

When I finally arrived at FSW, I was overwhelmed by the amazing people.

The pit area where the Lamborghini Super Trofeo cars are waiting at the end of the paddock.

I would like to take a closer look at this later ^ ^

Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian Championship

After the pit walk, Round 3 of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia finally started.

The safety car is Urus.

Lamborghinis coming in one after another.

After all, the race cars you see in front of you are powerful.

Just looking at it makes me feel more and more excited.

Lamborghini Hospitality Lounge

Just before the race, the spectators had to leave the pitlane, so I was finally able to move to the Lamborghini Hospitality Area (Crystal Room) at this timing to check in for the day.

At the reception, you will receive a wristband and put it on.

The hospitality lounge by Lamborghini is very nice because it has a calm and cool decoration with a dark feeling.

This is what it looked like when everyone hadn't returned from the pits yet, but when the race started, the Crystal Room was bustling with people.

In addition, in the crystal room, there is an exhibition of CARBON champagne, which was also used in this champagne fight.

ROGER DUBUIS booth too.

There were also two other simulators set up, and most of the time this simulator was used by children who had come from overseas to enjoy themselves.

The adults were busy watching the race, so I think the children were able to spend their time without getting bored with the simulator.

It's fun and above all ^^

The start of the Super Trofeo is finally approaching.

At the start, I left the Crystal Room and went up to the roof to listen to the actual sound in front of me.

No ~, it's fun!

After watching the game outside for a while, I returned to the Crystal Room to watch the game.

In the straight, you can see the actual car running in front of you, and in the other areas, you can watch the race on the monitor inside the venue.

In the Super Trofeo that day, there was contact, there was a spin, and even though the tires were gone, the car continued to run and smoke was coming out.

Can you see that the Lambo shown on this screen does not have a right rear tire? Still run, run

Of course, I knew that I was running to return to the pit, but even so, I was like, "Wow, is it really okay to run in that state??"

After that, a lot of smoke came out, and the area around the rear fender was also puffed up.

By the way, it was possible to have a light meal while watching the race, and lunch at lunchtime, so let me introduce that.

This food area was set up in the center of the Crystal Room, and we were able to receive snacks and meals here.

The menu looks like this.

Since the race I am watching this time is the Super Trofeo Asia, most of the participating drivers are from overseas.

Therefore, since many of the people who came to support and watch the race with the drivers and teams were from overseas, the staff who provided these meals were all from overseas.

Communication is in English, as Japanese is almost non-existent.

The pizza is baked on the spot, and the pasta is also cooked on the spot. Full Italian. Freshly baked pizza was very delicious ^ ^

Even so, while watching the race, there were so many ups and downs happening that I was so nervous that I couldn't even eat.

Me too, but everyone else was looking at the monitor and their hands stopped in the middle of eating (laughs).

Furthermore, there were a lot of people watching the game from overseas, so every time we were watching the monitor and something happened, our voices would go "OH!!!" OH~!!”

The atmosphere was fun~^^

At the venue, the CEO of Lamborghini Japan also made a speech.

After the race, visit the pits of the Super Trofeo cars.

Lambo who finished running.

The race is over and everyone is preparing to withdraw.

In the pit, some teams are displaying the trophies they won that day.

Some people brought their trophies into the Crystal Room and had lunch with their families with the trophies.

When I told the sales person at Cornes, "Something happened today, wasn't there?"

Lamborghini racing? Everyone is amazing.

2023 Super Formula Watching

Since it is a big deal, I will also walk the paddock area where the Super Formula pits are located.

I came here to watch the Super Trofeo, but the main event of the day was the Super Formula held at FSW.

Therefore, FSW as a whole is filled with the atmosphere of Super Formula.

"All Japan Super Formula Championship Round 6" was held on this day.

By the way, the tires used in this year's Super Formula are racing tires that use renewable raw materials such as naturally-derived compounding agents and recycled materials developed by Yokohama Rubber. It is a "carbon-neutral racing tire" that achieves the adoption of recycled materials and renewable raw materials.

The final started at 14:30 and lasted 41 laps.

Super Formula is a world I don't know at all, and that's why the excitement is different from usual.

When I arrived at the Porsche Gate, there were many children and adults wearing yellow-green bibs.

It seems that KidZania's off-site program called Out of KidZania in Super Formula was held, and the children seemed to experience various things such as grid board staff and mechanics (!). pretty.

Here I also go to the grid walk.

This time, Super Formula cars are starting to line up, and some race queens are there...

There are also cute race queens (?) and boys with grid boards.

Maybe it's because they're wearing costumes, but they don't wear yellow-green bibs, but are they also Kidzania? (sorry if it's irrelevant)

It goes without saying that formula cars are completely different from so-called ordinary passenger cars, so the more I see them, the more I can't help but think, "It's too amazing to run in this."

Without a roof, you can't even imagine the world that spreads out in front of you from the driver's seat.

By the way, it was written in the official booklet I received that day, but while the Toyota Yaris weighs about 1,210kg, the formula car weighs 677kg with the driver on board.

The mechanics were adjusting various things until the last minute.

I love watching mechanics at work. I think it's really cool.

Furthermore, as part of the FSW Super Formula Festival, an event was held for the spectators, like "Shooting a T-shirt with a bazooka". It is said that everyone will compete for it.

Both shooting and receiving seemed to be fun, and it was fun just watching. It flies a great distance.

When the grid walk of Super Formula is over, go to the crystal room for the time being.

After all, I have to enjoy the live sound as well! And watching the game from the rooftop.

When I hear the word formula car, I think it's close to F1, so I thought it would be more high-pitched like F1, but surprisingly, the sound was much lower than that of F1.

But it was crazy fast. It seems to be as fast as F1.

When I looked at the times to see how fast they were, everyone was running FSW in the 1'25 range. fast….

Watch the Super Formula outside, or come back to the Crystal Room if it gets too hot.

Even so, even though the Super Formula finals are 41 laps around the FSW, Formula cars go laps faster and faster than you can imagine, like, "Wow, 10 laps already?"

In this race, it is a condition that "4 tires must be changed", so every car will come to change tires, so I was able to show some tire changes from above. I was very excited again.

It only happened for a few seconds, but even I, who was watching for those few seconds, became tense and my body got stronger and stared at it. !"

Oh yeah, and I didn't know that since 2009, Super Formula has been equipped with an "overtaking system", and when the driver pushes the button to overtake the car in front, There is a system that temporarily increases the engine output.

Heh~ (I didn't know about it until now, even though I've been employed since 2009). It seems that the overtaking system can only be used for a total of 200 seconds.

I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the contents.

I think that if there is a pre-explanation about the race that is simple enough for even a child to understand, people who are watching the race for the first time will be able to enjoy it more, and more people will like watching the race afterwards. For those who don't have it, beginners) I feel that the world is still difficult to understand unless you do your own research.

After the race, I went to see the podium for the first time this time.

It was my first time watching Super Formula and Super Trofeo Asia, and I really enjoyed both.

Watching a race makes me very excited both during and after watching the race, even though I wasn't even running. I was able to

It was fun ~ ^^

From the atmosphere of the entire circuit at the time of the race, to the team members, mechanics, drivers, cars running through, and the excited spectators, everything is exciting, and it is a really exciting day. have become.

Mr. Lamborghini, who gave me a very fun and exciting day,Cornes Motors Lamborghini TurfThank you very much!

Source:Super Formula Official Site

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