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992.1 Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Carrera T

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I had the pleasure of meeting the Porsche 911 GT3RS.

I think many of you know this,992.1 type new Porsche 911 GT3 RSEven after the car was shipped all the way from Germany to Toyohashi, Japan, it remained stranded there for a while...well, several months, and was not delivered to its owners.

It seems that the various problems have finally been resolved and deliveries will begin around November 2023 to the owners who ordered them.

I heard that a GT3 RS was finally delivered to a friend of mine, so I went to see the new GT3 RS.

Only those in the know (?)Mr. YamadaThis is the car ^^

I wanted to use the same 992.1 type here, so I chose Carrera T.

I was finally able to sort them out. happy!

Even though it was someone else's car, I had been waiting for several months from when it arrived at Toyohashi until it was delivered, wondering if it would turn out or not yet, so I was finally able to meet the actual car. I was so happy.

Porsche 911s generally have a trunk at the front, but this 992.1 GT3 RS does not have a front trunk.

When I showed him the "I don't have a trunk" part, there was something written in the yellow circle.

When I looked at it, it was "Moving parts".

In other words, you can open this part, but don't touch it! Does that mean?

I had seen the GT3 RS at PEC Tokyo and other events before, but I had never been inside the car, so this was my first time getting inside the car.


I had heard that there were so many different buttons, but when I actually saw them with my own eyes, rather than looking through a photo or looking through a window, my impression was, ``There are so many different kinds~'' (lol).

A splendid wing that perfectly matches the silhouette of the GT3 RS on the left.

I also started the engine.

But I'm so scared of other people's cars that I can't do anything ^^

The door handle had a nice strap, and like the strap, the red stitching that was used throughout the car was a nice accent color.

Speaking of the new GT3 RS, this rear wing is sure to make a child cry.

No matter how many times I watch it, the only thing I can say is, ``It's amazing,'' which I don't have enough vocabulary to say.

This rear wing is the first Porsche commercial car to be equipped with "DRS", and it is possible to change this wing part with a button on the steering wheel.

The black part that this yellow arrow is pointing to...↓

This is what happened when I raised it to MAX ↓

Also, there is a part on the bottom left and right of the rear wing where access to the coolant and engine oil is hidden (I think it's hidden).

This part that snaps on is amazing.I couldn't open it when it was on display.So this time I opened it in Mr. Yamada's car.

When I tried to remove it, it popped open in an instant. It was connected with a strap, but I was a little nervous.

The joy of being able to show your car to someone you know is to be able to do something that you wanted to do, something that people don't understand in subtle ways such as, ``Is that what you wanted to do?'' ^^

Thank you, Mr. Yamada.

Anyway, even when I put it side by side with the Carrera T, the presence of the wing is amazing and the impact is too different.

If you look at it from this angle, you can't even see the rear of the Carrera T because of the GT3 RS wing (lol).

Also, I was told that ``there's a lot of things sticking out underneath,'' so when I looked under the GT3 RS, I was sure that there were a lot of things sticking out.

If you look from behind, can you see that there's a lot of yellow around here? ↓

These are (I believe) 14 fins (vanes) attached to the underbody of the new GT3 RS. This is to create a smooth air flow.

By the way, when I looked under the Carrera T, there was only a little bit of it in this area near the front wheel ^^

Anyway, if you look at the fins at the bottom of the GT3 RS, what is the minimum ground clearance of that part? ? It feels like it's going to come off if you rub it hard, so it might be a little nerve-wracking in the city.

Other than that, it doesn't really matter, but when you look at this part of the front of the GT3 RS from the other side, it looks round and a little cute, which is cute ^^

On this day, I was very happy to finally have the opportunity to see the GT3 RS and Carrera T side by side, which I had been waiting for for months.

No matter how many times you see the 992.1 GT3 RS, it's for the circuit, right? It was a Porsche that I could only imagine.

There was also a 991.2 Green Frog-chan GT3 RS here~^^

Next time, I would like you to take a look at the new GT3 RS in action on touring and other occasions.

Even if you want to see it running, if this amazing GT3 RS gets serious, you might not be able to catch up at all, but as long as you follow the legal speed limit, you'll be fine. ...It should be. Hehehe.

Thank you very much, Mr. Yamada. Congratulations again on your delivery.

Also, congratulations to everyone who has finally taken delivery of their GT3 RS ^^

It was a fun day!

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