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Go to the Volkswagen Group Japan Headquarters in Toyohashi (Mikawa Port)

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Port where Porsche arrives from Germany

Well, this is an extra edition (?) Of my camper trip during the year-end and New Year holidays.

In the last blog, this timeI posted a map of where I ran on my camper trip.However, if there is a person who feels something strange when looking at the map, I think that person is quite thrilling ^ ^

That's because there was a place on the map that always passed through a certain place, even though the blog didn't write any explanation for a certain route.

That is the story of this time.

Actually ... We got off the highway at Toyohashi before heading to Ise Jingu on December 29th.

Mikawa Port / Toyohashi Port

The aim is the direction that says "Jinno Wharf".

Yes, Aichi Prefecture aims for "Mikawa Port" in Toyohashi.

What exactly is here?

This is this. This is it.

Visit to Volkswagen Group Japan Headquarters

Hey! !!

The headquarters of Volkswagen Group Japan is located here. As you know, Porsche belongs to the Volkswagen Group.

But why did you want to see the VW Japan headquarters? Well, to be precise, I wanted to see "the port where Porsche arrives from Germany", not the headquarters.

Porsche made in Germany after the new Porsche was ordered will be put on a car carrier from Emden Port in Germany, and Japan will arrive all the way to the "Minghai district" of Mikawa Port here in Toyohashi. It is.


So, I understand that, but why did you dare to go to such a place?

Well, that, if one day my Porsche arrives at this port, I'm sure I'm excited at that time, and I saw the ship with that Porsche even at this port of Toyohashi Because I thought that I would go to.

So, I was wondering where the Porsche-laden ship would be anchored in this Mikawa port, and I had been looking at it on the map for a long time.

The VW Group has a "dedicated pier" around here, so ships should come there ... But I don't know where the "dedicated pier" is.

While thinking "Which area?", "Well, even if you go to this area, in fact, only the people concerned can approach the sea, so apply in advance for more than a certain amount. I was worried about various things, such as "Is it possible that I can't enter without getting permission?"

I'm worried about how seriously I'm thinking about it (laughs).

See you!

I think that everyone knows that I am a Porsche nerd who is worried about such an imaginary examination, so I will leave the degree of nerd in that area aside, anyway, this time I will pass near Toyohashi, so someday For the day when Porsche will be welcomed in the future, I went to preview, saying, "Let's see what this harbor looks like."

Hi, yeah, it's already the height of metamorphosis. I know!

Wow. Kitakita.

There was a Volkswagen headquarters! !! !!

I was worried that a permit would be required to enter more than a certain amount around here, but it is possible to reach the area where this VW headquarters is located normally without any restrictions. Was completed.

It was a normal road.

Even so, a serious suspicious person (laughs) who uses a camper to lie down at the VW headquarters near the empty port at the end of the night.

Next, I tried to get as close as possible to the area where I thought I might be able to see the ship as much as possible (assuming that there was no ship on this day).

Finally, we reached "No entry except for those involved".

Looking into the distance from this fence, "Well, if there is a big ship (because it should be a ship with a total length of about 200 meters with about 2,000 to 3,000 cars) when it is bright, somehow Can you see it? "

Well, it was so dark that I couldn't understand it at all (laughs).

Confirmation of the place where the Porsche ship arrives, the second time

That's it.

It is not the degree of Porsche metamorphosis that I think that it is "dark and invisible" and end it as it is, I.

The day after this port visitBefore heading to Hamamatsu on the way back to Tokyo, from Isewan Ferry to Irago, around Ise JinguThat ...

Yes, I came again, I visited Mikawa Port again on December 30th. Because I wanted to see it when it was bright ^^

Dreaming of a future Porsche that I have not seen yet, even though there is no ship anywhere yet, I will go to Mikawa Port for two consecutive days with a camper to check "Where will Porsche arrive?" After all, I think of myself, the extreme of metamorphosis ^ ^!

That's right. Because it's fun (laughs).

I have to enjoy my life!

If I saw the port where Porsche arrives from Germany here, I was already very satisfied, and every time I saw a new car at the Porsche Center, "Oh, this Porsche also came here from that port. I think that you can watch over the Porsche with warm eyes (strange).

That's why the Volkswagen headquarters has come for two days in a row.

It's nice to see clearly when it's bright. After all my house was a suspicious person lying down in a camper ~ ^ ^

Then, I went to the end of the harbor, which was off limits last night.

Then, last night it was dark and I wasn't sure, but I could see a road like this that made me think, "Is this a dedicated road for carrying new cars?"

Next, last night, I couldn't see anything at all.

I don't know if you can see the ship when it actually berths from here (because there is no ship at this time ...), but it's still in this place after it gets brighter. I'm glad I came again.


Look! !! !! Is not it amazing? ?? ??

I couldn't see anything because it was so dark last night, but when I looked around when it was bright, I saw something like this in front of me. I understand?

Yes, this is ...

New VW Group cars landed at Mikawa Port

Wow. New cars of the VW Group that have already landed! !! !!

There are many! !!

It is still in a white full body cover.

My purpose is Porsche. Wonder if there?

I looked for it as far as I could see, but it seems that both were Volkswagen cars (I don't know if it's Arteoon or ↓? I don't know, but it's not Porsche. Audi. Was it there?).

After that, I saw various places where the new car was parked with it covered, but I could not confirm the car-like models such as Porsche and Lamborghini.

Porsche and Lambo do not park outside at night when the company (VGJ Toyohashi Import Center etc.) is closed, and immediately put it in an indoor storage place or a place like a car silo Is it?

Well, I don't know the details of that area at all, but anyway, it was fun to see a lot of new VW Group cars parked side by side ^^

And it seemed like I could get close to the port without a permit, so if a big ship came in, could I see the ship at a glance? I also thought.

How is it?

At all, even though the ship is not coming at this time, I really went to Mikawa Port for two consecutive days at the end of the year to "confirm the place where the ship with Porsche will come". The end of 2020 was the best way to end ← That's right (laughs)?

When the day comes when my Porsche arrives all the way from Germany to Japan, I think it will be fun and fun.

I think that I would follow the route of the ship every day until the ship came from Germany to Japan, and I'm sure that the ship will reach Toyohashi Port by taking advantage of this rehearsal practice (?). At first glance, I think that I will run from Tokyo to Toyohashi Port again ^ ^

Hmm, it was fun!

One day, I'd like to go when there is a ship (will I go again (laughs)?).

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(Extra edition) Let's go to the Volkswagen Group Japan Headquarters in Toyohashi (Mikawa Port)

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