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I couldn't do a hot wheels treasure hunt ~

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Yodobashi Akiba seems to be difficult

The other day, I found out that the hot wheels of a miniature car were actually secretly secretly, and that "rare products are mixed in" as a treasure hunt.

Click here for details → 2021 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt Series

Once you know that, you will want to look for it with your own eyes.

The other day I was able to go to Yodobashi Akiba because it had nothing to do with Hot Wheels, but when I decided to go to Yodobashi Akiba, my mind was "I want to do a treasure hunt for Hot Wheels !!" There was only.

As expected, I made it simple, and when I got to Yodobashi Camera, I went to the hobby corner on the 6th floor, saying, "First, go to the toy department on the 6th floor!"

I like this Yodobashi Hobby Corner because it's a lot of fun just looking at it.

And then, then.

I had an image of a lot of miniature cars hanging on walls or racks like Hot Wheels, so I searched for something like that, but I couldn't find it.

For example, this is from Majorette, but I had the image that it would be sold like this ↓

I couldn't find a place like a miniature car in the hobby corner, so I asked the clerk.

"Oh, this is it"

He took me to the Hot Wheels department, but I was shocked to see the Hot Wheels department.

It was different from my imagination.

Lie ~.

Here is it.

This is Yodobashi Akiba's Hot Wheels section ↓

Isn't it like that?

I'm already shocked.

It looks like a trading card counter. There were no realistic miniature cars, and papers with pictures of each type of miniature car were lined up.

You can't do treasure hunting with this.

I thought ..., huh?

If you look closely, the two cars are the same, but the colors are different?

This is ↓, right? The color of the photo is different.

The other models had only a few cards in stock, but all the cards with the same photo were lined up, so I thought for a moment, "Maybe the cards are displaying the treasure hunt model (TH) ?!" But ...

I think it's different.

Because the above two papers do not have barcodes or numbers (the back is also blank), that is, even if you take this paper to the cash register, the clerk will quickly take this model from the back. I wonder if I just bring "any".

Nunu. Yodobashi Akiba, you can't get a TH model unless you have a lot of luck!

Would you be lucky if the miniature car that the clerk accidentally grabbed by taking out the paper of the model you wanted at the cash register was TH?

It may take a lot of luck than finding a TH model normally (laughs).

Or, for example, if you have an absolute desire to pinpoint, such as "I definitely want to know if there is a TH for this Taycan", I wonder if it will be confirmed by having all the cars in stock taken out.

But I'm sorry that it seems to be annoying to go to the cash register, so it seems difficult to do it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my first Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt model.

I would like to see if there is a chance somewhere next time ^ ^

The minicar display of Yodobashi Akiba on that day was a police car series.

The display here changes from time to time, so it's one of the fun places to watch.

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