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Porsche: Porsche ◆ Porsche 911 (992 type) ◆ Porsche Sports Cart Together Day 2019

Additional information such as ignition of new Porsche 911 (992), umbrella holder etc.

Posted: June 17, 2019 Updated:

Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019 @ Fuji Speedway

The other day, at the event "The new 911 Timeless Collection" ~ The new 911 Timeless Collection ~, I met the new Porsche 911 and let me confirm various points that I was interested in. I got it.

It was a really happy night because I was able to confirm what I wanted to know on the spot with the actual vehicle, but in fact, there were other questions that had not yet been resolved on this day alone.

Because at the time of this event, I could approach the Porsche 992, but I could not get inside the car, so I could only understand "within the range that can be seen from the outside".

I want to know various things about the new Porsche 911 (992)

Shika ~! this time.

Porsche's official event "Porsche Sports Together Day 2019" was held at Fuji Speedway from June 15th (Sat) to June 16th (Sun), 2019. At this place, the new Porsche 911 (992) was opened to the public, and everyone who was there was able to enjoy the announcement of the 992.

Those who applied for the test drive experience and who got the test drive of 992 seemed to be able to test drive the 992 at once, it seems to be fun ~ ^ ^ At the 911 parade run held at this day's event, here The new Porsche 911 of the company took the lead and ran, and I was able to see the 992 running firmly. It was fun ~.

I would like to write about this Porsche Sportscar Together Day 2019 separately, but this time, first of all, yes, it is a continuation of "Here of 992 I wanted to know" about Porsche 992. ..

As I think I wrote before, Porsche Japan and many other professional car magazines and car media have written a proper review and introduction of 992, so please take a look there. Please refer.

I ... Anyway, I will write only the parts that interest me, so you may already know it, and conversely, "Oh! I wanted to know!" I would be happy if anyone would think of it ^^

That's why I'd like to take the second installment of additional information following "I wanted to know this part of 992" the other day because I was finally able to get inside and see the interior. !!

Has the engine start of the Porsche 992 become a button?

This was also one of the things I wanted to know the most.

That's right, "Is it the so-called" button "that starts the Porsche 992 engine instead of pointing the key or turning the dummy key to start the engine? That is.

I'd like to get in right away! Well, I'm happy. Oh yeah, where to get in ... In other words, the side sill part is a little lower than it was in 991, so getting on and off is easier than before.

I thought that Porsche would never use the engine start as a button, but sometimes I saw a rumor that "it seems that it will be a button from the new model", so actually check it with my own eyes Until I tried it, I was a little wondering and anxious about what happened.

Here is the solution to that question! It wasn't a button ~ ^^! !! !! Was good!

The operation of the light of Porsche 992 is a button

Furthermore, when I checked this dummy key, I was surprised that the functions for operating the lights became such buttons.

Hey! !! I've never seen anything written about this before, so it was refreshing that the light operation became such a button ↓

When I pressed it, it didn't feel like the button dented and stopped when I pressed it, but when I pressed it, it felt like a click, and there was a "pressed feeling", so it's easy to tell if I was able to press it properly. thought.

Umbrella holder in the passenger seat of Porsche 992

Next is the "umbrella holder at the bottom of the passenger seat door of the new Porsche 911", which is also one of the things I was most interested in.

Again, he is the chief engineer of 911.August Achleitner said, "The umbrella holder that was in the previous 911 has been revived, isn't it?"I had no choice but to see what was going on.

That is here ↓!

Do you understand?

There is a plate with the model name on the door sill that opened the passenger seat door, and there is a dent (groove) on it, right? This is the "umbrella holder".

Yeah? It feels like (laughs), but is it made to fit a genuine Porsche Design folding umbrella or not?

Overseas, there were people who put umbrellas sold in Japan in the past 911 umbrella holders, saying, "I bought it in Japan and put in a thin folding umbrella and it fits!", So I often sell it in the streets of Japan. It may fit if it is a thin fold. How about (laughs)? No, this is quite thin ~.

Here ↓, I put my hand on it, but it's really a groove that is only about half the width of my finger, so it seems difficult to find an umbrella that fits here, but if I didn't put anything in it I feel like dust will collect ...

This umbrella holder (because I have some resistance (laughs)) seems to have been in the Porsche 911 997. But it wasn't 991. This is the door sill part of the passenger seat in the latter half of 991 ↓ There is no groove.

Hook at the bottom of the Porsche door

Oh yeah, this was not the information I wanted to know in 992 this time, but I heard from a person that a small hook is attached to the bottom of the opening side of the Porsche 911 door, so take a look I did.

I have never noticed this hook like this, but it seems that it is also in the current 911 and Boxster.

