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Porsche's shark blue is the same color as VW's cornflower blue

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Same paint code D5C

In a conversation with an American Porsche mechanic,The series that made me think "heh~"..

That is that "Porsche's Shark Blue" and "Volkswagen's Cornflower Blue" are exactly the same color.

what is that!

Was it so? I thought Shark Blue was a new color that Porsche created for the 992 GT3. A little shocked.

I was actually shown a picture of a part somewhere in the GT3, and there were the letters "Shark Blue" and the letters "Cornflower Blue" above it. I didn't ask which part the sticker (?) was on, so I don't know, but if you look for it, you should be able to find it.

Of course, there is a high possibility that it is not a part that can be found in general ^ ^

I saw that both color names were written on the Porsche parts, so I thought "It's true!" Some of you may be there too.

I also tried to look into it with the intention of doubting "Really?"

First of all, can you see that "Shark Blue (non-metallic UNI; D5C)" is introduced in this explanation? ↓

If you search for Porsche's paint code, you will find that Porsche's Shark Blue code is "D5C".

And this time I looked up Volkswagen's cornflower blue paint code...↓

The source isHere

Yeah yeah, it's also "D5C". They really shared the same colors in the VW group. Surprise.

Currently, I was able to select Cornflower Blue for VW's TAOS SEL model. I feel like this. Well, even with the same color, the image is completely different from GT3! !

I would like to compare. VW and Porsche GT3. I chose the same color and made it (both cars are images from the manufacturer's configurator) ↓

The colors look slightly different on the configurator, but the impressions of the two are really different.

where is the yacht

So, for me, even if this shark blue is the same color as cornflower blue, there is no problem at all, and the shark blue GT3 is still cool, so it's a completely OK story.

Just one.

What I can't quite understand is this story that came out after the announcement of this Shark Blue → "Porsche's new color Shark Blue is a yacht-inspired color』.

After the 992 model GT3 was announced, Mr. Andreas Preuninger, the head of the GT division about Porsche's shark blue color, said, "This shark blue color is inspired by the color of the yacht seen from the beach during vacation. It was said! ! Source information isHere..

Hey. Yacht, where have you gone? It's not cornflour.

I thought (laughs).

Well, I'm sure, "I thought the blue of the yacht I saw on the beach was the best for 992!" I wonder if Flower Blue made me go, "Oh, that's exactly what it is! If there's one, let's go with that color!"

It was another "heh" story ^ ^

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