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Ferrari F8 Tributo Drive: Go eat soba at F8

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Ferrari F8 Tributo drive ~

Ferrari Roma has just been deliveredHowever, for some reason I have been riding a Ferrari F8 Tributo recently because I have a relationship without riding in Rome. I don't know what will happen in life ^^

I didn't buy it, but I'm happy to enjoy the F8 because I can ride it.

BeforeAt the time of the test drive, I couldn't drive because I was frustrated.This time, I also have a driving experience.

The width of the car was wide, so I was a little nervous at first, but I was able to drive normally. Yokatta.

Ferrari F8 Triboot, for the time being, my favorite point may be the suction port that can be seen from this side mirror ^ ^

Every time I saw this, I thought "Oh, it's cool" (strange?).

On this day, I had a feeling of "I want to drive an F8 Tributo" and a feeling of "I want to eat soba", and as a result of various studies, I decided to go to Kanagawa prefecture to eat soba. ..

It was a nice day and Ferrari drive was a pleasant day.

And F8, cool ^^!

The sound of the turbo is amazing

As for the impression that I got on the F8 ... First of all, I felt that the sound was not like Ferrari from my point of view.

The engine start sound is similar to the start sound of the California T.

However, I feel that it was completely different from the California T (with handling speciale) in the subsequent driving. Of course, I'm not saying that the sound is bad. It's just the impression that it doesn't feel like the Ferrari sound you know.

Phone even at high rpm! Rather than making a sensual sound, it's more like a low-pitched sound (I'm too bad at expressing it (laughs)).

I think I just don't know Ferrari, but the Ferrari sound inside me seemed a bit different from what I thought it was.

However, when I stepped on, I heard a turbo swooshing sound from behind the seat, so this turbo screaming sound is not the ratio of Porsche 911, but rather "Oh, dentist A high-pitched turbo sound that sounds like you hear at a dentist.

So I'm sorry I'm too bad at expressing it (laughs).

F8 acceleration G feels in the lower abdomen

And this turbo is screaming! When accelerating to the extent that I could hear the sound, I had the experience of "feeling G around my lower abdomen" for some reason in the case of F8.

When accelerating with F8, you feel G not in the whole body but in the so-called lower part of the stomach. This was strange.

But the feeling of acceleration under this tummy is a pleasure, and I can feel the power of this car and this is an experience that seems to be addictive ^ ^

And great acceleration. As expected.

My husband was also trying cruise control when driving ... I mean, F8 also has cruise control! It's amazing!

* This photo was taken by me reaching out from the passenger seat. Cruise control due to traffic jam ↓

I enjoyed the F8 Triboot experience.

This time, on the way back from Kanagawa prefecture, I was able to drive everything from Tomei Expressway to the Metropolitan Expressway, and then to the parking lot in Tokyo until I stopped, so it was a very satisfying and enjoyable experience for me.

Thank you for letting me experience F8. It was fun ^^!

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