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Super Taikyu Fuji 24-hour race watching and others

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Lots of people who want to support

This blog is "Super Taikyu Fuji 24-hour race watching Day1] It will be a continuation from.

For this FSW 24-hour endurance, I decided to support the Porsche Team EBI WAIMARAMA and have been following the 22nd 718 Cayman GT4 Club Sport with the EBI team.

However, since many drivers who have been indebted to us in various places have participated in this S-Tai, there are actually many other teams that are interested.

I told the drivers who knew that they would be competing in the race, "I'm going to support them to the site ~ ^^", so at least I told them "Please do your best" directly on the day of the FSW race. I wanted to.

↑ I was asked to join a certain team like this, but is it a studio apartment in Tokyo? There was a size that I could think of. great!

However, I thought it was too apologetic to go out of the way during a busy race, so I just wish I could meet by chance while walking in front of the pits.

It was such a "coincidence", but I was happy to meet four people besides the team EBI drivers.

I was able to tell you "Please do your best!" ^^

By chance, I was able to unilaterally watch the people I couldn't meet. Good luck! !! While thinking.

At the restaurant ORIZURU in the facility, there is an exhibition of cars from the Saitama Toyopet team.

For the Saitama Toyopet teamTaku Banba driver who was an instructor the other dayWas participating in the war, so I was happy just to meet such a vehicle ^ ^

Besides, when I look up at the TVTomohiko SunakoCan be seen being interviewed.

While supporting the Porsche team in this way, I was very happy that I was able to support many other drivers & teams ^ ^

Morizou and Hydrogen Corolla

I think that one of the cars that attracted a lot of attention from many people in this Super Taikyu 24h is the hydrogen Corolla of ORC ROOKIE Racing, which is attracted by MORIZO.

Since it was a big deal, I also went to the rookie racing team for a tour.

The only cars parked around the team were hydrogen vehicles. As expected.

It was the pit of the rookie racing team, but it was the most end of the B building.

Why are you so crazy? I thought, but maybe this is the reason ↓

Yes, a lot of hydrogen is waiting in the space next to the pit. I see, it's better that the space to put this is near the pit, so I wonder if the pit was at the end.

Actually hydrogen refueling ... Isn't it hydrogen refueling? I haven't seen what I'm doing, but I've seen it through the TV screen.

This time, the hydrogen Corolla seemed to have had troubles other than hydrogen, but I think that being able to complete the 24-hour endurance race and receive the checkered flag is a wonderful achievement that will lead to the future. I will.

Various events

In addition to the race, various events were held in FSW.

You can see the circuit from the sky on a balloon, and various things such as character shows and talk shows are held on the event stage depending on the time.

There are also various shops related to cars ...

The cars exhibited as "GIRLS CAR COLLECITON" are also available.

I think that girls' cars, that is, the owners of these cars are women, but they are all unique cars ^ ^

There is also a collaboration event called "Yurucamp △ × FUJI SPEEDWAY".

Yurucamp △ Wrapping Supra, visual illustrations & setting pictures, etc. were exhibited and goods were sold.

There was a Lexus corner, and personally I was happy to see the LC500 convertible here.

Also, there is an exhibition space for Aktio's "working car".

I was able to ride the cars that worked freely here. It seems that it was a popular spot for children ^^

When I looked closer, everything was bigger than I had expected, and even if I wasn't a child, I just enjoyed seeing it as "amazing".

After that, even if I took this yellow working car, there were many warnings (caution) on each car, and each one was easy to understand and cute ^ ^

Porsche partition

At the end, I would like you to take a look at this.

The crystal room (at Porsche Team EBI WAIMARAMA) that I used during this Super Taikyu series had an acrylic partition on each table to prevent corona infection.

It's transparent, so it's hard to see in the photo, but if you can see the yellow arrow, you can see it. This partition is placed between each seat.

And this partition was cute! !! !!

I didn't really notice this until the second day. I thought that the partition installed here was a so-called ubiquitous acrylic partition.

But it was different.

This is a definite ... "Porsche partition".

Because, look! !! !! Can you see where it is circled in yellow? ?? ↓

That's right, there was a Porsche and PORSCHE logo at the bottom of the partition! !! !!

When I discovered this, I was impressed by myself, "Oh, oh."

Porsche was particular about such a place. I really like this kind of casualness. cute.

Encounter through Porsche

2021 Super Taikyu FSW 24 hours was a lot of fun.

I was impressed by the support of Porsche Team EBI WAIMARAMA with the team members during the time I spent slowly from the grass.

Furthermore, in this supportMr. and Mrs. who met at the previous Porsche RallyYou can meet again, you can meet the people you follow on SNS, and you can hear from the people who follow you.

I was also grateful for the many wonderful encounters that Porsche connects.

It was a very, very enjoyable 24 hours. Thank you ^^

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