I wondered what this was, and when I looked it up, this hook was firmly engaged with the body side when the door was closed, and it is one of the safety devices that prevents the door from popping up in the event of a collision from the side. That's right.

It is said that such details were taken into consideration. Now, trying to know 992, the Porsche 911 that I know for the first time is even more wonderful. Impressed.

Here is the hole on the body side that catches the hook on the door ↓

Since it is also in the current 911, is it really ~? Haven't you noticed that? While thinking, I also checked my Porsche 991.2 ... ehhh! there were! !! There was a hook! !!

I have never seen such a place. I thought I was watching 991, but there was a hidden equipment (that (laughs)?) That I couldn't notice without looking at the door from below! !!

This is where I opened the door normally ↓ There is a hook around the yellow circle. You can't see it, usually. When I asked Porsche this time, it seems that since 992 has reached a position where the hook can be seen more easily, it seems that this hook has become noticeable (easier than before).

If you take a closer look, you can see that there is a protruding hook here (yellow circle) even in the latter half of 991.

And here is the hole near the bottom of the door sill that is open so that the hook fits neatly ↓.

Hmmm, in the past, I've washed the 911 many times, and even though I've always polished this part cleanly, is it dark under the lighthouse? I didn't notice anything in this hole. It's just a blind spot.

Even if you do not know (where you do not notice), Porsche is taking various measures for safety ~ ^ ^

Nico-chan at the door of Porsche 992

Well, and for me, the familiar "Nico at the doorAlthough it is a series, after all in the new Porsche 911,As I confirmed in the video beforeIt seems that it was "upside down Nico-chan".

Some people call it "One-eyed Nico-chan" ...

It doesn't matter which one, but this type of smiley is scary when taken at a short distance, so I failed to take it from a short distance this time. If I don't shoot from a distance, I'm really scared with a too junky look ... ^^ It looks like I haven't laughed too much already (laughs).

Try sitting in the driver's seat of the new Porsche 911 (992)

Now that I've got in the car, I'd like to take a look at some of the sights I can see from the driver's seat.

What's amazing is that it's really different from the latter half of 991, but when you get in, you still think "Ah, 911", a sense of security, or that part is the same.

Porsche said. People often ask, "What has changed since 992?" The answer is, "The only thing that hasn't changed is Porsche's Crest." Even so, I still think that "911 is 911", and I thought it was amazing.

The LCD screen is really big, isn't it? And it seems that the response of the LCD screen of PCM (Porsche Communication Management) has improved considerably compared to before.

Did the material of the Porsche 992 paddle shift change?

I sat down and squeezed the steering wheel with the intention of actually driving ... The first thing I felt was that the paddles were different!

The paddle part has been changed to a more "cool, cold, sharp feeling" material. Yeah, I think this has definitely changed.

In the latter half of 991, it doesn't feel a little colder, and the 992 this time feels colder and sharper. I do not know what material it changed to and how it changed, but it was said that Porsche also changed.

Then, rotate the mode button at the yellow arrow in the image below, and the mode selected at that time will be displayed at the instrument circled in green.

This time, the green arrow is pointing ... Do you understand? ?? so! I tried to match it with the new performance "wet mode" from 992.

No, I can't really try the wet mode on this day (it seems that it was heavy rain on the first day of the event, and those who won the 992 test drive lottery on that day could test drive the wet mode! In a sense, it's "I have it"! It's amazing ^^), but for the time being, I can't test drive in wet mode, so I see the letters "I was able to switch to WET mode" displayed on the instrument. I was delighted to enjoy it just by myself.

Already, just a climber (laughs).

Around the accelerator pedal and brake pedal of Porsche 992

I'm sorry for the bottom. The pedal looks like this.

For me, who is driving in the latter half of 991, even if there are some changes, for the average person like me (= a professional driver, a person who is particular about driving, not a detailed person), it is compared with the current one I didn't feel any discomfort at all.

The Porsche 992 door felt heavier than I expected

The buttons on the inside of the door that come with the memory package and the lock / unlock buttons look like this.

Oh yeah, I'm the moderator of Top Gear beforeChris Harris wrote about when the 992 was tested and reviewedTime,

How to open the door from inside the car ... In 991, you couldn't open the door without pushing out the door after pulling the door handle in the car, but in 992, pull the door handle connected from the trim of the door in the car. Just by doing so, the door opens quickly (the minimum required amount) ... Although it was highly evaluated, at the end, "But this, my little finger is caught" (laughs).

I wrote that he was saying. After hearing that, I thought, "I want to open the door from the inside!", So I'll open it right away.

… And ah, I see.

