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Probably the latest information about Porsche 992 only here ...?

Posted: December 20, 2018 Updated:

Is there Nico in Porsche 992? The latest information!

Well, there has been "Niko-chan (Smiley Face)" on the doors of Porsche 911 etc. for a long time! I wrote that repeatedly several times, but the latest & fastest whether Nico is at the door of the "992 type" which is the 8th generation Porsche 911 just announced here. information.

I think it's information that no one needs (laughs), but I don't care about that! I'm sure I'm the only one in the world who cares about the existence of this 992 Nico-chan ^^ (I'd be happy if you could have another one ~)

So, these images are excerpts from the You Tube video of Autogefühl.

There is also a link to the original video at the very end of this page, so if you are interested, please check it out. It's about an hour & English, so even when you have time.

Well, that's when I was explaining the new 911 door handle part in that video.

I'm talking about a 992-inch door handle that pops up, but I didn't have that in my head at all ...

I'm only interested in this! Oh oh. Nico-chan at the door of the 992 type Porsche 911! !!

… And before that, I got it from Minyu-san (a friend on a site called Minkara) a while ago.Nico who was at the door of "Porsche 987 Boxster"Please see the image. Do you understand? Boxster's Nico-chan is "one eye"! !! !! Whaaaaaaaat.

And here ↓ is Nico-chan with the latest 911 992 type door.

What! Like Boxster, the upper part is like Nico-chan with one eye, but the difference with Boxster is that there are two eyes on the lower side, so if anything, there is "upside-down Nico-chan" Seems like. It's going to turn over from 992! !!

The latest Porsche 911 has an upside-down Nico-chan! It seems ... (laughs).

Excerpt from Porsche 911 992 review video

… That's something that only I'm really happy with, so I'll leave this story aside (laughs), and since it's a 992 review video, I'd like to extract some other content about 992.

* The order in which the photos are posted may not be linked to the video.
* Configurator images, etc. that are not photos from the video are also included.

Porsche 992 sports design package

Oh yeah, this is the front of 992, but there are many opinions that the front of the "sports design package" is pretty cool this time, and in fact I also prefer the sports design package as far as I can see in the image at the moment. .. Is it a bit like GT3 (991.2)?

Below is the front image of the sports design package ↓

Furthermore, this is the rear of 992. By the way, this exhaust is a sports exhaust.

Normally, there are two circles on each side as shown below.

The rear in the sports design package is as follows ↓

Also, the letters "911 Carreara S" have changed like this from this time, but I'm still unfamiliar with this retro font of 911 ...

If you raise the rear wing of Porsche 992, it looks like this

By the way, and as you can see from the photo above, the rear seems to be integrated smoothly and neatly, and there is one light that goes through there, so it feels really very smooth and cohesive. there is.

However, there is still Porsche. The rear wing goes up when driving at a proper speed. The way it goes up is like this ↓

With a snap. Well, looking only at the wing, it seems subtle whether it can be said to be beautiful, but there is already a feeling like this in that it keeps the design when closed and also has running performance. It seems that it has become.The state where the wing of 991.2 is raised is like thisis.

Open the engine hood of the Porsche 992

Now, let's open the engine hood part ↑ behind this.

In the comment, looking at this fan part, "It looks like there is a subwoofer in it." That's true, isn't it? When I saw this in 991, I thought a little the same (laughs). By the way, this isI opened the 991.2 engine hood..

It was said at another time that the air flow in this part was improved so that it was different from 991, but also in 992.Enjoy the good heat scent of the Porsche engineThen it will be from here! !! I wrote something that only I would be happy with ^^

And here is the muffler part. "There will be various opinions about this oval exhaust, and it may be subtle whether it suits everyone's taste," he said.

By the way, the exhaust part with the outer round oval part removed looks like this. It sounds better than the 991 (especially the US version sounds better because it doesn't have a petrol particulate filter). * About thatPlease refer to here..

For now, let's move on to the interior.

The ceiling inside the Porsche 992 is reasonably high

The man reviewing this video said, "I'm 178 cm tall and have a long torso, but I still have plenty of space above my head."

Certainly, if I didn't raise the seat up to max like I did, even a 178 cm man wouldn't fit in the 992 driver's seat (& passenger seat) ... but it didn't look like he could afford it. It looked like it was okay.

Regarding the meters, it seems that there is also a debate about whether the analog one is good or the latest one is good (among Porsche lovers).

I personally think that the latest is easier to see than the analog one, but what about it?

Drive mode selector switch on the handle.

