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Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS information added

Posted: November 22, 2021 Updated:

718 The days when the Cayman GT4 RS is worrisome

Since the announcement of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, I have been asking acquaintances to tell me more about why this GT4 RS engine is the same engine as the GT3 but the sound is different.

As I listened to various things like that, and while looking at various information and the configurator screen, I became more and more interested, so I would like to add a little more details such as the features of GT4 RS. think. For myself (laughs).

More detailed 718 Cayman GT4 RS information by Andreas Preuninger

Below is what Andreas Preuninger, the head of the GT car division of Porsche AG, said:

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Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS announced, specs and domestic price
718 Cayman GT4 RS and 911 GT3 talked by Porsche GT division top

  • The engine of the 718 Cayman GT4 RS is a 992 type Porsche 911 GT3 4-liter horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine (engine type MDG.G)
  • Power and torque are slightly lower than GT3
  • Due to the redesign of the dry sump setup of the engine when it evolved to the 992 type, it became possible to mount this engine on the Cayman GT4 RS this time.
  • In 2017, the GT team had made a one-time prototype, which was a 991.2 GT3 engine on the 981 Cayman.
    • But I had to make a big change to the body to install the engine.
    • The problem was the oil tank, so the 992 GT3 engine had a more compact composite tank and could also be used with the Cayman GT4 RS.
  • The air taken in from the air intake added to the rear quarter glass (small window part at the back) is sent to the air box directly above the engine.
  • Titanium exhaust has a party curate filter (GPF / PPF) Is installed, but there is a way to make it work without sacrificing the sound and volume of the engine.
  • The only difference between the 992 GT3 and GT4 RS engines is the intake system, and the throttle body is tilted 90 degrees compared to the GT3, and the exhaust system is also completely different.
  • Compared to the 911, the GT4 exhaust avoids the rear driveshaft and needs to keep the central section clear to maximize the efficiency of the rear diffuser, which makes the system & distance longer.

Andreas emphasizes:

  • GT4 RS has some parts that are suppressed because it is a midship (in terms of why it can not catch up with GT3)
  • The lap time at the Nürburgring was fast, but it's still slower than the GT3 ... but I don't care about that.
  • Although the GT4 RS is for customers who want to buy it for the "RS" circuit, it's actually a car that can be used more everyday.
  • Very analog with a very short gear ratio, you can enjoy it to the fullest
  • The GT4 RS reaches 9,000 rpm in 2nd gear, which is a setting that can be enjoyed even on the street.
  • There was a possibility that it could be made faster by about 2 seconds with Nürburgring, but I sacrificed that 2 seconds in consideration of running on the street.
  • Everyone who drives this car says it's very interesting ... This "feeling that this car brings to the driver" is what I want to convey the most.
  • The intake sound dominates the sound, not the exhaust sound like GT3
  • In GT3, 6 cylinders are connected to one outlet, which gives a high rotation and high frequency tone, but in GT4 RS, it is not possible to connect the exhaust due to the diffuser, so it is a combination of 2 3 cylinders. Has become
  • This is environmentally friendly and is dominated by very good intake noise
  • Manual transmissions will no longer be released as "GT4 RS Touring". → That is "718 GTS 4.0" ^^

The reason why the 718 Cayman GT4 RS cannot beat the Porsche 911 GT3 is, according to Andreas:

  • I put everything I could into GT3
  • The big difference is that GT3 is rear axle steering and GT4 RS is not.
  • GT3 has double wishbone front suspension but GT4 RS does not
  • Another difference is that the GT3's electronic limited slip differential (LSD) → GT4 RS has no space to install a hydraulic power pack for the electronic differential, so there was no choice but to use a mechanical differential.
  • The GT3 can generate greater downforce, and rear-engined cars have room for a wider range of tires.
  • It's not just the engine that makes the car faster, but a variety of other cars

So, although I was only interested in the 911 (in terms of buying it for myself), I am very interested in this 718 Cayman GT4 RS.

In the first place, compare the midship and the rear engineWhen I was allowed to do it at Porsche Experience Center TokyoEven though I have come to the conclusion that "I prefer the rear engine", the reason why I am so interested in GT4 RS is that this model is equipped with a 992 GT3 engine. I wonder if it's because I'm doing it.

I'm not sure myself, but I have a strong desire to ride ... Of course, just because I said "I want to buy!" Does not mean that I can easily get it ^^

Production of 718 Cayman GT4 RS until around 2024

By the way, Mr. Andreas is said to say, "I will make it for two to two and a half years from now, so if you wait, I think it will be in the hands of those who want it." We plan to produce only half of it. "

Considering that the current semiconductor problem, the deterioration of the corona situation in Germany, etc., the future is still uncertain, this "two to two and a half years" will pass in a blink of an eye before so many units are produced. It is also possible.

Oh, it's an annoying car ^^!

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