Look at the reviews and it's easier! I thought that it came to open, but if you look closely, as you say, "The minimum required amount will open quickly", when I tried to open the door, the first click was a little The feeling when opening was lighter than before, and it felt like opening the minimum necessary amount.

So, the "first kacha" is light and opens comfortably, but it's only about 1 to 3 cm until the door opens, so you still have to push it open by hand.

Did you expect it? I felt that opening and closing the door itself became heavier than in the latter half of 991. Maybe it's because of my mind (I'm sorry I'm sorry ^^). And I didn't feel like pinching my little finger ~ (laughs).

Porsche 992 makes it easy to check if the rear spoiler is raised

Another 1.

The other day, I wrote that from this new Porsche 911, it seems that the buttons that control sports exhaust and manual raising and lowering of the rear spoiler are done by touching on the LCD screen.

This time, I pressed the "spoiler" on this LCD screen because it was a big deal. Yes, it is a button for manually raising and lowering the rear spoiler.

If this "manually raising and lowering the rear wing" is in the latter half of 991 (I'm sorry I don't know the others ...), by "holding down" this manual spoiler raising and lowering button, the wing will come up and "push" again. By "continue", the wing goes down ...

If you are an experienced person, you may understand that "I don't know how long I pressed it to raise it" "I keep pushing it, but maybe it's already gone up, and then it's gone down? I don't know what kind of state my rear spoiler is in right now, like "I don't know where the wing is now!"

... yeah? just me? ?? No, I don't think that's the case ^^! !! You don't understand, right? ?? It's hard to see from inside the car!

That is this time. Since it is a touch on the LCD, it is the same as "holding down to raise the rear spoiler" and it is necessary to "hold down", but the current state of the rear spoiler is like this on the LCD screen Since it is displayed, it is "easy to understand"! !! !!

If this is the case, I can see "Oh, it's gone up" or "It's not up" by looking at it on the screen, so I wonder if it's okay.

I rarely raise the rear wing manually, so it doesn't matter if it doesn't matter, but for those who like to raise and lower it manually, I thought it was a little good news ^^

And since I tried to raise the wing manually, I also checked the place where the wing was raised. Hi, you can put decals perfectly (laughs)! !!

Buttons such as sports exhaust can be set as you like

For cars with sports exhaust, the ON / OFF switching button for this sports exhaust was supposed to be controlled by the button on the LCD screen, so the moment the engine was started, the other hand almost unconsciously said "Sports". For me, who is addicted to pressing the button "Exhaust ON !!", I thought it was a pain to "cannot press with the physical button".

But! As expected Porsche! !! You know. Yes, for those who absolutely thought, "I just wanted to press it with a physical button," he was thinking about countermeasures.

These are the five physical buttons lined up under the LCD panel here. Of these, can you see the button with the diamond-shaped mark on the second from the left?

so. It was here "a button that allows you to set what you like." Oh ~ wonderful!

Of course, the functions that can be set for the button are limited by selecting from several, but at least if you set the sports exhaust ON / ON to this button, if you click here, Sports!

Then you are in a good mood. I think this diamond button will definitely be set as the on / off button for sports exhaust ^^ No, I'm glad that my worries have been resolved! I mean, I'm worried about myself even though I haven't bought it, and I'm free to solve my worries (laughs).

By the way, as I wrote in the previous article (reference article below), it seems that the new Porsche 911 coming into Japan does not have a gasoline party curate filter (GPF). So, like the US spec, the sound should be better than the European spec, which is nice ^^

Try sitting in the back seat of the Porsche 992

After sitting in the driver's seat and passenger seat, let's also sit in the back seat! Then, I knock down my seat and get in. e? Is it like an aunt? No, that's right, but in order for an adult to get into the back seat of this 911, "Yokorasho" is absolutely necessary (laughs). Maybe ^^

By the way, the lever for tilting the back seat has changed to such a strap type from 992 ↓

In this way, it looks quite wide when you look into it from the outside.

But ~. When I was an adult woman, I felt like "it's so small, isn't it?" If you sit straight, your head will stick to the ceiling. However, it seems that it is not so narrower than the latter half of 991, and since it is the back seat of 911, isn't it like this? It became an impression.

I wonder if it's okay to ride if it's not a fairly long distance ^^ I think that up to elementary school children can ride without much difficulty (5-6 elementary school, depending on growth, it will be tight Maybe it will come ...).

I think it's more than enough space to put your luggage,If you knock down the back seat as in the review, More space was secured, and it seemed that various things could be put on it.

The space under the rear glass is also alive and well.

The design concept of the third brake light is "Pause"

One of the rear brake lights that has changed from this new Porsche 911, the so-called "third brake light". Even before the announcement, this third brake light was a little unsatisfactory, and it was one of the various discussions among Porsche rubber people. Here ↓

This time, when I heard the concept of the design that made the shape of this light, I was quite convinced.

