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Color difference between Porsche's Ruby Stone Red, Ruby Star and Ruby Star Neo

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What is the difference between the PTS Ruby Star and the new color Ruby Star Neo?

In response to the addition of a pinkish color called "Ruby Star Neo" as a new color to Porsche's body color, it has been around for a long time and nowPTS colorWhat is different from the "Ruby Star" that has become, and more specifically, there was a color called "Ruby Stone Red" in the past, but what is the difference? Isn't there a lot of people who have been wondering about it?

The one I wondered too.

And the other day, I received a question on this blog, so I would like to write it.

Ruby Stone Red and Ruby Star are the same color

First of all, regarding the difference between "Rubystone Red" and "Rubystar Red", the conclusion is that these two colors are "the same color".

Porsche Exclusive Manufactory officially says "Ruby Star Red in the 1990s 964 Carrera RS = formerly known as Ruby Stone Red".

Just in case, I looked it up and found that the color code for Ruby Star is 82N, and the color code for Ruby Stone is also 82N.

I think these two colors are exactly the same color, just different names.

Difference between Ruby Star and Ruby Star Neo

Now that we know that Ruby Star and Ruby Stone are the same color, let's take a look at the differences between Ruby Star and the newly released Ruby Star Neo.

In fact, even Porsche Exclusive Manufacture has not yet been able to compare these two colors as a real car (as of November 2022).

Therefore, we have no choice but to refer to the content written by Porsche Exclusive Manufacture based on the images issued by the configurator, which is as follows:

After annotating that the image of the configurator is not the same as the color you actually see, when comparing Ruby Star and Ruby Star Neo in two models, GT4 RS and GT3,

"The new color Ruby Star Neo is brighter and more vivid overall."

It is said that.

The images from here on are both the PTS Ruby Star on the top and the new color Ruby Star Neo on the bottom (I did not adjust the image or color at all) ↓

GT3 front

GT3 side

GT3 rear

If anything (on the configurator), I feel that the color comparison in the Cayman GT4 RS is easier to understand, but it is true that Ruby Star Neo is brighter than PTS's Ruby Star and has more pink. I feel strongly ↓

GT4 RS front

GT4 RS side

GT4 RS rear

Even Porsche Exclusive Manufacture is looking forward to the day when we can compare these two colors side by side in the near future, so I would like to look forward to the day when we can see the comparison in the actual car as soon as possible.

Even so, if the actual car is only different from the GT3 image on this configurator, I think that people who dare to order Ruby Star with PTS in the future will only be those who are very particular about it. Did.

Because the option price for that color is

  • PTS Ruby Star 1,644,000 yen
  • Ruby Star Neo 594,000 yen

you know! The difference is 1.05 million yen.

If there is a difference of 1,050,000 yen, I would definitely go with Ruby Star Neo while making an excuse to myself, "Is it okay if it's a little brighter? If it's indoors or in the evening, you won't be able to tell the difference." No (laughs).

So, it was the difference between Ruby Star and Ruby Star Neo that I could understand at the moment!

Source:Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur Facebook

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