The sports chrono watch looks like this ↓. Until now, in 911, the second hand is delicate, and I have seen many things that do not move along the line where the numerical value of the clock is written, but from 992, the second hand is properly on the line. Will it work ...

* By the way, my GT3 991.2 watch had a perfect second hand and line. This is Yokatta ^^.

Porsche 992 cup holder

This is the cup holder on the center console newly introduced from this time ↓. Of course this can be removed and changed, but I want this.

In 991, I was too scared of the cup holder, and I only asked for Starbucks and Venti size, so I could hardly use the cup holder except when there was someone in the passenger seat.

By the way, here is the 991.2 Carrera cup holder. It is attached to the top of the glove box.

With this stable center console cup holder, it seems that you can finally drink coffee or something while driving alone. By the way, like 991.2, the 992 also has a cup holder for passengers in the upper part of the glove box.

I couldn't confirm it well from this video, but it seems that only one cup holder is stored in the upper right corner of the glove box.

Well, and this is controversial,Even Porsche people have said that they are said to be like Braun shavers.(Laughs), Braun's shaver knob ... not a shift knob.

Isn't Porsche trying to get customers to buy MT cars (which don't come with this shaver) by introducing this awkward shaver knob to the 992? !! Some people say that (laughs).

Well, and the five buttons at the bottom of this big screen ↓.

For me, it's a little nice change that the hazard lamp switch came here. Because here you can push it quickly while driving.

In Japan, there is a culture of adding hazards when thanking other cars. ← This is a culture that is not found in the United States, so when I first drive in Japan, why do you have no problems? & I didn't know at all whether to add a hazard in the situation ...

That's why I often use hazards when I'm in Japan, but in 991, this hazard switch is in a very difficult position to use, and I can't press it unless I look at the switch and check it even while driving. In that situation, when the hazard switch comes up, I think I can press it quickly with the feeling and feeling of getting into the edge of my eyes without having to look closely at it.

Well, and the back seat. As expected, it is too small for a man with a height of 178 cm to ride, but the comment was still "It's nice to be able to ride a little, and it's nice to have such a space even though it's a sports car?"

Certainly, I am very grateful that there is a space that can accommodate four people even if it is small.

This tire is Pirelli P-Zero. 21 inches at the rear, nice ~.

And from here, it is a real car of 992 that is cut in half so that the inside can be seen. The rear.

From the rear side.

This is the front side.

Furthermore, around the eyes. Of the three types of LED lights, this is the best option (LED-Matrix Design Headlights with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS +)) ↓

... I think it would be easier to understand the part where the car body of 992 around here was cut in half by watching the video.

The Porsche 911 is a great car for the best performance in any application

From the time of explaining this cut Porsche, Mr. August Achleitner, who is Vice President Product lines 911 & 718 and is called "Mr. 911", has joined and talked to him, "911 I asked the question, "What would you say?"

… His answer is “Best Sports Car. You can run on the circuit, you can run on the autobahn, you can go to the movies with your wife, it's amazing that you can use it in any scene.”

I think that's true. From everyday use to the circuit, I think the 911 is a really great car that runs with high satisfaction in any application.

By the way, Mr. August (the correct Japanese notation is Mr. August Ahalitener / according to Porsche Japan) said that he went to buy a Christmas tree at 911 the other day. When foreigners say "buy a Christmas tree", that tree probably refers to the so-called real fir tree, and 911 can carry such a decent Christmas tree.

Actually, there are quite a few people who carry a tree with 911 just by looking at it on the net (laugh).

I also use 911 Carrera> 3 quite often, but when I heard that the chief engineer of 911 uses 911 to carry the Christmas tree, I feel relieved and usually use 911 without feeling guilty. It made me feel like I could use it ^^ That's what makes 911 so wonderful!

Porsche 992 engine

This is the 992 engine that I could hardly see even when the body of the 992 was cut in half.

Oh yeah, and in this review, the wet mode newly adopted from the Porsche 992 is also compared running on the actually wet road surface in "normal mode" and "wet mode" (in the video) From about 33 minutes).

… And, I briefly extracted some from the Porsche 911 992 type review video. The following is the original video.

Porsche 911 992 review video

This video is an excerpt of the image etc. this time. If you have time, please have a look ^^

"All-new Porsche 911 REVIEW with racetrack driving Hockenheimring Porsche 992 --Autogefühl"

It's a strange thing, and as you look at it, you'll become more and more attached to the 992. I'm looking forward to those who have already ordered ^ ^

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