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Taycan from September 2021 is MY22: Body color can be selected from PTS, remote park assist is also available

Posted: August 25, 2021 Updated:

To the 2022 model with major changes made by Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo

From September 2021, it was announced that the model year of Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo will be 2022 (MY22), and at the same time, there will be some changes (upgrades) from that MY22 model.

I would like to take a look at the changes and added options from MY22.

Remote Park Assist: Remote Control Parking (Parking by remote control with a smartphone)

Porsche's remote park assist option is now available in Taycan. With this, even if the driver does not hold the steering wheel, Taycan will park in the parking lot without permission by operating via a smartphone.

Hmmm, that's ...

scared! !! (← Real intention (laughs))

... I'm sorry for the sudden real intention, Porsche. Well, this is just my problem ^^

I've used BMW's Park Assist several times, but sometimes it does it properly, and sometimes I get impatient, "Yes, wait a minute, where are you aiming for back (parking) ?!" Because there were times.

When it comes to parking while watching over such automatic parking from the outside of the car, it seems that it will take some courage until you get used to it. How accurate is it?

Of course, since it is Porsche, it should have been tested many times in this remote parking system, so I think that it is okay, but the fact that the car parks without permission by smartphone operation itself is scary for me as a Showa person You might think (Hi, Auntie).

This Porsche Remote Park Assist can be used for parallel parking, side-by-side parking (series parking), and parking in the garage.

The system automatically detects the parking space and measures the space using the vehicle's ultrasonic sensors and cameras. If it is judged that there is enough space to park the Taycan, it is OK to operate the smartphone from there.

At this point, the driver gets out of the car and can park the Taycan in the space from outside the car using the Porsche Connect app.

Of course, even if I couldn't park well, it would stop before I bumped into it, so I wonder if that area is okay ... but it looks different!

The Taycan keeps moving (parking) when the driver keeps pressing the button of the smartphone in the application, and it seems that the Taycan will stop when the button is released, that is, if the Taycan is about to hit, the button of the smartphone in a hurry Do you have to take your finger off?

It's pretty exciting ^^

* Remote Park Assist is compatible with iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone with iOS 13 or later (as of August 2021)

Android Auto is also available in PCM

Tycan's PCM is the latest in the 6th generation, and support for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple CarPlay via iPhone was already perfect, but Android Auto is also available from MY22.

It seems that it depends on the model of the smartphone you use, but it will also be possible to operate via the voice command of the Google Assistant (when connecting with USB-C).

It seems that the accuracy of the voice assistant has also improved, and the navigation is displayed more accurately and clearly. And the PCM layout and operating system have changed a little.

It seems that there are now 5 menu options, which used to be 3 on the left side of the central display, and icons can be arranged as you like.

Paint to Sample (PTS) can be applied to Taycan

The thing I'm most looking forward to with the change from MY22 is that this "PTS can now be selected for Taycan".

Simply put: PTS:

One of the options when ordering Porsche is "Paint to Sample (PTS)", and you can paint it in your favorite color instead of the colors originally prepared for that specific model of Porsche. Porsche.

Comparison of all body colors with PTS color Porsche 911 GT3 (992)

If it is a color that Porsche has made in the past, from there17 standard colors currently available for TaycanIt is possible to select a body color other than.

It is said that there are 65 PTS colors available at the moment, and it seems that the following colors that are popular even in classic Porsche etc. are included in it:

  • Moonlight Blue Metallic
  • Acid Green
  • Rubystar Red
  • Riviera Blue
  • Viola Metallic

With PTS Plus, you can choose your favorite color for almost anything

This time, the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo from MY22 will be available in 17 standard colors and 65 PTS colors as options, but there is even an additional option called "PTS Plus".

This is treated in the same way as the so-called original PTS = Paint to Sample, and even if the color is not registered as PTS at present, it will be the color of the sample that the customer brought in by himself.

However, since it says "Almost complete freedom in their choice of color", to be precise, it doesn't mean that any color is absolutely OK, but it feels like "almost any color can be your favorite color".

By being able to select this PTS and PTS Plus option, I may be able to meet Taycan of various colors in the future, and I am very much looking forward to it ^ ^

Improvement of cruising range by strengthening technology

Although the new WLTP cruising range value is not released, it seems that the cruising range of the new Taycan in daily use has also improved.

Extensive technological development has been carried out to improve the cruising range, and in the wheel drive model, in the normal mode and range mode, the front electric motor is almost completely disconnected and the power is turned off in the partial load area.

Furthermore, when the Taycan is coasting or stopped, the drive is not transmitted to any axle (this electric freewheel function) reduces the effect loss.

The driver has more power in the motor! When that happens, or when you change the drive mode, it turns on again within milliseconds.

The heat management and charging functions have also been improved, and the turbocharging planner allows the high-voltage battery to reach a slightly higher temperature than before, allowing it to be charged more quickly. ... apparently ...

Furthermore, it is well thought that waste heat from electrical parts is being used more and more to control the temperature of batteries.

Even so, it was in 2015 that "Mission E" was announced as a concept car of Porsche's fully electric vehicle.

Then thatMission E will be named "Taycan"! Was announced in June 2018..

Now that Taycan is running around the city in a blink of an eye, it has already become MY22 and is evolving steadily.

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