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Encounter with Porsche 911 Speedster at Porsche Experience Center

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Type 991 Porsche 911 Speedster

By the way, I had just been to the Porsche Experience Center at the end of April, but I went to PEC Tokyo again on this day.

By the way, this is my third visit to PEC Tokyo, but if I ran to PEC Tokyo as told by Porsche's navigation without thinking about anything, what would it be here! !!

I noticed that I was in a back road like a terrible jungle. What's that! Why is this happening? !!

Such a road continued for quite a long distance ↓ Moreover, this is a two-way road. Even the branches of a very thick tree are broken and fallen, and even if only one 911 passes, it is just barely wide.

If a car comes from the front in such a place, I can't do anything! When I was about to die, there was a truck from the front at the very end! !!

I thought, but the moment the truck noticed the existence of my car, he started to back up and probably retreated more than 100 meters (tears and tears).

Was it a local? It seems that you are very accustomed to it, and it was really helpful. The appearance of being retreated with a familiar feeling is already a hero for me. At the end, I opened the window and expressed my gratitude directly. It was really helpful ~.

If I was absent, I was a little scared of trauma when I thought that there might be another road next time (laughs).

No, I didn't expect to have such a hard time just before arrival, but I was relieved to be able to arrive safely for the time being ^ ^

In PEC TokyoI just came the other daySo, while wondering if it's okay to come so casually many times, Porsche must be sure that Porsche wants you to drop in casually like this! I will interpret it arbitrarily and go crazy ^ ^

The purpose of going to PEC Tokyo on this day was lunch with the owner of Porsche 911 Speedster.

I think that PEC Tokyo, where you can casually gather with Porsche owners as a "let's have lunch", is a very good place for Porsche lovers in the Kanto area.

On this day, the owner of Speedster also enjoyed the driving program with 992 type GT3 at PEC Tokyo (or rather, that is the main event) ^ ^

Miami Blue Porsche Speedster

The Porsche 911 Speedster I met this time was a Miami Blue car.

until nowI met the silver and black speedstersBut this is my first time in Miami Blue.

991 in SpeedsterHeritage design packageHowever, the color of "Silver x White" is sometimes used, and the image of the 991 Speedster had a chic color such as silver.

But this time, I was really shocked to see this Miami Blue Speedster, which is completely different from silver.

For silver and black speedsters, the ratio of "cool and cute" was about "9: 1", but for Miami blue, it seems to be about "4: 6", so it's amazing. With a cute 911 Speedster.

This was very fresh, casual and insanely nice in a good way ^^

I also had a manual roof open experience ^ ^

You can see the inside when you open it, and it's exciting to see the carbon and the part painted in Miami Blue, which is the same as the body color.

After all speed star is wonderful ~ ^ ^

Lunch at Porsche Experience Center

I also had lunch at PEC Tokyo with the owner of Miami Blue Speedster on that day, so this is my third lunch experience at PEC Tokyo.

The first was a pre-open event and the meal at that time was Fixe. And the second time is a buffet style that was the first attempt at PEC Tokyo.

This is the first lunch course ordered from the so-called regular menu ^^

The first time wasn't there yet, and the second time was a buffet, so the first time I met this lunch was the 911-shaped butter. cute. I want to eat it already. Oh, did you eat it?

Both were very delicious. I felt that it became more delicious every time I came, and I felt the evolution ^ ^

I was able to talk with the Speedster owner in various ways, and it was a very fun time in no time.

In this way, I would like to cherish the edge that Porsche connected again. Owner, thank you so much for everything on this day! !!

I am very grateful that Porsche Experience Center Tokyo can feel free to visit me in this way, and I hope that I will continue to use it from now on.

People who live relatively close can not only participate in the driving program, but also enjoy the world of Porsche with Porsche friends and family by using only the restaurant or cafe. I think.

It was a very fulfilling and enjoyable day!

Porsche Experience Center Tokyo:Official site

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