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Porsche's PTS color is added and the body color that can be selected is more than 160 colors

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Porsche's past body colors can also be selected

At the end of last month, Porsche announced that "We have added colors that can be selected with PTS." What is PTS?

One of the options when ordering Porsche is "Paint to Sample (PTS)", and you can paint it in your favorite color instead of the colors originally prepared for that specific model of Porsche. Porsche.

Comparison of all body colors with PTS color Porsche 911 GT3 (992)

To be precise, if you want Porsche to apply PTS for colors that have already been approved in the past, and your desired color that has not been approved yet, it will be called PTS Plus (Paint to Sample Plus) and the cost will also be It will be treated differently than PTS (more on this later).

PTS color or PTS plus color is an option offered by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

According to Alexander Fabig, the head of Porsche's individual & classic division, the reason why Porsche decided to add PTS color this time.

"Unusual body colors have been known throughout the history of the Porsche brand and these are very important differentiators."

With that said, there were many requests from customers for such a classical or historic body color, so there are more than 160 standard and special colors that can be selected for all current model series. It was expanded to.

Currently, Porsche Exclusive Manufacture is more productive than before to support PTS.

At the main factory of Zuffenhausen, dozens of ingredients are blended in milligram units by paint specialists to create the ordered PTS color, and a new machine that mixes such colors is now in operation. ..

The colors are divided into two paint pots, one for bodywork (body) and the other for add-on parts.

The area where the body color is painted is mainly composed of aluminum, plastic, and carbon / fiber composite material, and the materials to be mixed, the application method, and the drying temperature are different for each material, so it is slightly for each. Requires different paint composition.

The comparison plate is also painted, which will be used as a color reference sample during the final inspection.

PTS colors also include, for example, the following three colors that were very popular among Porsche fans offered in 911 (964) in the 1990s ^^:

  • Rubystar: Rubystar
  • Mint Green: Mint Green

It seems that Porsche's personalization strategy is being strengthened by increasing the number of PTS colors that can be selected, and by increasing the productivity of PTS and responding to more PTS orders.

The colors that can be selected differ depending on each model series and production location, for example, more than 100 colors can be newly selected for the 911 and 718 series, more than 50 colors for Panamera, Macan, Cayenne, and 65 colors can be selected for Taycan.

Delivery date with PTS option

PTS can be ordered as one of the options when ordering a car at the Porsche Center, and it is said that when PTS is selected, the delivery time of the car will be about 3 months longer than when the standard color is selected.

Also, the PTS price is different for each model series.

This PTS color selection will be incorporated into Porsche's configurator early in 2022, after which online filter options (eg available by color family, historical background information on each color, etc.) will also be available. It is said that it will be seen.

If you can see the car body in PTS color with the configurator, this will be difficult. In addition, it seems that I will spend time playing with the configurator ^ ^

What is Porsche PTS Plus: Paint to Sample Plus

As I wrote at the beginning, in addition to PTS, there is another option called PTS Plus, which can be used in the 911, 718, and Taycan series, and the body color that can be selected is Almost anything is OK.

What does "anything is OK" mean? The process for ordering PTS Plus is as follows, and anyway, if Porsche finally gives OK, you can change the body color from any color. You can create it.

PTS Plus Order Flow

  1. Bring a sample of the desired color to the Porsche body color to the Porsche center → Any sample is OK, shirt or nail polish color is OK
  2. The sample color is sent from the Porsche Center to Porsche AG in Germany
  3. For each individual order request, it is checked whether it is feasible to make the desired color and paint it on Porsche (this confirmation work may take several months)
  4. Once determined to be feasible, Porsche color experts will formulate the body color and create a hue based on the available paint ingredients.
  5. Next, the difference due to the shade (light hitting and shadow) is also taken into consideration, and the color is created → It is created by thinking that the color will be the same as the sample color under the sunlight or artificial light.
  6. Furthermore, it is essential to test the feasibility of the color under the manufacturing conditions of the car body and add-on parts, and to define the "thickness" to paint the color at this time, and by checking all of these, a reproducible process can be achieved. Enables stable, error-free sample color painting
  7. Before painting on the customer's actual car, paint the color on the test body

By the way, when it is found that the desired sample color shade cannot be achieved according to the usual quality standards, Porsche will bear the cost of this feasibility test.

Well, surely, even if the result is "Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't make this color", if only the option fee is fully charged, it may be a little double and shocking ^ ^

Porsche PTS Price & Porsche PTS Plus Price

The number of colors that can be selected this time has increased by more than 160, and the price is still in Germany, but it is as follows (all prices including VAT of 19%):


  • Most 911 & 718 series: € 8,806
  • 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S, GT model & 718 GT: 9,877 euros (about 1.26 million yen)

PTS Plus

  • Most 911 & 718 series: 17,612 euros (about 2.25 million yen)
  • 911 Turbo, 911 Turbo S, GT model & 718 GT: 19,754 euros (about 2.52 million yen)

Porsche PTS color list

From the following site, you can see the PTS colors prepared by Porsche (click the image to open a new screen / tab) ↓

Sites where you can see PTS:Porsche Paint to Sample

Source: (Official) Comeback of historic colors for all Porsche models

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