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Super Taikyu 2022 Round 2 Fuji Speedway Supporting Porsche in 24 hours Day2

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This article is "Super Taikyu 2022 Round 2 Fuji Speedway Supporting Porsche in 24 hours Day1] Is a continuation. If you don't mind, please start from Day 1 first.

Cheering from the crystal room all night and dawn

Super Taikyu FSW 24 hours, this year I was full of support throughout the 24 hours, so I stayed in the crystal room from night to dawn.

Lack of sleep MAX ^^

The next morning, when I went outside, I could see Mt. Fuji faintly. I'm glad that this Super Taikyu did not rain.

I haven't done anything since the race started at 15:00 yesterday, I just watched the race and talked happily with my friends ... but I'm already short of sleep. I was vacant.

However, even though I'm not doing anything so much, when I see the cars (drivers) and the mechas who have been running all the time at dawn, this is also an eye. Woke up ^^

I wake up and feel relieved to see that the #22 is still running at the top of the class.

But the nightmare came shortly thereafter.

It was when I was completely relieved and said "Good morning" with other friends who started to wake up.

I heard Chiyo-san's voice from the TV screen that was showing the video from the in-vehicle camera all the time, and said, "Maybe it's no good."

e? What did you say now?

Did you say "maybe not"? ??

At this moment, this was the feeling that I really woke up.

Because I don't know Chiyo so well, but I thought he wasn't the one who said "No" so lightly, so I asked him "Maybe it's no good". "Eh ?! Did Chiyo-san say it wasn't good? Did something really serious happen?"

After that, the time that can only be watched over the #22 that entered the pit will continue.

As long as I look at the footage in the pit, I don't know what the cause is, what's going on, or what's happening, but it doesn't look like I'm in any particular task. , I'm just getting anxious.

17th hour rainy day retirement

After all, the anxiety from this "maybe no good" hit the mark, and as a result, the #22 Porsche Team EBI Waimarama, which had been running at the top of the class for a long time, ended running at this time ... Because it was retired. did.

It's sad, regrettable, and suddenly happening so quickly that I can't understand it.

After a while, he showed the supporters the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, which is no longer running, with an explanation that "probably this is the cause" that can be understood at this point.

There was a figure of Cayman who had been running hard for about 17 hours until that time.

I wish I had 17 hours a day

The figure of Cayman who has been running at the top of the class for about 17 hours from the start of the race is very dirty and can not be seen normally, "Oh, this is the figure of Cayman who has been running for 17 hours" I saw Porsche fighting.

But I didn't want to see this in 17 hours later.

If possible, I wanted to see what happened after the drivers stood on the podium at the top of the class as they were, and then "Look at Cayman! Please praise me!".

At this time, I really thought, "I wish I had 17 hours a day."

A feeling of loss that cannot be said.

Even I, who is just cheering for me, was in this shock, so I couldn't help but feel the shock of everyone on the team.

Thinking about it, it's even harder.

At this time, I really regretted it.

It was a treat to the cheering side, or it wasn't serious enough.

From the start of this race, it is no exaggeration to say that the #22 car is really in good shape, and even the spectators were wondering, "Isn't this going to win anymore?"

Last year's #22 faced various crises, and I was watching it.A 24-hour race is miraculous or awesome just because you can finish 24 hours in the first place.I realized that.

But this time, the #22 car was so good that I was relieved to think that "Oh, I'm going to win this one" somewhere.

It wasn't.

I knew from last year's experience. It's amazing to be able to finish the 24-hour race.

And that you don't know what will happen in 24 hours.

I deeply regret that I should have supported him more and more seriously, saying, "I still don't know until the end. So do your best."

Of course, I also know that just because I think about it doesn't mean that something has changed.

However, I regretted myself because I was wondering if I could win easily. I'm really sorry to all the teams who were serious about the race.

… Ah, it's getting dark!

It is not my desire to end it in the dark as it is, so I would like to end the dark story here.

There is still more to come. I believe that 24-hour endurance will surely be available next year.

Well, let's talk about something bright here.

What should I do ... Oh, this! This.

This time, I noticed that Cayman stopped running and showed me the car with the engine room open. Here is it.

understand? The letters "Porsche Studio Ginza" are under the wing! !! !! ↓

Porsche Studio Ginza sits and does not exist at this time.

But the name was quietly written on the underside of the rear wing of this Cayman GT4 RS Club Sport.

It's also true that I was excited to find this character while I was retired and indulged in sadness and regret (laughs).

"It's a hell of a secret to hide your name in a place like this!" ^^

After this, the #22 car to support was gone, so I enjoyed seeing the appearance of other teams.

Just from the Porsche crystal room, I could see the BMW car on the pit road, so I enjoyed it.

You will also have a lunch box for lunch on the second day.

No matter how frustrating and shocked I am, I have a complete appetite.

At lunch time on the second day, the drivers came to the crystal room again.

As for my feelings, I think I was shocked to the extent that I couldn't have the positive energy of speaking in public, but everyone kindly greeted me.

It's been a shock to the drivers and team members because it's been a turnaround from where everyone thought that they had been running at the top of the class for a long time and could really expect a checker at the top of the class in a few hours. I can't help but say that.

It wouldn't be strange to have a sunk talk like a wake, but the drivers are still

"This time it wasn't the fault of anyone ..."
"No, it happened when Chiyo was on board, so it's Chiyo's fault, isn't it?"
"Oh, I think so too."

There was a conversation like that (laughs), and it was very peaceful (of course, no one really thinks it was Chiyo-san's fault, just in case).

In this way, I was really grateful to all the drivers who gave me a very enjoyable greeting, taking care not to sink the feelings of the people who are cheering until the very end. ..

I am also grateful to those who explained this series of events.

I think it's selfish, but I think he's a very strong and delicate person, so I think it was a very difficult situation because I couldn't take this event.

Even so, I was kind enough to explain to the cheering members in various ways and respond to them, and I was about to cry again.

Next time, I would like to share the joyful crying on the podium instead of the crying for a regrettable event.

Porsche Team EBI Waimarama, this event is the worst thing to do if you look only at this time, and it is an event that you think "I wish I hadn't happened".

But I'm sure it's about this team that "has" something, so this 17th hour retirement from last year's hard-hearted race is a "miracle drama" in anticipation of the future. I think it's preparation for "^^"

Photo Source: EBI (Since it is a personal blog, I have blurred the customer's part)

In the future, when the day when #22 wins the championship comes, I think that it is a preparation for making a bigger drama that says, "There are so many difficult roads, this is the victory!"

We pray for the success of Team EBI Waimarama in the rest of this season's Super Taikyu, and look ahead to next year as a 24-hour race, and as a supporter, 23 hours 59 minutes ... I look forward to the day when I can get on the podium without any problems.

Thank you for the 24 hours that were so intense, fun and inspiring.

I love Porsche and everyone in the EBI group ^ ^ Thank you!

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