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It is impossible to prevent tape marks on the windshield of the 992 Porsche 911.

Posted date: September 9, 2023 Updated date:

Cursed 992 Porsche 911 windshield tape marks that come back no matter how much you wipe them

This is very unfortunate news.

The other day, the windshield of my 992 Porsche 911 was white and fogged up easily, and my MY23 Carrera T had marks from when the tape was removed, no matter how much I polished it and it became clean for a moment.I also wrote about the tape marks coming back after a few days...

First of all, these are the tape marks.

Depending on the lighting, you may not be able to see it at all, and if you can't see it, of course there's nothing to worry about.

However, depending on the lighting conditions, the tape marks can be clearly seen.

Here is how it looks. Can you see that the tape-like marks are straight on? This photo was taken at the same time and from the same angle as the photo above. The only difference is the lighting. ↓

Furthermore, someone said in a previous comment that there were also suction cup marks, so I took a closer look and found that my Carrera T also had perfectly round suction cup marks ↓

Tape marks in other places↓

I couldn't do anything about these tape marks myself, so I went to Porsche Center Takanawa to take care of them the other day.

I was told that there was a cleaner used by PC Takanawa to deal with this tape, so I relied on that.

It seems that the Taycan Fair had just been held at Porsche Center Takanawa, and there were only Taycans in the store ^^

Now, this is a glass cleaner that uses PC Takanawa.

Since I wrote last time that ``PC Takanawa has a cleaner that may be effective for preventing tape marks,'' I am very sorry that many people seem to have contacted PC Takanawa.

I was writing about this problem with a casual attitude, thinking that it was a rare occurrence that only happened to me and a few other people, but I realized that so many people around the country are suffering from this problem. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to PC Takanawa, whose name was mentioned.

Unfortunately, the tape marks cannot be removed with glass cleaner.

Well, here are the results of polishing with this cleaner... Of course it was shiny on the day I cleaned it ↓

Even when viewed from the inside, there are no visible tape marks even when exposed to strong light, making it look clean and refreshing.

What's more, the inside of the windshield was polished so that my visibility was really clear and beautiful, and I realized once again, ``Ah, the windshield of the 911 was so beautiful.''

After all, I think the inside of the windshield of the 911 since the 992 type is too cloudy. Immediately after cleaning, you realize how beautiful your windshield should be.

I could clearly see the Porsche running ahead ^^

I will discuss the issue of the inside of the windshield quickly turning whitish and cloudy, but this time I would like to first examine the tape marks.

Tape trace recovery status: Day 1

This is the situation on Day 1, the day after PC Takanawa cleaned up the tape marks.

It was almost impossible to see unless I shined a light on it, but when I shined a light on it to make sure it was clear, I found that the tape marks had already faintly returned on Day 1.


Tape trace recovery status: Day 2

And this is the second day since I had it cleaned.

In a dark place, you can't see anything at a glance.

However, when you shine the light on it, you can see that the tape marks have returned more clearly than on Day 1.

Furthermore, another tape mark that could not be seen on Day 1 was also emerging.

Tape trace recovery status: Day 3

It's the third day. I can't tell in the dark after all.

This is what it looks like when you shine a light on it.

You can clearly see that the tape marks have returned, so much so that they are clearly different from Days 1 and 2.

Tape trace recovery status: Day 4

And this is the 4th day.

The tape marks are so perfect that they are back.

On Day 4, not only the tape marks but also the suction cup marks had recovered perfectly.

I think it's safe to say that no matter how well you polish the windshield, the tape marks will be completely restored by the fourth day.

100% return completed.

Ah, it wasn't a good idea to come back (lol).

But the traces of the cursed tape came back so beautifully that I couldn't help but laugh. What is it already?

The windshield manufacturer has changed since the 992 model.

Here, I thought about the difference between the 991.2 type, which does not fog up the inside of the windshield at all, and the 992.1 type, which fogs up quickly.

That's when I checked the model number (?) written on the windshield.

The windshield of MY23 Carrera T is "PILKINGTON 43R-012635".

The windshield of the MY21 cabriolet is "PILKINGTON 43R-001586".

The windshield of the 991.2 black Carrera is "Saint-Gobain Sekurit 43R-002687".

Oh oh.

Big difference between the windshields of 991.2 and 992.1. Different manufacturers! ! !

Any tips here? quality? what?

I would like Porsche AG/Porsche Japan to respond.

This time there is a problem with tape marks on the windshield of this 992 type 911.

In the end, as a result of various people trying various things and getting help from various Porsche centers, it seems that not a single person was able to completely erase the tape marks.

Based on everyone's opinions, these tape marks are not "tape marks (adhesive parts or oil left behind)" but rather, the coating layer on the inside of the windshield has been "peeled off" by the tape. I think it's more accurate to think, "I've put it away."

In that case, no matter how much you polish it with glass cleaner, the tape marks will never disappear, and the inner coating layer? This means that there is no other option than to scrape it all off.

Personally, I think that this is a problem that Porsche AG/Porsche Japan should address, along with the problem of tape marks and the fact that the inside of the windshield quickly becomes cloudy, and I have filed a complaint with each Porsche center nationwide. I don't think it's something that should be included.

*So, if possible, everyone, this is my personal request/hope, but even if you polish it, it will end up being a waste of work, so I would like you to avoid asking the Porsche Center to handle it. Masu.

Perhaps, but no matter how many times I request the Porsche Center to remove these tape marks, I don't think they will be able to be removed easily, so although this is a very disappointing result, I would like to give up on the tape marks. I think the only thing left to do is to diligently clean it myself and hope that Porsche AG/Porsche Japan will find a solution.

I am very disappointed that I cannot come up with a solution at this time, but I look forward to Porsche Japan's future response.

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★ Addition ★
At the moment (December 2023), we have found the most effective solution to this window glass fogging problem, so if you are having trouble, please refer to this:
Measures to prevent the lightweight glass of the 992 Porsche from fogging up
I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there are any more effective methods. Thank you for your support ^^

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