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Compare Ferrari Roma and Aston Martin Vantage (design)

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Ferrari "Roma" announced

"Rome" was announced by Ferrari on November 13, 2019, but right after it was announced and its appearance was released, I see it in various places like "This is not like Ferrari, isn't it?" Opinion.

What does it mean to be non-Ferrari? When I look at it, the most common opinion I've seen is "Aston Martin-ish." Besides, Maserati, Porsche, etc.

This Ferrari Roma isFerrari PortofinoIt seems that it is a model announced as a coupe version of, but when I LINE to my husband that this Rome was announced, the comment I wrote with this picture of Rome is also "Somehow Ferrari" Isn't it like that? "

This "Rome" this time.

It's not like Ferrari, but it's nice and I'm pretty worried about it ... so I've seen a lot.

Ferrari Roma, Aston Martin Vantage comparison

There, I found a video of a designer comparing this Rome with Aston Martin's Vantage and Maserati's Alfieri concept.

Marouane, also known as "The Sketch Monkey", a digital artist, is comparing this design this time. Even so, for me as an amateur, just looking at his Photoshop work makes me feel good ^^

So I would like to take a look.

Marouane compared the just-announced Ferrari Roma (from top to bottom) with the Aston Martin Vantage and Maserati's Alfieri concept car, which represents the Grand Tourer genre. ↓

To make it easier to visually compare the three cars, the logo, grille, headlights, etc. of each car have been removed to emphasize the shape of the body so that it is easy to understand. And all the wheels are matched to the same one.

First of all, he said, one line of this red line ↓ This is "Aston Martin-like".

Especially, it seems to be the red 〇 part here ... ↓ I thought that it was 100% Aston Martin just by the line from this part. I don't know if I'm an amateur (laughs).

Furthermore, the shape of the grill part and the design of the window are also Aston Martin (However, it seems that Aston Martin is characterized by the height from the ground to the window).

By the way, the design of this red circle part of Maserati is "this is a Maserati feeling". Do you understand ^^?

Yeah, it feels like the end of the window is straight. I see, this is Maserati.

So, according to the designer, Ferrari Roma seems to be returning to the traditional Italian style.

For example, 612 Scaglietti ...

And 550 Maranello ...

Like the 575M Maranello ... it's definitely a timeless design.

Next is the story of the rear.

Regarding the rear part, the bulge of the fender part of the rear tire is something that Aston Martin does not have (Aston is a straight line).

However, looking at the lower part of the rear logo and the diffuser area, it seems that they are similar.

Furthermore, when he first saw the rear of Ferrari Roma, he said, "I thought it was like a Porsche 911."

I feel like I understand that too.

Like the new Panamera, although the shape is a little different, it looks like a Taycan overall (Isn't that the case ^^?).

Even so, I thought it would be interesting for professionals to see it from various perspectives. As an amateur, I was only thinking "Hmm, is it somehow similar?", But when I was told "This line is Aston Martin", I learned "Hah ~" ^^


Ferrari Roma announced this time.

Although it is said that it is not Ferrari-like in various ways, I think this is an ant. splendid.

This is one that I want to consider positively ^^! !!

Here is a comparison video ↓


Ferrari announces new coupe, "Rome" ... 620 horsepower twin turbo installed
Ferrari Roma vs. Aston Martin Vantage Design Comparison Tells the Truth

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