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Porsche Taycan is "sold out" until 2023

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I don't know if it's really just a story in Europe and America

Recently, I couldn't write because I was a little afraid to update the blog (there is no particular reason (laughs)), but a while ago (2022/5/4)What was reported in the Financial Timesis.

According to it, Mr. Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen Group, said, "The Volkswagen Group has sold out electric vehicles until 2023."

It seems that what is being said here is for Europe and the United States, but with the VW Group's electric vehicles not being provided to Europe and the United States, there are still deliveries in Asia including Japan. I wonder if that is ... what about it?

For the time being, VW Group's electric vehicles will no longer be delivered to Europe and the United States by 2022 due to supply chain issues.

In Western Europe, the VW Group has an order backlog for electric vehicles for 300,000 units.

That's a huge number, isn't it? However, in Europe and the United States, customers who have already ordered VW Group electric vehicles are not expected to deliver until 2023.

Delivery of Taycan also stopped

Porsche's electric vehicle in the VW group is Taycan, and it seems that it is currently impossible to deliver this Taycan within 2022 in Europe and the United States.

Speaking of which, recently, the state of the Porsche Center in Tennessee in the United States was posted on overseas sites, but it seems that there are dealers who are in a situation where there is no Porsche that can really sell anymore, so it seems to be difficult.

The person who posted this photo ↓ was posted because "there is no car that can be sold", but I just want to think that the Porsche Center was in a rattling situation only at this time. It is the situation of.

This is a picture of the Porsche Center in Nashville, Tennessee ↓


It is rumored that the 992.1 GT3 has already finished MY22.

It seems that the production of GT3 itself is not discontinued, but it is planned to start production as a MY23 model in the future ... However, it seems that the future is not yet visible because the specifications of MY23 have not been decided yet. Or something like that.

(* The story about GT3 above is a rumor from a person who says "I work for Porsche" on the Internet overseas, so its credibility is low, just in case)

Well, what will happen in the future? ??

VW sells out of electric cars in Europe and US
You can forget about buying an electric VW, Audi or Porsche in 2022

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