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Ferrari 296 GTB test drive

Posted: May 23, 2022 Updated:

120 ° V6 engine + plug-in hybrid (PHEV) motor

At Cornes Shiba, I tried a Ferrari 296 GTB ^^

This car isAsset Fiorano package (ASSET TO FIORANO) model that you showed me before..

At first I wasn't familiar with this design, which I used to call myself a platypus Perry, and now it looks really cool, so if you want to buy it, it's Asset Fiorano! A level that seems to be (but in reality it is impossible because a lifter cannot be attached).

The V6 engine installed at an angle of 120 degrees certainly seemed to settle in a very low position with a horizontally opposed feeling, as it was said, "It feels almost horizontally opposed."

Furthermore, this 296 GTB is a V6 engine + plug-in hybrid, so for me it was my first PHEV Ferrari experience! !!

I'm sorry & scared that something in your car wasn't good at first, even if it was a test drive, except for my (or my home) car. I can't ride.

Therefore, on this day as well, I decided to have my husband test drive, saying "I'm okay (driving)".

It's a two-seater car, so my husband went out with a professional driver.

I was watching the engine start from behind, but it was quiet when the engine started! !! !! The quietness of an electric car, "Huh? It took? It took?"

However, as I suddenly remembered when I was in a warm-up state before departure, the engine started.

I'm not sure, but it seems that Ferrari may start the engine when it first thinks something like this instead of manually changing it?

I'm sorry I don't understand well. * Of course, you can manually switch from electric to engine.

After my husband went out for a test drive, I started talking with the sales person who was left on the spot ... If there was another sales person who was just different, there was a chat like a well-end meeting with three people from there. The beginning ...

This was a lot of fun ^^

The story about various Ferraris, etc., the time passed in a blink of an eye, and when I noticed, my husband returned from the test drive.

In other words, we were standing outside for 30-40 minutes all the time, but I didn't think it was too much fun and too much time.

Moreover, this time, the sales person who was always in charge was not convenient on this day, so it was exciting with the two people I met for the first time (laugh). It was a lot of fun, thank you!

I have driven a Ferrari 296 GTB

My husband came back and advised me, "I always say I don't drive at first, but it's fun to ride, so please go." Well, I'm sure there isn't a great opportunity to get on the 296 GTB. "Then, please use the passenger seat!" To the passenger seat experience (passenger seat (laughs)).

What a professional racing driver who drove and got on board on this day! !! I was a woman ~.

Miki Onaga, isn't it rare for a professional racer? Those who are from Okinawa.

It's also difficult to meet female drivers, so after getting into the passenger seat, I was so happy that I could become a racing driver from Okinawa before talking about cars (environmentally). ) It's rare, isn't it ?! ”, I just heard about Miki Sanzan ^^

As I told Miki, when female driver Danica Patrick first appeared in Daytona at NASCAR, the famous word before the start was "Gentlemen, Start your engines" in Daytona until then. In addition, when Danica appeared, it became "Lady and Gentlemen, Start your engines".

I remember being very impressed at this time.

I wanted her to open up a new world, and I wanted her to shine in the current racing world.

Ah, the number of people who want to support me has increased ~ ^^

By the way, she let me experience various performances of the 296 GTB.

I ran on the Metropolitan Expressway, but of course it's a public road, so it's not like driving on a circuit, but it's still stable at curved corners! !!

Where the rear spoiler of the 296 GTB goes up

In addition, I was able to see the "place where the rear spoiler goes up" that I can't usually see.

When decelerating at a stretch from a certain amount of acceleration, the (?) Rear spoiler, which is usually hidden in the part surrounded by green, comes out upward.

Moreover, this cannot be raised manually, so it can only be seen while driving.

That's why I took it! !!

Here is the image when the rear spoiler of Ferrari 296 GTB comes up. It's quite rare ~ ^^ ↓

In the case of Porsche, the retracted type rear wing rises when it is accelerated above a certain speed, but in the case of Ferrari, "to stop the car (to improve control during higher performance driving)" when braking It seems that it is a rear spoiler that goes up to make the downforce of ")".

Haha. That's right ~. I learned a lot.

By the way, I was allowed to experience the passenger seat in that way and adrenaline came out, so after all I decided to take turns on the way and drive ^ ^

I ran with the Metropolitan Expressway & general road.

By letting me test drive, I could understand even the 10%, which has the wonderful performance of this wonderful Ferrari 296 GTB, because my performance is low, not Ferrari (laugh), so I did not understand much. think.

Still, the Ferrari 296 GTB is a great car! I was able to feel that it was amazing, and I was able to actually feel the awesomeness of driving by a professional driver.

What I can say by driving myself is that I was able to drive the Ferrari 296 GTB without any problems, and it was a lot of fun! That is.

Models like Ferrari Roma and Portofino made me think "the front is long!" When I sat in the driver's seat, and I was scared of it and couldn't drive. (* Of course, this is my case, and there are many women who are driving without problems.)

but,Just like F8With this 296 GTB, I don't feel the length of the front, the view from the driver's seat is very good, and the rearview mirror is perfectly easy to see.

The width is narrow for Ferrari (1,958 mm), so I enjoyed running purely without fear of driving.

Even so, the 296 GTB boasts 830 horsepower, and although it should be scary at the first test drive, when I tried to "step on it a little", it was a car that said "Oh, no, this is fast" ^ ^

Ferrari 296 GTB theme is Fun to Drive

As I told you on this day, this Ferrari 296 GTB is a car pursued under the theme of "Fun to Drive", and when I heard that, "Well, is this a Japanese car?" I said.

Because, Fun to Drive ... (laughs).

The concept of Rome was "La Nuova Dolce Vita", A new sweet life in Italian. Somehow nice.

The 296GTB is Fun to Drive.

Fan to drive.

Fufufu. Somehow suddenly casual.

I'm sorry, I got stuck there. But as the theme really says, the 296 GTB was "Fun to Drive", and it was a car that I thought was "fun!" While driving ^^

It seems that I was already smiling when I drove back to Mr. Cornes. It was fun! Miki Okina is in the passenger seat ↓

Not only did I have the Ferrari 296 GTB experience, but on this day I was able to suddenly have a Ferrari 296 GTB Women's Drive Party (?), And it was a very enjoyable day not only for the car but also for all of them. I did.

Thank you, Mr. Cornes Shiba, the sales people who dealt with me during the waiting time, Mr. Miki Onaga ^^

The Ferrari 296 GTB, a little negative about not being a pure gasoline car, "But this model is a hybrid" did not come up surprisingly at all, it was just "It's fun to drive!" ^ ^

Oh yeah, the 296 GTB is really quiet when it's powered by a motor, but its sound when in engine mode was awesome!

This also feels good. The best.

It was a wonderful Ferrari where you can experience the theme itself of Fun to Drive (← I like it because it's too hot (laughs))! !!

Thank you ^^

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