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Ferrari: Ferrari ◆ June 30th-July 1st, 2018 Ferrari Racing Days 2018

Ferrari Racing Days 2018: Part 2 Hospitality Lounge & Lunch

Posted: July 4, 2018 Updated:

Held at Fuji Speedway for 2 days from June 30th (Sat) to July 1st (Sun), 2018Ferrari Racing Days 2018I went on the first day of the race, but the schedule is unexpectedly tight because I plan to experience circuit driving twice (family driving & sports driving) this time.

Because, of course, you have to go to the circuit at the fixed time, and before that, you have to participate in the briefing decided in each time frame, so it is a short 1 I had to go to a specific place four times during the day by running + briefing x2.

In the meantime, I had to watch various events and have lunch, so I went to the hospitality lounge to check where and how to eat lunch. ..

The hospitality lounge is beyond the area that only people with an owner pass can enter.

In addition, in the area where this owner can enter, there was a notice saying "Which pass people can enter and which pass people cannot enter".

The notice in the photo below says, "Partners and media people are not allowed." By the way, "partner" seemed to refer to the sponsor brand that had opened the store, or such a person.

By the way, when I tried to go up the stairs around that area on the way, I was guided to "I can't enter here, please go over there", but it is better to enter with a so-called general ticket (not the owner pass). It seems that people with an owner pass were also restricted from going to the place where they could enter (though I think it is a part).

The hospitality lounge also had a lounge exclusively for participants of this special "XX Program" and "F1 Clienti".

Of course, we can't enter here. This is a special lounge only for those who participate in these programs.

This lounge can only be seen from the outside by the general public.

No, I'm sure the conversation between the owners inside is amazing! XX Program, F1 Clienti, etc. (general owners) can't imagine how to do that anymore.

The joy of driving hundreds of millions of cars that can only be driven on the circuit a few times a year ... is an area that I can no longer understand. It's too amazing ...

This special lounge has a fairly limited number of ownership passes to allow entry in this way, and no one related to a regular owner pass can enter.

Now, I would like to head to the so-called normal hospitality lounge that I can enter.

This is the whole feeling. Tables and chairs were installed in the spacious space, sofas were installed near the window where the circuit could be seen, and shops of sponsors and partner companies were opened along the surrounding walls.

In the center, interviews with racers were also held on the way. Oh yeah, one thing that surprised me here.

If you get chocolate or something, you will hear a voice calling "Rika! Rika!" Nearby. If I didn't care at all, "Somehow a person with the same name is being called", the voice will grow louder, "Rika !!", so if you look in that direction. What. I had a friend ^^

A woman who went to the same university and had lunch with her college colleagues a while ago, but she wasn't able to come because she wasn't able to come at that time, so she was a friend who hadn't been there for a really long time.

I never dreamed that I would meet again at Fuji Speedway. Impressed! There is such a coincidence ~.

"Wow !! xx-chan !! What are you doing !!", I made a temporary noise in the lounge. excuse me…. No, but impressed. This is one of the things I was happy about with this FSW experience ^^

Apart from lunch, there are a few drinks, light meals, and sweets at this venue, and since it was the time before lunch, everyone came here and there. I also had a sandwich and chocolate, but the chocolate here was insanely delicious ~.

There is also the opening of Ferrari "GENUINE", where we are preparing a wide range of products that can emphasize the originality and special feeling of each model so that you can customize the styling and aerodynamic performance of Ferrari models. ..

When I was looking around, the management talked to me, and I happened to be the service advisor of CORNES Shiba.

When they both said "Eh! Is it turf!" And then "What is the car?" And "It's Cali T", "Oh! We are exhibiting Cali T right here too!" (Laughs) ).

It was a nice encounter because it was the same Cornes Shiba & California T.

"The reason why we are exhibiting Cali T is because new parts for Cali T have come out. This foil is also a new work." It's nice ~

For the time being, I always think only about my Porsche, so I realized that I had never thought about changing Ferrari (including accessories) ...

There was also an exhibition of foil, but this is the foil at the bottom right. This beforeWhat was attached to the 488 Pista in the magazineThen!