Because, this third brake light seems to have the image of "Pause / Pause button". You use the pause button when you want to temporarily stop playback, such as when playing a music app or video, right?

This is like two vertical lines in the yellow circle ↓

In other words, this third brake light says, "It's just paused, and when the Go sign comes out (when the signal changes), you can start immediately." "911 is Ready to go right away!" It seems that the design was created with the image of a "pose" with such a concept that emphasizes that.

Hmm, I think it was designed with various thoughts.

It is a 992 that is a collection of various thoughts and ideas of many people, and a lot of things such as various examinations, verifications, design as well as functionality associated with it, etc. No, 911, Porsche, I was impressed again when I heard the story of this Pause button concept ^ ^

By the way, this third brake light has two LED lights vertically, and there is a reflector between them. So, when you step on the brake, the two LEDs + the reflector in the center illuminate, so it looks like one light.

Also, when the rear wing is up, even if this third brake light shines, it will not be visible, so it was said that the rear spoiler also has a high mount stop lamp. I see. Here is it ↓

The identity of the mysterious new Porsche 911 that I saw before ...

This time, I really enjoyed seeing various places.

Even though I didn't buy the 992, I've seen various articles about the 992 andExperience when I first met the actual carAnd various new discoveries this time.

I'm already full with this. I love 992. Those who are waiting for delivery of 992, those who will purchase from now on, are looking forward to it! !! I would like to look forward to the day when I can meet Mr. 992 running in the city someday ^ ^

... and finally.

When I first met 992 before, in the loading truck that was just outside the unveiling venue after the event, a figure that seems to be the new Porsche 911 that was not unveiled that day quietly had. … Do you remember?

This is ... this one 992 that was quietly parked in the back of the truck ... ↓

This mystery ... has melted! !! Yes, this mysterious 992 was also unveiled on this Sports Together Day at Fuji Speedway. That is here.

Aventurine Green Metallic New Porsche 911 (992)

That's right ~. What! It was 992 of the new color "Aventurine Green Metallic", which is quite popular overseas. Impressed ~. I was able to meet the actual Aventurine Green Metallic car so quickly.

The color is very beautiful, and it looks like dark silver when viewed in the dark, but when viewed in the sunlight, it is a color made by mixing calm green and silver. , Really very calm, elegant and beautiful silver green metallic feeling.

I felt that it was very popular, especially on the west coast of the United States where the sunlight was strong. Although it was a calm green, it wasn't old (I'm sorry to say it in a bad way ...), and it was very fashionable.

The wheel is also an exclusive design wheel with a classic hooks wheel feel. It looked great on Aventurine Green.

And the interior seats are Checkered Sport-Tex Seat Centers ↓

I don't know if this option can be selected by ordering from Japan, but I'm glad I could see it ^^

Why "Gentian Blue"

I remembered writing about the color of Aventurine Green.

Another new color from this 992, "Gentian blue". In Japanese, it is blue, which represents the color of the flower of "gentian", but this is "gentian". The English spelling is "Gentian" and the pronunciation is close to "Gentian".

So, when this becomes a Japanese name, will it be about "Gentian Blue" or "Gentian Blue"? I was imagining that ...

The color name in Japanese that Porsche officially issued was "Gentian Blue". This is a question and I want to ask.

When I asked Porsche this time, even though it was "Gentian" in English, when it became German, "In "Enzian" (Enzian Blau), when I actually pronounced this by a German Porsche, it is close to "Gentian". So that's it.

The German reading is "gentian", so the pronunciation was written in Japanese and became "gentian blue".

I was very convinced. By the way, if you pronounce Enzian in German on the net etc., it sounds like "Enzian", but the German person in Porsche pronounced it live in front of you, and the person himself said, "The Japanese notation became Gentiana. That's because the German pronunciation is gentian ~ ", so I think it's certain.

I was happy to be able to touch a lot of 992s. I'm really looking forward to everyone waiting for delivery! I'm really looking forward to the day when I can see the 992s who will be able to run around the city! !!

Thank you very much for seeing various things this time ^ ^

View of the new Porsche 911 (992) from below

What? Is the content insufficient in metamorphosis? Eh ~. That's right.

For those who have strange expectations! (No, there is no such person (laughs)). Also! I shot 992 from the bottom, this time with 360 degree shooting ... I think it's just hard to see (laughs). No, I was curious about how it would look ^^

You can move it by touching the screen (finger or mouse) ↓

Looking at the new Porsche 911 (992) from below- Spherical Image --RICOH THETA

Well, it really ends here. Thank you for staying with us for a long article ^^

I'm glad I met 992!

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