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#22 Porsche EBI WAIMARAMA Cayman GT4RS Clubsport

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Participated in the Super Taikyu 2022 ST-Z class

Towards the opening of Porsche Center TakanawaWhen I participated in the previewA cool car was parked in the space on the left side of the entrance.

Nununu. What if that car! !!

… And even though it was a preview to the opening of the Porsche Center Takanawa, I even showed this car first before even the reception. Anyway, this is one that says "I wanted to meet this Porsche !!".

That's right.

This is the Porsche Keiman GT4 RS Club Sport of Porsche Team EBI WAIMARAMA who will participate in the ST-Z class with #22 in this year's Super Taikyu series!

It is a real real car that has already run the first race in Suzuka. Impressed.

But, that's simple, isn't it? Design.

Click here for last year's Waimarama issue.24 hours in a tough FSW that started from a white new car overnightEven at that time, the next morning, even though such a splendid design wrapping was given ↓

The photo source isHere

Compared to that, this time's too pure simplicity (laughs).

Well, it seems that there are various things and it has not been wrapped yet, so I think that the design will have more colors in the future.

Even so, the front desk suddenly says "Porsche Center Takanawa" in Japanese. It's kind of cute and charming (laughs).

Of course the side is also "Porsche Center Aoyama" "Porsche Center Meguro" ^ ^

Personally, it is good to write the name of the company that is the parent company of each Porsche center, but I also felt that it would be easier for the general public to write the Porsche center name in an easy-to-understand manner.

I do not know what kind of wrapping will be done in the future, but I am personally looking forward to what company name (or Porsche center name) will be placed at which position when the wrapping is done.

After all it is Porsche Center Takanawa because it is a new one to take the center ^ ^

Speaking of the new Porsche Cayman GT4 RS (also club sports), what I was interested in was the air intake part added to this rear quarter glass.

"Haha, the sound captured from here makes a good sound," I imagined the sound that I couldn't hear yet ... but I don't understand at all ... (laughs).

The wing that became a swan neck also has a shape with the upper edge raised sharply, and there are various things that I had not noticed just by looking at the pictures until now.

I could see various things from the rear.

This Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Club Sport is exhibited here from April 2nd to 3rd during the opening fair of Porsche Center Takanawa, and after that until April 5th, so I'm interested. If you have one, you may go to PC Takanawa just to see this car.

I didn't expect to see the new Cayman GT4 RS Club Sport in front of me so soon, so I was happy with the unexpected surprise ^^

I would like to support Porsche Team EBI WAIMARAMA again this year.

"" In this team nameWAIMARAMAIs the name of a New Zealand winery.

At the time of this year's FSW24h, I would like to go to support 24 hours a day, so if I could really go there for 24 hours, I would like to drink Wai Marama wine and watch the game!

I don't think I'll be watching the game (laughs), but I'm looking forward to it anyway!

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