It was really cool when I was on Pista. Looking at the foil alone and attaching it to the car will give you a different impression.

* Is 488 Pista, who was released for the first time in Japan at the venue of this Fuji Speedway on that day, the same foil? ?? like?

In this era, I am grateful that there is a configurator that allows you to check the image when it is actually installed in a car.

There were also various small accessory parts.

Two emblems that look exactly like this were on display, but the prices are different. One is 74,572 yen and the other is 102,652 yen. What's the difference? ?? If you were thinking.

The advisor told me ↓. It looks like the same emblem, but it seems that the R angle of this emblem is slightly different ... because these emblems are also different depending on the model that can be installed!

Certainly, this is an emblem to be attached to the side of the car, but since it is attached to the part where the car is gently bent, the angle of R differs depending on the design of the car model, so it seems that it can only be attached to each emblem. ..

It's natural to say that, but I was impressed because I hadn't even thought about the fact that all the different angles of R on the side emblems were prepared.

So, it seems that the prices are different because these two are for different car models (It is strange that the price is different due to the difference in the angle of R ?? smile)?).

Another personal discovery at FSW this time was that I had an acquaintance with Hublot, who had opened a store. This is also this big discovery ^ ^

By the way, next is the lunch venue. Here,Lunch ticket that was sent in advanceI was able to enter in exchange for.

The table setting is unified in black and red, and you will be guided to such a round table by sharing a table.

Everyone just eats lunch quickly, so with the Ferrari owners around meConversation like the time of PorscheIt didn't turn out to be, but even when there was a little interaction, everyone was very kind.

I felt that I could understand that the salesman used to say, "Ferrari owners are all really good people!"

Also, I had a strong impression that the Osaka dialect was quite popular. Maybe it just happened to be around when I had lunch. When I heard people in Osaka talking to each other, the conversation seemed to be really fun and a little refreshing! It's nice to have a conversation with constant laughter ~ ^^

This is the lunch menu. It's all self-service, so if I thought it was a buffet style, all I had to do was "go get it" by myself, "antipasto, pasta, main dish, dessert", and everything was set on the plate. This is novel.

First of all, antipasto looks like this. I'll take one plate from here (of course, if you want to eat a lot, it's OK to eat many plates).

I don't have to choose this one rather than taking it in a buffet style, and since everyone can take it quickly, it is time-efficient, and I thought this was quite good. I wonder if it was less troublesome than the buffet.

And this, Burrata cheese (with fresh creamMozzarella cheese)However, it was really delicious ~. Ah, if it was a buffet style, I might have eaten this cheese all the time, so I think it would have been better to take a plate to prevent such customers. n/a.

Then pasta. There was a server in the pasta corner, and he asked for it and then set it aside. The truffle is on the right side of the ravioli. It will be scraped off.

Furthermore, here is where the main dishes are lined up. There is also a server here who will give you a plate.

This is the completed main dish.

With these alone, I'm full enough (I'm eating only one plate at a time ~ ^^!). But after all I have to eat this at the end.

Yes, it's dessert.

The same seat said to my husband, "If I wanted to get your portion, I couldn't get it because I could only give it for one person." After all, Ferrari was strict for dessert for some reason (laughs).

There were 3 kinds of desserts, so when I told him that I wanted to get "all kinds little by little", he said "I'm sorry, up to 2 kinds" and "Eh?".

Why are you suddenly stingy there? I didn't know (because you can get it if you visit it many times, so why don't you put it on from the beginning?), But anyway, the desserts are "up to 2 types at a time" and " Up to 1 dish per person (I can't get someone's share together) ".

It's interesting, Ferrari-sama ...

The panna cotta and tiramisu I received were also excellent.

Certainly, if it was so delicious, some people would say, "Give me everything there!", So I wonder if I was controlling it (laughs).

Coffee (espresso) was also pretended to be self-service, and there was a service person for the time being, so they made more and more. It feels like I'm getting the product made. And this was also very delicious! People in the same room were drinking many cups ^ ^

That's why I suddenly talked about meals rather than cars, but this time I introduced you to the owner hospitality lounge of Ferrari Racing Days 2018.

Next, I would like to finally write about the cars.

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